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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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^Since you said you were getting rid of an entire kids area, I think all those objects gone will make up for the colorable tiles (especially if you get the larger ones). All the deleted objects from the leftover space (if there are any) should make up for it. Am I making sense, or do I just sound like a complete idiot?

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I just finished re-reading the thread, and I can say the progress on the 'Diablo' does look tremendous- and brought back fond memories of DF in it's glory days in the early 90s. The new set of columns looks right, and gives the open-air feel that the ride deserves.


Your TOGO Death machine: I've got a question- what track system were you using inside of those rings? The realisim on it is fantastic; but I'm curious- I"ve sort of had a sadistic thing where I'd like to recreate such a beast for one of the RLP's in the future.


Nice- VERY nice!


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Hmm for the TOGO tunnels on the lift hill. ( i think that's where he put it. ) he probably used heartline twister track and zero cleranced it on to it.


REMEMBER, if you want to stack a ride and not get glitches. Always build backwards of where the original track is going. For example, wooden coaster catwalk and a lift hill must be going opposite directions although it makes no difference in visual appeal.

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Park is at 60 percent:



Also, a new ride is to replace my crappy Mine train coaster. (Well, it had one good element to it...)


Stallions Layout:



And I finally fixed Viper, so now it actually has a chain lift rather then the coaster just using the powerlaunch mode like before:





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Braztaz: I'm just showing the layout to begin with right now, so of course it will be bare. I'm having issues supporting the big fella.


Six Flags Enthuseast: The "s" bends are typical on Suspenders. . .



The reason they are there is what the Picture demonstrates. It just adds more whip in the trains then just having straight transitions. I hope that justifies the reason behind them.

The name is still pending as well.


Corkscrewy: There is no cheat like that. . . I just crop them in paint.

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I really like the suspended coasters layout. It looks like it starts off at a normal suspended coaster pace (Ninja, Big Bad Wolf, ect...) but towards the end it looks like it really picks up a lot speed (Flight Deck, Vortex, ect...)


The Viper recreation also looks incredible. Even with all the bad things said, I've always wanted to ride that coaster.

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