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Universal Studios Escape Hollywood [RCT2]

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UNIVERSAL CITY, CA (May 31, 2010) - Today, Universal Studios announces the largest expansion ever to their Hollywood property, such an expansion that it will completely change the Studios to become "Universal Studios Escape, Hollywood". It has been stated that this is no new ride or attraction, but an expansion to the entire property. A new theme park, "Islands of Adventure Hollywood", will provide various new themed lands and attractions, such as Iron Man, a high speed roller coaster bringing riders on an epic journey through the skies, and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, an upgrade to the already widely popular Jurassic Park ride located at the Studios property.




Along with the new theme park, the property will become a multi-day resort complete with a new on-site hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood. Combining elegant style with rock and roll, Hard Rock Hotel will provide a fantastic stay for on-site visitors.


Along with the new hotel will be "The Boulevard", an extension to the property's widely popular entertainment district, Universal Citywalk.



Finally, the extension with include new production facilities as well as state-of-the-art attraction in a new backlot extension, entitled "The Lot". Not much is known about this yet, but Universal has stated that along with refurbishing multiple sets, that this expansion will include various attractions unseen at the Hollywood property, including the first multi-sensory ride-of-its-kind on the West coast. Details to follow.

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Ah, I actually forgot to say that the six flags park from forever ago (not SFMM) was dropped due to poor planning, so I'll just go ahead and release it here.


Note, the park was also made with RCTModifiied, so the entrances will be all over the place on certain rides, though from now on my park wills have the entrance huts unseen.

unfinished six flags_nin.zip

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Sorry to go off topic of your new park but I have a question about the Six Flags park you posted. How did you get the boomerang coaster in that park to go all the way up the second hill like that? It goes all the way to the tip of the track just like the lift side does and travels backwards at just about the same speed as it did forwards. Whenever I make one of those (or the face/off kind) I can never get it to go all the way up the second hill and always goes much slower on the way back.

Anyway it was a nice start to a park, can't wait to see the SFMM version.

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It could be numerous things, such as the way that we both build a boomerang. As you can see in my version, it's rather compact, without an added piece of track in the cobra, which I've seen many people due. Also, the train has one more extra car than the station allows (was hacked by geewhzz), and so that may have something to do with it, though I'm not entirely sure on that.

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