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Six Flags Majestic Lake [RCT2]

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Thanks for the comments and advice. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I made the disko station


Don't worry though, It was more of an experiment to see if it would work. So it will be fixed.


After looking at most of my buildings though, they are out of scale. The fiesta village is getting a redo as I can do better.


Also, after figuring out how to make invisible entrance huts, I'm fixing all of the flats to remove them. So the next update for new material will be awhile.


The reason I'm doing all of this is I want to see how well this park can do over on NE. I know it is not the best, but I rather see what the expert builders will think about it.




Some General Improvements:








Although a pain in the butt, I have managed to install all my Custom scenery and saved parks on another computer that runs XP. I cannot believe the difference!

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Braztaz: Yes, but only one computer in the house has XP, and that is in my brothers room, so I have to sneak on and move things before he doesn't notice.


Dotrobot: For now I rather keep it this way. If I were to merge it, the capacity will not be good enough for a park that has had over 8,000 peeps in it.


Six Flags Enthuseast: yes, Belgianguy comes on here from time to time, and thank you!


Today I have focused on the backstage area of the park, so here's what I have done so far today:


Here is a nice new entrance logo:



The turnaround for Flash:



The top of Goliath's lift:



A picture of the (defunct) Batman show:



And lastly, The area behind the Stadium:


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How did you put the wooden coaster catwalks on Goliath?!? I tried,but I always get a white piece of track. I think your last 2 updates look really good! I really like the Flash's turnaround. The carrot in the pathway would look better if if were actually in the pathway, not behind a fence. Just my opinion, though.

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A Schwarzkopf loop would look nice, but this is a newer model of TOGO.


This coaster I'm making goes hand and hand with the Viper that opened up at Six Flags Great Adventure in 1995. Although this one is not similar, I at least have the same manufacture.


Why go back in time though?


I found it odd having TOO many cloned rides, so I took out the SLC, Condor.


This Photo is a work in progress:


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