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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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This season seems to be starting off badly...


SANTA CLAUS, IN - NEWS 25 learns a northern Indiana woman has died at Holiday World. Indiana State Police confirm a 29-year-old woman from Fort Wayne was found unconscious and floating face down in the Holiday World wave pool.



It happened at around 11:00 Wednesday morning. Investigators say lifeguards attempted to revive her and that Spencer County EMS arrived and transported her to Jasper Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.



A cause of death and the woman's name have not been released. ISP says the woman was at the park with her boyfriend.



In an unrelated incident at Holiday World, NEWS 25 learns another person was transported from the park by ambulance Wednesday evening. Spencer County dispatchers say they cannot release any further information.



NEWS 25 will continue to follow both stories.

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Events like this are very sad, i'm sure it will not put people off going to Water Parks etc.


She may of hit her head on something and knocked herself out, I wonder if her b/f was near-by.


How is the Wave Pool coming along at Mt Olympus, it is going to have 9ft high waves, time to get your boogie-board out and do some riding.

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more info, according to indychannel.com


A spokeswoman for the park in said the woman was standing on the edge of the pool, where the water is only inches deep, when she apparently lost consciousness.


State police are waiting to release the woman's name until after her relatives are notified.


The cause of her death has not been determined.

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I bet she just passed out due to heat or a pre-existing condition. The article made it seem like the lifeguards didn't see her for a long time, but she could have passed out and been seen just seconds later.



I bet the cause of death won't be drowning either.



EDIT: Congestive heart failure, didn't read the article, sorry.

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That's terrible. Holiday World is my favorite park to go to. I would never dream about something like that happening there. There is this is incident now and the girls legs getting cut off at SFKK. I hope that things like this "halt" for the rest of the 2007 season. Parks now in the six flags chain especially don't need bad reviews.

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I guess she had quite the heart stopping experience at Splashin' Safari.


It's too bad, though, that things didn't go quite as swimmingly as she had envisioned!


At least she still has both feet.

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EDIT: Congestive heart failure, didn't read the article, sorry


Based on the posts I am reading, you weren't the only one!!!


Seriously, guys and gals, before everyone goes all "Oh my gosh, I hope this doesn't scare people away from waterparks" and "First the girl's feet and now THIS", can I just point out that this woman's death does not fall in the same catagory as that of those who have been injured or died as a result of a rider/operator error or ride malfunction?!


Congestive heart failure is a medical condition, and having personally suffered from it when I was pregnant with my daughter 9 years ago, I can tell you that it's pretty hard not to know you have it. Now granted, she may have had an underlying medical condition that caused CHF to develop, and especially since she was a young woman, she may have chosen to ignore the symptoms, but.... chances are she wasn't feeling too great when she got to the park.


Just as has been the case in many incidents in recent years (Disney stands out in my mind), visitors to amusement parks sometimes do not use the best judgement when it comes to choosing to ride rides or participate in park activities when they aren't feeling well or know they have a medical condition.


In this case, Holiday World, it's rides, wave pool, etc. were not to blame. Chances are this gal was ticking time bomb and while her death, especially on a holiday, is very sad, it is NOT in any way the fault of the park, and anyone with any sense should understand that!


Shari "I could have collapsed anywhere myself" Shoufler

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  • 3 weeks later...

I emailed paula and she said just wait, well, she posted this blog about the area in question and that the answer will be next week. Also season pass prices to be announced next week.




Anyone driving by our Employee Parking Lot on Highway 162 the past few weeks has noticed some interesting activity.



For all we know, this might be the start of an exciting addition to the park for 2008. Be sure to pass this construction photo along to someone close to you; we'll tell you what it is next week.


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8,000 ft. floorless wooden coaster with an under water launch through the Gobbler Gteaway, a 700 ft. Pretzel knot suspended in mid air over Splashin' Safari, a 7 inch heartline roll over the Hollowswings, and 8, 583 dagree banked turns!


The ride will be purple, and called Valentine's Day Bench: THE RIDE. It will open in 3095, and with have an hourly capacity of 2.

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