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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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Flash the ride is now open!





On another note, my next idea for this park would be the addition of a water park, but, space is limited. Problem is I don't want to start a brand new park just for a water park. So, I propse that I simply increase the mapsize in the sceniaro editor to increase this map to the maxium size. If I do that however, I will have to rebuild all the rides agian, and that I'm fine with, but if I'm doing all of this, don't expect fast building times/updates.


I'll have a final decsion on what I will do tommorow for sure.

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Good luck with the extended land space!


I tried to extend my land too, but it went slowly (and now I have to restart everything over again anyway)


but from now on, what I do is just put the land at about 200 or so so I'll never run out of space, but I'll just limit my space on that map by myself.

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I thought a water park would have been nice, and this idea just came now.


I think my planning has been alright so far, but now I just have TOO many ideas for one park.


Basically what I am saying is I want to make a resort out of this park instead of just one themepark.

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