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PhotoTR 6/8/2010 Geauga Lake's WWK

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I just have a couple quick photo update of Geauga Lake's 2010 addition, The Beach.


I took a lot of shots from around the park, but here are some selected photos:


I wonder how much the apostrophe cost?


Any promotion is good promotion.


The Beach!


Little Tikes Town's also new this year.


Looking from The Beach towards Thunder Falls


These kids don't know how to play Chess. There is a Checkers set as well.


From the park that made a big deal about cornhole, now comes... BEAR PONG! Really?


Bizarre little games area. These cats had to have been recycled from somewhere. Anyone know where these are from?


Overview of The Beach. The "Chessboard" is inside the old Thriller Bees concrete pad.


Tether ball, cornhole, and an arcade! And closed midway games (Duck Pond, Hole-in-One challenge, and Bear Pong).




Once again, more photos:


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They could atleast add some more sand, flatten it out a bit, clean up the lake, and let people swim/rent paddleboats in the lake


Seems they're going for additions that don't add additional employees.

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I heard a rumor that this is a make or break year for geauga lake.


I've been hearing that since '08. Everyone back then assumed it would close that year, and they'd move the slides to Soak City for 2009. That turned out not to be the case. Then last year, I didn't hear anything about the park, aside from someone saying they heard a new Subway restaurant was going in (which didn't happen), and of course, that 2009 was the last year for it, and the slides would move to Dorney or another park.


I know GL sells a lot of platinum passes, which I guess justifies keeping it open. Hopefully there's nothing make-or-break about a year when something as low-key as The Beach and Little Tikes Town are the big new additions. Yesterday, the weather was cool, and yet there were already more guests in the park than when we went on a hot day in July 2008, so that's promising.

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