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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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How were you able to have the 'reveamped' toolbar for RCT2? i was just curious. The toolbar I'm talking about is the rides, land excavator, etc... bar.


If that didn't so so dumb and confusing let me know the answer please.

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Not all Six Flags parks are bare, open, concrete adventures, and this "park" was bought out by SFI, so some of the old rides are still there; the way previous mangement left it.


But if I was ripping on SFI, I would do it.


Some teaser/ update shots coming now.






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Press Release


"if you have not noticed, Majestic lake's 'Scream' coaster is getting a Bizzaro Makeover. However like most of these clones, Majestic lakes installment will not be getting high tech improvements. 'We niether have the time, or money to obtain the resources needed for that kind of project; however, we have the ideas to make this new clone one of a kind,' said the parks GM early today. We'll have more on this as soon as openning week apporches."

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Bizarro Opens

He's Big, destructive, and on a rampage at Six Flags Majestic Lake. Bizarro now is here to take you on a trip amoung destructive force. Bizarro takes you on a ride through the City of Metropolis; destroying everything in sight. What first starts as a decent climb in the sky, Bizarro then swoops down and takes his fist with force agianst the buildings. Take this flight if you dare, because Bizarro is soon to become #1 on the list of rides to take a chance on at Six Flags Majestic lake.


Unlike most Bizzaro rides, this one has a pre ride with you walking thourgh the semi-ruins of Metropolis. Audio is included on the ride, but with the proximity of guest and rides, the fire and mist affects were not added. Hpwever this open the budget to have more details put into making this mock skyline. There is rumored to be an audio animintronic of Bizarro in the station building boasting his famous quote, "Bizarro Number 1!" "This will not be the first transformation like this coming to the park," said GM Mark Glowoski. Wait times may be outrageous now, but it sure is worth the wait.






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Bizzaro looks Great! Those buildings really look incredible.


Hey, where do you think i can get a free copy of RCT2 on the internet, i would really like get back to playing it

Don't resort to pirating, just go on ebay. Its probably like, 10 bucks.

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