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PTR:New England June 4-7 "Perfect Storm of Credit Whoredom"

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The next stop on the tour was about an hour south of Six Gun City. I had heard good things about the detail that went into Story Land in the past and was impressed with the theming I saw at such a small park.


The park has lots for families to do together and even more for kids to do. This includes a very big story book area focusing on nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Many of the fairy tale exhibits include live barnyard animals, which is neat.


Admission to the park was $27, and entering after 3PM gets you a return admission anytime before the end of the 2010 season.


Another new park for me


The park (along with Santa's Village) is pet friendly with kennels on site.


You enter the park through The Crooked House.


Cuckoo Clockenspiel is a very nice rendition of spinning tea cups.


and these times spin pretty easily.


Ride ops on the Polar Coaster wear these awesome vests.


You know you want one.


The station house is "COOL" also.


The raft ride doesn't have any rapids but it will get you wet


and possibly soaked.


I love the expression on the face of the panda bear on the front of the Bamboo Chutes vehicle.


There a booth where kids can get a driver's license.


Tytus got one.


This is not Tytus.


On the SlipShod Safari you are in an animal cage and a tractor drags you through an on land Jungle Cruise with corny puns.


The corny puns continue if you visit Los Bravos Silver Mine. A guide leads you through this tilt house, with a secret creaky elevator and takes you to the silver mine.


Back to the Story Book area of the park


You have the Old Woman in the Shoe.


Chicken Little


The three little pigs.


and a naked Peena Puu!


There's a Pumpkin Coach Ride


with levitating plastic horses that take you up a hill


to visit Cinderella in her castle.


Although the park went a little overboard with rides on water in the same area including the Swan Boats.


The Storyland Queen


and The Buccaneer


My battery died after this picture, but no fear. I bring to you a brand new park, an exclusive on TPR, with my next post. Stay Tuned!

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My apologies if the pages are loading slow because there are so many pictures on each page. I want to keep this Photo TR moving along so whether you are enjoying it or hating it, if you want it to load faster post a comment. That way the stops will be spread out on seperate pages.

I hate this report.

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Scott - excellent, my life goal has been fulfilled.


Since there are not a lot of chain hotels in the White Mountains of New Hampshire I stayed at a Ski Lodge, Attitash Mountain Village. I did not realize the Attitash Mountain would be opening a new Mountain Coaster two weeks after my visit, so maybe a return trip will be planned since I have a free admission tickets for Story Land.


No new parks/coasters in this update just a lay of the land in New Hampshire. OK, the whole update is filler, deal with it.


Lots of trees, shocking!


Here is where I checked in for the night. The front desk had warning signs about black bears and what to do if encountered, but I failed to take a picture.


My lodge.


There must be a mountain here somewhere.


My room with all my travel papers strewn across the bed.


Ah oh, I forgot to eat dinner, let's try this place.


Failed picture attempt of their awesome Seafood Nachos (Crabmeat, Scallops and Shrimp).


In the morning I had to get my Mickey's Sweet Tea.


So I stopped at a McDonald's.


and it was themed to a ski lodge/resort. Awesome!

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Great Trip Report Larry! I would have missed it if it wasn't on the main page. I'm glad you had fun, even though you didn't make it to Coastermania.


One request, we need more photos of the sleeveless wonder. I only saw one photo of you and it included sleeves! What's up with that? No scissors?

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Rick - you are the second person to request more pictures of me, but I don't like taking pictures of myself.


Actually, I appear in mirror image in two pictures at Santa's Village (Great HumBug Adventure) and Story Land (Cinderella's mirror). This was the one day of the trip I was wearing sleeves. I'll usually wear a TPR shirt (I have yet to desecrate a TPR shirt)when I'm taking a lot of pictures at a family park to explain to site to patrons and park employees who might ask why I'm taking pictures of a snowman's snowballs.


I had a 5-6 minute talk with Santa Claus at Santa's Village about TPR, he had never heard of the site.

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I'll usually wear a TPR shirt (I have yet to desecrate a TPR shirt)when I'm taking a lot of pictures at a family park to explain to site to patrons and park employees who might ask why I'm taking pictures of a snowman's snowballs.


I had a 5-6 minute talk with Santa Claus at Santa's Village about TPR, he had never heard of the site.

Don't people realize by now that you're the obsessive overlord of the index? There shouldn't be any explaining to do.


That "ski lodge" Mickey D's is pretty cool!


And this picture amuses me....


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^^I remember you telling me that you don't have too many pictures of yourself, even on vacations.


When we met up a couple years back, I didn't know what you looked like because of the lack of pictures. I had a lot of fun running around Great America with you getting all the credits. Hopefully we'll meet up again.

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^^The gist of that photo is those two had an argument, challenged each other to a duel. However, the person that was counting to three to fire had only recently learned how to count so he kept messing up 1-2-5, or 1-2-9. I doubled over and feel on the ground laughing, hit my head on a rock and was knocked unconcious. But since I saw the two guys later on in the afternoon, I assume the gunfight never happened.


I'm working on writing the next update right now, will be up soon.

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Nice trip report so far. My family has a house near Mount Snow, Vermont, so I'm hoping that we can see some of these parks like Story Land and Santa's Village this summer.


Nice post on Attitash. Our Mount Snow Season Passes work at Attitash, so we'll have to check it out, (and the mountain coaster,) this year. And eat at that awesome McDonald's!


You say that Story Land went overboard on the boat rides, (no pun intended,) but that still is less than the number of craft on Disneyland's Rivers of America.


Oh, and I just want to call it now, the "never-before-seen on TPR" park in the next post is going to be Santa's Land in Putney, Vermont.

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I got up on the morning of the 6th and checked weather.com on my Blackberry and it didn't look good with an 80% chance of rain between Noon-4PM in the vicinity of my next 3 stops.


Undeterred, since I was already 300 miles from home, I headed to a park that has not been featured on TPR in the past. I had randomly checked the website of York's Wild Kingdom a couple of weeks ago and saw a "Wacky Mouse" coaster listed as new for 2010. I called the park, they said it opened Memorial Day weekend and there was no height limit. So when I cobbled this trip together I added York's Wild Kingdom to the itinerary.


I previously wanted to stop here in 2006 for their walk through attractions but arrived too late in the day. York's Wild Kingdom is both an Amusement Park and Zoo. Now I just needed to get to the park before the rain starts.


I pull into the parking lot (which is down a long tree lined road) right before noon and the weather is overcast but no rain. I walk into the gift shop to purchase tickets and am informed that only the zoo is open today due to weather. Turns out not only is rain in the forecast, but severe thunderstorms and lightning storms along with coastal flood warnings and a tornado watch.


York's Wild Kingdom employees were very nice and allowed me to roam the grounds as long as I didn't enter any restricted areas, so while I didn't get the credit I did get pictures.


A little moisture on the ground and the sign says the park is open.


Turns out the parks is closed, but I get to take pictures of all these rides. Plus I find out you can pay by the ride, versus writbands only.


If you see this picture on rcdb, it was supplied by me.




Writing captions is hard work.


I was seriuosly looking forward to The Persian Kamel, an old school fun house


with moving stairs


and a rotating barrel. How's it going Hot Fuzz?


You almost get some boob, but have to settle for the old Camel Toe.


Jungle Fun is another Fun House.


The Haunted House looks good from the outside.


Here's a map, with the zoo dominating the right hand side.


Go Karts are not included if you buy a wristband.


Nor is the Mini Golf


I don't know if swimming in this pool is included. I have know idea why there is an above ground pool in the park.


You can see the ominous sky behind the ominous Ferris Wheel, but no rain yet.


Maybe if I keep taking pictures someone will come over and offer a ride on the Wacky Mouse.


Or maybe they will just wonder why I'm taking a picture of an empty carousel.


OK, question why the hell I'm taking a picture of the motor for the Scrambler.


Not surprisingly the bumper car arena was empty today.


The glass is all empty. Hey Rick another reflection of me!


No racing on the Super Slide today, like when we were kids. :(




It was like a ghost town. That's all I got. Thanks for reading and thanks for York's for letting me walk around the park. Trust me this was the calm before the storm.

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Nice report. I used to live in New England and have been to many of the parks. Storyland is a great family park, and the Polar Coaster is actually a fun little ride. Six Gun City didn't have a coaster when I lived there, so there wasn't much else to intrest me. Down the way from Storyland they used to have a fun alpine slide, it may have been at Attitash, its been a while. York's Wild Animal Kingdom used to have a Flitzer, my one and only Flitzer credit. From York's you were a only about 20-25 minutes from Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco, ME south of Portland. It's actually a great park too. Excalibur is a very decent ride with a great first drop. They also have arguably the best indoor Scrambler ride in New England, The Astrophere, not for the ride as it's slowed way down, but the music and effects. Until I lived in New England, I had never seen or heard of an enclosed Scrambler. I like the one at Canobie Lake too, which is probably my favorite park in New England. Clean, variety of rides, nice staff and the Yankee Cannonball is a real surprise. Have you been before or hitting new parks you've not been too? Thanks for the memories. Peace!

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^Yes, Attitash Mountain does have an Alpine Slide.


Funtown/Splashtown will be covered shortly, although it was a lot more splash than fun for me.


The last time I had been to the area in 2006, I visited Canobie, Palace Playland and Funtown/Splashtown.


I don't know what happened but it appears that my York's Wild Kingdom update disappeared, so I'm recreating it months after the fact. This is the never before seen of TPR park that I referenced on the last page. So, I get to the back at opening and it is pretty empty. I go to buy a ticket and am told the park will not open today because of the weather. Although it is cloudy and rain is expected it is a nice morning. I ask the woman at the ticket booth if I can walk around the park a take some photos, and she says that would not be a problem.


Although it says the rides we open at noon, that is a lie.


One of the reasons I stopped by the park is because I recently heard they installed a Wacky Work the park was also less than an hour out of my way.


But the real allure of the park is the multiple walk through attractions. Here is the Fun Haus.


With wacky entry stairs.


The Persian Kamel. What the hell is going on here?


Which features a spinning barrel for Hot Fuzz.


And there is also a jungle themed fun house.


The Haunted House looked creepy from the outside.


But I'll have to return another day to see the inside.


I don't know what the deal was with the pool exhibit. Quite odd.


There are some traditional rides like the Scrambler.


With an ultra modern control panel.


There's a Round-Up


In case you need some Jet Fuel, it is stored in the Glass House.


Happy Fun Slide


Like I said before, it was overcast but no precipitation.


Finally, here is a list of all the rides and prices. Your have the option of paying by the ride or buying an unlimited wristband.


As usual additional ride photos can be found in the Park Index

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My favorite thing about Maine is fresh lobster and Lobster Rolls. I decided to stop for one on my way to the next stop, Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach.


Just as I pull off the road to eat it starts drizzling. At this point I wasn't too far from York's so I called to confirm they did not open the rides.


When I get back into my car after lunch it is raining a little harder and this continues as I pull into a parking space at Old Orchard Beach. My reasoning for going to Palace Playland was to take pictures and kill time before my next stop. Oh, and to get another Lobster Roll.


I head to the rides area and the gates are locked. The park is closed due to the weather, but that didn't stop me from snapping pictures for the Park Index.


I stopped at this place


Looked at the menu


And placed my order: Lobster Roll with OnionRings.


Then drove up the road a couple more miles and encounter this fence.


But I can still show you stuff like the Fun House


Galaxi coaster - WooHoo, but it's closed


The No Fun Today Slide


On the left - Bear Butt

One the right - Power Surge blocking the Kiddie Coaster


I failed to focus in on the Pirate Ship boobs, my bad!


Uh oh, likes like the rain is about to start coming down hard.


Just as the sign says, the rain is about to start cascading down. I jumped into the arcade for an hour and played pinball. Sorry to dark for pictures.


But one last thing to do before heading back to the expiring parking meter.


Oh what's that on the menu?


Large Lobster Roll resting on the dashboard of my car before heading to my next stop.

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