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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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The issue with that is I have buildings/flats that parallel the coaster's lift hill. I looked on the Roller coaster data base and the lift hill is made up with indeed steel tubular supports, but they are tripods in structure. I could still do that, but I do not wish to clutter the walkways with a major amount of supports. I'll still at least try it out and see how it looks anyways.

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Mainstreet has, in my mind, been completed now. After a thrid tweaking of this area, I think I finnaly got something I like:


This is where the clock tower use to be:


The back of the buildings and the new line for the theater:


And the updated Theater:



A note about the theater:


It is that bulky because I actually put stadium seats inside of there, as well as an underground 3-D cinema to play as the "show" for the peeps.


Next week, or so I hope to agian put time into the water park. I've really been neglecting it.

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Ahh.. It looks really awesome now! But you should label these buildings so the peeps don't have to use their "superior" smarts to find the rides.


And the celing on that theater looks bare.. Maybe put a little wall or fence around it so a mechanic doesn't fall off? Maybe a a/c vent here and there too. I don't mind the bulkiness. Because your buildings are really fun and not off putting to the eye in anyway.


But awesome update. And i love the fact that you're not afraid to use more textures. And i think the windows on the gray building aren't the same height.

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Yeah, My last bit of updating will be signs. I'm trying to conserve them till the end.


Yes, it's only bare for now. I have already been working on it. I always seem to post to early before I realize I miss so many of the little things.


They are indeed two types of windows, so that is why they seem "off."


Thank you for the advice as I greatly appreciate it!



I'm going to miss the Clocktower too, but it does not fit with this updated building style I have been working on in this park.



Thanks, it means a lot coming from you.

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Just wanted to give an update, but no pictures for awhile.



I have to admit, this park has given me troubles, and a 256* 256 map was not going to be finished. So, with that being said I just went back into the scenario editor to reduce the size back down to 200* 200. There will still be a water park, but the planned looney toons area is being ommited due to lack of space now. As soon as I finish my Riddler Revenge design, I will be back to finishing this park.

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