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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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Lakeside Rattler to Retire


Thrilling park guest since openning day on July 4th 1979, Six Flags Mangement today annouced that the park's first coaster, Lakeside Rattler, is to be torn down after the summer season. "The Coaster at the time was nice, but it was poorly design due to money issues back when the park was not own by [six Flags]" Said General Manger Mark Glowoski. The Summers Dinn Coaster had several known issues, such as the footers in the lake were sinking, and several accidents have plagued the ride as well. "Although it is saddening to see this move, this gives us room to double the coaster count."


Last Pictures of Lakeside Rattler:





I'll keep you updated on what is to come.

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I hope it's an Intamin Woody with an insane first drop. About the transfer track, when the trains transfer, why are they not protected from the elements? Or is that one of the safety issues with the ride. If not, a nice building or cover over your transfer track sections would make it seem more realistic, in my opinion.

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I agree with all ^.


Also, so happy you have all the issue worked out for your park. Sorry still have not gotten around to seeing it in person yet. Had to go take care of a few issues away from home suddenly and am not at my computer. At least I have something to look forward to when I get back home.

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Here's the story behind the Lakeside Rattler:


The farmer that made this park to begin with ran out of money, fast. Footers in the water were poorly designed, and the designer itself made the bottom of the hills fall into the water. It was just poorly designed, and had no money besides enough to buy the trains. Six Flags Inc. never had any intention to fix it, until they realized how bad it was, so they rather tear it down.


Other transfer tracks have covered buildings in the park. This was the only one left without one.


The park has already taken out the Intamin woodie,Viper, as well. That too was extremely rough, and the upkeep was not in the range to keep it a favorite.


I hope this clarfies the intentions of this move.


If you can't open it up, I'll have everything ready then for a final download.

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Well folks, Off season has come, and the new coaster is announced:



This next season will have the benefit of gaining two new coaster credits at the park. Speculation on what the rides will be are still unknown. All we know is this expansion well bring two coasters, and a proposed 3 new flatrides in the park. Six Flags did make a statement about the headline coaster. " With no woodies in the park, [Majestic Lake] is in dire need of a replacement. Negotaions have begun, and foundations have been placed." All we know from leaving the press confrence today is the new name for the ride: Outlaw. As for the other coaster, rumors around the internet have concluded it may be a clone of Tony Hawk's Big Spin, of course recieving a new name. "This Park was in need for a 'Tween' friendly ride, both height wise, and thrill wise" Said GM Mark Glowoski.


In the later weeks, I was lucky enough to find this picture off an internet site:





I'm so excited!

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To answer your question GrabowskiEnterprises, it is indeed a GCI.


And no CoasterCreator9, this is not a ripoff of Renegade. Nothing coaster wise inspired this; however, I tried to make this something that could be built by GCI.


Dmaxsba, Thank you. I too think the footers add to the realism very well.


More pictures of this area:


First Drop:


A look at the new, yet unamed coaster and flats:


Final breakrun and transfer track building.


And lastly, a good look at the ending of track construction for the unamed spinner:



Openning season is just around the bend, so be prepared for these new coasters!

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Dissapointment Strikes Six Flags


Low attendance for today’s debut for the new expansion has Park operation management shaking their heads. "Like previous coaster installments, we had the hope that this would in turn bring more guest; however, this wasn't the case." Marketing for the new Frontier section failed to reach the masses, and management is afraid they might not see profits return until the summer season.


For those who did make it out for media day, guests were treated to low wait times for the day. General Manager Mark Glowoski replied by saying, "In due time however, I know this expansion will soon generate the desire projected attendance we have calculated prior."


Taz's Spin was also announced today at the media day, but we might not see lines for this coaster until the beginning of spring break.


Other additions to this new expansion include a twist ride appropriately named "Sierra Sidewinder,” a Tilt-a-Whirl, and a new Shoot-em up type dark ride called "Shoot Out." These were subtle acquisitions, but still, they get the job done.


In all however, Six Flags is proud to have a new Great Custom Coaster sit in their park.



And now, I have a few pictures as I got so excited about all the ride time I was getting.


Some Stats:



Overview of the coaster I care most about:



And a close up on the station:




I'll get some pictures of the other parts in the next few hours. I'll be editing this post soon.


Comments, suggestions, anything at all, is welcome.

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Wow, great to see a new coaster! I personally love it; the station is really neat as well. Nice job!


And about the disappointment, I guess not a lot of GP were excited about a new woodie- but once word gets out how great it is, they'll come crawling back! (Like you said, by the end of the summer season )

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