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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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To help calm (or perhaps fuel) the curiosity about 2014, we will - beginning today - post a daily HoliHint here on the HoliBlog.


We've already divulged that our "what's new" for 2014 will be revealed during September, and that we can't (or, actually, won't) tell you the date ahead of time, because that would probably give it away. (Thanks a lot, Google!)

Today's HoliHint: In 2014, there will not be an increase in ticket prices.




well that wasn't very nice to give a no information hint like that... it could be anything... lol

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"No increase in ticket prices" makes me think they're adding another holiday


Adding another holiday themed section, would be considered a BIG expansion IMO. With a BIG expansion, I think we would see a increase in ticket prices, unless they're really trying to outdo Kentucky Kingdom. With that being said, I don't think it makes sense to add another themed section, when the Thanksgiving section is not completely filled out. Right now, the section only has 3 rides, with the moving of Girrafica to Splashin' Safari.

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Well look what was just announced!




By next May, officials at Holiday World will be able to say their “ship has come in.”


“Since 2006, when we expanded Holiday World to include a Thanksgiving-themed section, we’ve received hundreds of suggestions to add a classic swinging ship ride and name it the Mayflower,” says park president Matt Eckert. “We chose the anniversary date of the Pilgrims setting sail for America to announce that our new ride for 2014 is our own Mayflower.”


Eckert says the new family ride will carry up to 60 riders at a time, swinging in an arc 54-feet-high over a pool of water.


“We’re not finished with Thanksgiving,” says Eckert. “Just as it’s our American tradition to serve a bounteous Thanksgiving meal, there are more ‘servings’ planned for the coming years.”


Additional projects for 2014 include:


Friday Night Fireworks (Friday evenings from June 13 through August 1)

Extended Splashin’ Safari hours

Summer Fun Card program, for multi-day summer visits

New restaurant and shop in Splashin’ Safari

Covered-bridge entry to Thanksgiving section

More cabanas

Additional benches and shade structures

Parking lot improvements

Eckert says the cost of next year’s improvements will total $8 million. Ticket prices for Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari will not increase in 2014.


Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari will reopen to the public on September 14 and 15 after being closed this weekend for private outings. Happy Halloween Weekends begin September 21. For more information, visit HolidayWorld.com or call 1-800-467-2682.


Announcement video:


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The video says:

Starting today September 6th 2013, focus moves back to thanksgiving starting with the mayflower


makes me think we could see the next announcement or two also being about the thanksgiving area. I wonder why they didn't mention pilgrims plunge in the video when talking about thanksgiving or even it being giraficca when it mentioned how since thanksgiving opened the focus has been on splashin' safari.

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I'm thrilled to see this addition. I, for one, LOVE a good swinging ship, and the theme is just so appropriate. I believe I've said in the past that I'd love to see a swinging ship themed to the mayflower, so this hits the nail on the head. The other additions sound great too, especially the added restaurant in the water park. Holiday World certainly seems to have a long term commitment to the guest experience, as they continually upgrade their infrastructure and amenities.

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It's funny they use the English flag on the sign but the Union Jack on the ride.


The Union Jack wasn't even used until 1801.


Yes I am a geek.


Correction: I see there was a version of the Union flag around at the time of the Mayflower. My bad.


Yes, that flag was minus the Irish portion of the "Union" Jack. It was just England and Scotland at that point, not the UK.

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