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PTR:New England June 4-7 "Perfect Storm of Credit Whoredom"

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A little background first. My original plan was to leave on Thursday night for Ohio for Coastermania, Kings Island and Jungle Jacks. However, I had car problems and did not get my car back until Friday morning, so on Thursday afternoon I decided to do a slightly shorter trip with less overall driving and pick-up some smaller credits. I also found a new credit, that had not been previously listed on rcdb. At the beginning of the trip I was six credits short of 800, and my goal was to get seven new credits while stopping at 11 locations.


My first stop was Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT. I was little concerned about the price of Ocean Beach Park because the website shows the following prices:


$14 to park

$5 admission

$16 for a ride wristband (individual ride prices are not listed on the website)


However, to be a coaster whore, you have to bite the bullet sometimes.


In the end, I got lucky as I found a legal parking spot on the street about 1/2 mile away, they were not collecting admission and three dollars in tokens allowed me to ride the caoster versus buying a wristband. So I felt like I just saved $32.


The majority of people go to Ocean Beach for the beach not the rides, which are just plopped down on a grassy lot, carnival style. There are really not a lot of rides at Ocean Beach, but here are the pictures.


1st Stop: June 4th - Ocean Beach Park (below)

2nd Stop: June 4th - FunWorld (Page 1)

3rd Stop: June 4th - Canobie Lake Park (Page 2)

4th Stop: June 5th - Clark's Trading Post, a view from the outside (Page 2)

5th Stop: June 5th - Santa's Village (Page 2)

6th Stop: June 5th - Six Gun City (Page 2)

7th Stop: June 5th - Story Land (Page 3)

8th Stop: June 6th - York's Wild Kingdom (Page 5)

9th Stop: June 6th - Palace Playland (Page 5)

10th: Stop: June 6th - washout at Funtown Splashtown and surprise stop (Page 6)

11th Stop: June 7th - SFNE (Page 7)



For anyone looking to schedule a similar trip here is my planning spreadsheet. Take that NED!


Entering through the pedestrian entrance Fudgy the Whale greets you at the mini golf course.


There's a little carousel


With midget animals!


I got there right at opening time and they were just firing up the rides, I was told it would be a 10 minutes wait which was as much time as I needed to take pictures. So I walked along these well planned out paths.


Hello Monster (or Spider). Just because I organize the Park Index, doesn't mean I know what all these rides are.


FACT: If you crack an egg on the seat of this ride on a 100 degree day and run the ride for 2 minutes, you will end up with a scrambled egg. QFT


The Roll-O-Plane still needed a little bit more work.


Some assembly required.


Mini Swings


Mini Tea Cups


Mini Paratrooper


Mini Me


The aptly named Waterslide.


The reason I'm here.


In a previous life, this coaster had a Road Runner / Wile E. Coyote theme. The ride operator gave me ten laps, but I'm not lame enough to keep track of my coaster laps.


Beep Beep my A$$! Next stop, more credit whoring at FunWorld.

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Good the hear that Mini Me can still get some laughs.


Next stop was a 2.5 hour drive north to FunWorld in Nashua, New Hampshire. My camera was actually running low so I didn't take many pictures, but FunWorld is a multi-level FEC (Family Entertainment Center) mostly filled with video games.


I have made it to FunWorld, now on to the fun.


That be the entrance.


and there be the coaster.


I'm not lying.


My chariot awaits!


I failed at capturing the whole ride sign. LOSER!


The cost is $4. Ka Ching!


And here is my ticket. Why is the picture blurry? Well, I was waiting for the ride op to show up and was so focused on perfectly framing this shot. The ride op shows up and startles me, hence the blurry shot. But it's all good!


Oh, no you didn't! Oh, yes I did! I found the only Chick-Fil-A in the state of New Hampshire one mile from FunWorld. So I sat down, had lunch next to an outlet and recharged my camera battery for the next stop. Canobie Lake

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I see nothing wrong with it really. Me personally I just don't feel like wasting time running around getting a bunch of dragon wagons or whatever.


Now if I was somewhere and ran across one, I might pick it up but there's a wacky worm or something like that in Georiga I really don't care if I ever get.


I've gotten all the credits in NC and all the SC ones I can get (the Wacky Worm at Family Kingdom is no-adults). But if there was a credit out on the outer banks or whatever, I really don't feel like driving out there just to get it.

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^Perfectly understandable and rational. I have a similar view in that I won't generaly drive more than an hour out of the way for a kiddie credit. That's why I combined all these small places into one trip with some mid-size to large parks.


However, in this case I did not want to spend a full day at Canobie Lake and wanted to take advantage of their after 5PM admission special. So I had a little time to kill and I broke my rule by adding about 90 minutes to my overall trip.

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On to the next stop. A real amusement park. Canobie Lake. My last visit to Canobie Lake was about 4 years ago and I was not impressed. Although I loved the look of the park I was not a fan of Yankee Cannonball. I was bothered by too many kids with no regard for personal space and too much line cutting. And was confused by the ending of Mine of Lost Souls.


Well not much has changed in 4 years, except I really enjoyed Yankee Cannonball this time around. A lot more air than the last time I rode.


I arrived at the park right at 5PM with a full charged camera and took advantage of the discounted 5PM to close price. It turned out to be a good decision as crowds really lightened up between 8PM and 10PM.


I know this is going to sound strange but I had one of my best amusement park meals at Canobie. In the Boston Wharf area at Minuteman Clams I got a pint of freshly prepared fried clams that were excellent, highly recommended for all you fried clam fans.


A proper park entrance photo.


Canboie has most of the rides you would find at a traditional park like the Giant Wheel.


Pirate Ship


Antique Cars


You get the idea. If you don't check out the Park Index because all rides at Canobie Lake are now included.


But there are also newer flats like the Extreme Frisbee


Starblaster - an S&S Tower




But what I really like about Canobie Lake are the quirky aspects and rides


PsychoDrome is not only difficult to spell but also an indoor scrambler although they no longer keep the lights completely off anymore.


The park still has a glass house


The dark ride is amusing but I still don't follow


how this ride vehicle takes me from a haunted mine in New Hampshire to Egypt. WTF????


Oh here is a new ride I don't recall from my last trip. It passes as a poor man's bouncy bouncy.


The only coaster shot you will see in this update.


Back to the park's quirkyness, many of the food stands were themed to the food they serve, you can find cotton candy here.


Anyone know where I can buy a Hot Dog?






I will never look at a cheese steak the same way again.


But the best food stand of all was found in the water park. I don't think they were selling shark. Although having live sharks eat line cutters would have made my time at Canobie much better.


Yes, I'd like Daniel Boone with a Spoon.


I got this strange feeling that I was in an airport on the way the Edmonton.


These four cut the line for Starblaster.


No capes allowed!


Anyone know where I can get some Fried Dough?


Not rodent friendly!




Lots of teens gathered around the Michael Jackson statue around 8PM for free Jesus Juice.


That's it there is nothing else to see until the next installment.

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The next stop is a throwback to before the Interstate Highway System was developed and America had hundreds of roadside attractions. Clark's Trading Post began in 1928 when the Clark family introduced Eskimo Sled Dog Tours and became more well known in 1949 when a trained Bear Show was introduced. The Clark family still runs the place and has added some attractions.


I had visited Clark's back in 2006 so I merely pulled off the highway this time to take some pictures around from the outside before opening. I know some folks aren't thrilled to hear about trained animal shows, but when I last saw the show it was both educational and entertaining and the bears appeared happy. The Clark family talked about their conservation and bear rescue efforts in between their humorous one liners. My basis for believing the bears were happy was that they were not mauling any of the trainers, but I'm no expert.


The current adult admission price is $18 and includes:

The Bear Show

Chinese Acrobat Show

Tilt House (Tuttle's Rustic House)

Haunted Swing (Merlin's Mystical Mansion)

Bumper Boats

Rock Climbing Wall

White Mountain Central Railroad (very entertaining as the train is "threatened" by The Wolfman, a live actor portraying a very territorial prospector)

A couple of Americana exhibits/museums


One thing recently added is a Segway Tour through the Wolfman's Territory. This may be an upcharge.


Overview from the parking lot.


Just like the sign says, The Main Entrance.


Under the tent is the perfromance area for the Bear Show and the Chinese Acrobats (not at the same time). In the forefront are poles that the bears sit on in between shows. In the early days of Clark's the bears could be easily seen from the US3, the main North-South thorough fare in the area before Interstate 93


The locomotive that takes passengers into the Wolfman's Territory.


And this is one of the passenger cars.


This is the rock climbing wall, which is included in the admission price.


Bumper Boats


In the background is the Tuttle Rustic House, a Tilt House with a personal guide (like Confusion Hill at Idlewild).


Here's the gift shop which sells incredible fudge.


Lastly, I leave you with a little local humor. I did see one moose carcass on the side of the road and plenty of signs on the roads warning of the hazards of moose. That's all, the next stop is Santa's Village.

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^^I knew I should some dug out some pictures of the bears to entice comments.


After leaving Clark's Trading Post I drove another hour or so on the road until I arrived at Santa's Village. I had heard really nice things about the theming at Santa's Village so I had to document it for myself. I only planned to spend two hours at the park but extended the stay to three hours.


This is a great park for families with young kids. Plenty of shade, ride experiences the family can share, wildlife, random activites for the kids to do and Santa. All the parks in New Hampshire had customer appreciation special last weekend so it was only $20 for admission ($5 off).


The most unique aspect of this park was an activity for kids called Elfabet University. Kids explored the park to find 26 elves corresponding to each letter of the alphabet to gain a diploma.


Are we there yet?


Igloo on the right is the entrance, igloo on the left is the exit.


Those are the regular prices.


Is that a real reindeer?


No, but this one is real!


Check out the rack on this one!


I think you are in the wrong place Mr. Easter Bunny.


That's right, get the hell out of here rabbit!


Where can I get some of the stuff you're on?


Go to the corner of Jinglebell and Kringle and look for a guy in a red suit.


Light up in the Car Wash kid, the cops won't see ya.


Back to the serious stuff, the Yule Log Flume will get you wet. "Yule Log", get it?


The elevated Skyway Sleigh is a relaxing way to see half of the park.


Since rain was in the forecast they provided umbrellas on the Skyway Sleigh.


Rudy's Rapid Transit POV


Reindeer instead of horse on the carousel


A unique kiddie flat ride that is like a suspended scrambler.


Random playground rides in the park


One of those scary ferris wheels that I won't ride.


Do you know the difference between snow men and snow women?






Snow Balls


In the Workshop kid's can create/personalize their own toys/souvenirs.


Personalized t-shirts


This is the Uber Cool shooting dark ride "The Great Hum Bug Adventure".


They are a couple of Hum Bugs outside the ride to practice shooting at, and they make this ridiculous "giggly" sound when you hit them.


During the outdoor portion of the dark ride I snapped a picture of myself in a TPR shirt. One that I should have been wearing at Coastermania to win a Bag o Crap.


Reindeer Games


For Elissa - Chipmunk alert


Hey kid, stop busting my balls.


Back to Elfabet University


This is the punch card you get to prove you have found each elf.


You get a sheet of clues, but there is also a large list of clues just for photo ops.


Little Timmy demonstrates how to have the elf punch one letter of the alphabet.


You have to visit Emo the elf to have the letter "E" punched.


And when you are done you go back to the University to pick up your diploma.


and then if you are lucky, mom and dad buy you some fudge.


and if you are bad you have to go the the Polar Theater and listen to this creepy Christmas tree introduce the story of


this guy, Tinkerdoodle the elf. Be good for goodness sake.


Pictures of additional rides from Santa's Village can be found in the Park Index. Next stop is a park I regret visiting.

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^Such a cynic.


It's a teaching tool to teach children know how to pronounce Zulema, since they know it rhymes with creama.


My apologies if the pages are loading slow because there are so many pictures on each page. I want to keep this PTR moving along so whether you are enjoying it or hating it, if you want it to load faster post a comment. That way the stops will be spread out on seperate pages.

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Lately there have been a lot of PTRs that make people say "I want to go to that park." This will not be one of them. A couple of miles south of Santa's Village is Six Gun City. It was also Customer Appreciation Weekend at Six Gun City, so admission was only $11 versus the usual $22.


Let me just say that this is a park best visited when you can get in for half price. There just isn't enough for me to justify the regular $22 admission price.


There's a big sign to greet you


The facade outside the park is impressive.


And the entrance area looks very nice also.


The first attraction is two people trying to escape from the park by canoe.


Too bad they are in Lake Malaria and there is no river flowing into the lake, they are trapped.


Around the corner from Lake Malaria is the reason I'm here, "The Gold Rush Express Runaway Train Roller Coaster," could be the longest name of any coaster.


Cute train and forceful in the turns.


I was going to ride Prospector's Plunge but a kid came off the ride drenched right before I started walking up the stairs.


A really poorly acted out shootout with corny jokes.


They had an authentic antique jail cell donated by the town.


Cool huh, that was worth about $0.30 to see.


A mini carousel plopped down next to the Carriage Musuem.


I'll admit, some of the antique carriages were neat to see.


In addition to a mini carousel, they have real mini horses.


The map they gave when when I entered the park says there should be paddle boats here. The map was from the 2007 season.


The highlight of the park was the Tumbleweed Speedway, the go-karts had a surprising amount of power.


Mini Golf is included in the admission price.


Bumper Boats


Pony rides for the kids, although this guy would be more productive at the glue factory.


Free rides on the Stagecoach.


Not exactly the most authentic stagecoach I've ever seen.


From the parking lot, one last shot of my fourth new credit on the trip. For the record, I neglected to show a cool little log flume for kids, because I didn't take a photo. But that's pretty much the whole park.

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