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Photo TR - Flamingoland

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Realising it was two years ago to the very day I was out in the USA riding some of the greatest coasters on the planet I was feeling a little down and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. So I set off to shift those Coaster Blues by getting a new credit and visiting one of my favourite UK parks Flamingoland.


Armed with my shiny new Club TPR pass I arrived just before the gates opened and was first in the car park. After a few minutes of "What on Eath is this?" as I presented my Club Card they soon found the correct code and I was duely given the £6.50 discount on entry.


First stop had to be Mumbo Jumbo so I could whore my one and only new credit as I slowly work towards Oktoberfest and number 400 later this year.


I spy a credit in the distance


It's certainly a compact little ride and I can see these cropping up at more parks as they provide an awful lot in a tiny amount of space. Ride operation was second to none and they were dispatching quickly and efficiently. As I wandered up to the front of the queue I found it was just me there so I took my seat and had the ride all to myself.


A rapid lift hill gets you up to the top quickly and then wastes no time getting round and down that 120 degree drop. Some nice elements like the off camber turn were fun and the roll over to dive was very reminiscent off Mystery Mine at Dollywood.


Oh Look it goes back on itself!


Slow roll and then dive back.


Overall good fun, not over hyped like some rides and a perfect fit for the park.


Whilst I awaited the arrival of a couple of friends I took advantage of the emtpy queue lines and rode Kumali and Velocity in quick succesion.


One of the better SLC's out there.


Where next?


Ah yes


My friends soon arrived so we headed back round and with each one in turn doing Donkey Duty (looking after bags, coats, glasses and other loose items etc.) we soon cleared all the coasters once more.


Flip Flop seems to have appeared since my last visit and as it's one of the few spinning rides that agrees with me I just had to go for a spin.


Flip Flop.


My friends son wanted to go on Splash Battle so as Father took over Donkey Duty Mother escorted him onto the ride. Meanwhile Donkey and myself took up battle positions fully intent in making sure they did not come off as dry as they went on. Afterwards Lucas (their son) came after me as I'd placed a perfect shot right into the boat and more accurately right in his face. Admittedly though he was laughing his head off as he chased after me!




A quick change of clothes and off into the Zoo for a wander. Just a few pics of various TPR members here see if you can name them, AHEM!








Having visited various TPR members in a more natural habitat we headed back for a few final rides before heading off. Although I did see another sign that reminded me of TPR!



Having timed my departure perfectly I then set off for the four hour drive to my Mum's whilst the heaven's opened and absolutely threw it down with rain. RESULT!


Next stop Thorpe Park Wednesday and then onto Swansea before the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival in Cardiff on Saturday. Coasters and Beer two of my favourite hobbies!

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Just so you know, if your pictures are linked then your report can't be featured on the front page or used in the park index. Not saying that this would have been but you have zero chance with them linked. You have already seen from earlier post why we want them uploaded to the TPR server. We don't like little red x's!


Oh yeah, and the report will not be moved to the archive either!

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