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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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Well, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.


Good news is I'm 75 percent done with my 256*256 map.


Bad news is it is on hold for the time being. This semester in college I'm taking 18 units, well above the average, so updates will be scarce. I'll see you all when I have a life agian. d:

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I understand that the paths are wide, but I did it for a reason in this case. Some planters on the other hand I guess could do.


Well. I finnally had some time to play the game agian today, so I made the best of it:


My "working" wave pool:



Another shot of Viper, the TOGO:



Diablo got new Catwalks on the mid course breakrun:



And this one makes me laugh.




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Aight, hey did you ever consider having your park go in another direction like be bought by CF or the PARC foundation


Actually I have, but for right now, I just want to finish what I have started before I change anything that substantial


And in a way, I stop the story line because I'm curious to see what this park can get over at NE.


It looks clean Djbr. Too clean. Maybe some shrubbery by the footers?



lol, I know it is. It's only a construction photo, and don't worry, I have landscaped the ride now. Also, an overview will come agian because I have also started tinkering with the footpaths like you and others have suggested.

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Because of this ride's placement, I'm reconfiguring the Fiesta village yet agian. This time I'm scaling down on the size of the buildings, and yes, less open path ways. I figured I could break those up with little food carts, or a desperately needed Plaza for Midway games.







Oh, and enjoy the screen.



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