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PTR: Give Kids The World tour and the Pepsi Refresh Project

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GKTW Village really is an amazing place. I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the village last year, and can honestly say that I was blown away by the detail, service and attention to every need of the families that visit there.


The Village covers EVERY expense of the family... from the airfare to all of their meals. If the Village is over capacity, they will place families at Deluxe WDW resorts for the week (they never turn a family away).


This certainly has my vote, and if you're able, I highly recommend donating to this very worthy organization.


Another fact that most people don't know is that many Theme Parks (Six Flags parks included) provide each family that visits GKTW with complimentary admission for a full year after they visit.

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Man, I'd love to go to this place only if I could visit for the day. Hopefully that's allowed if you just want to do a few things and take a look around the place.


Place looks simply amazing, to say the least. GKTW is awesome, I hope alot of kids get to go here, it certainly turned mah frown upside-down! Before= Now=


Great report, and I'll be sure to vote!

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Yes, please keep on voting!


I spent last night with two amazing girls and their family members who are guests of the Village this week. They were having a blast at all of the parks and at GKTW! While snacking on chicken fingers and fries in the Gingerbread House the Wish Child, age four, was all smiles and told me how nice it was that no one stared at her here. Later in the night we performed a dance routine on stage for "Village Idol," a talent show that takes place once a week in the Village's fully-accessible theatre. Her proud parents were teary-eyed in the audience while watching their two daughters on stage--something I was told they would never feel comfortable doing at home.


Just wanted to share that every click does make a difference; the magic happens here everyday. Thank you for your continued support!

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I think 11 is now my least-favorite number! We're halfway through the month and seemingly stuck with the top ten just outside our grasp. I know you guys are doing whatever you can to promote this and I thank you for it. Votes count now more than ever, so please keep at it.


Just wanted to give a heads-up that GKTW will be on The TODAY Show this Friday during the 8 a.m.(EST) hour. It was a segment that was filmed when special correspondent Jenna (Bush) Hager was visiting the Village back in May. She also did a piece on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which will also air on Friday. Be sure to set your DVR!


A Wish Family with Jenna

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C'mon lets give a big push TPR!


By my estimation, GKTW moves up one spot every two days. Right now they are in 9th. There are 13 days left in the contest, which means if the current trend continues, they will move up 6 spots to number 3. They have to get to number 2 to get the $$$!


Nobody wants to get that close and lose. Let's make sure they win. Every vote counts. Yours could be the one that gives them a quarter of a million dollars! It takes less than a minute to vote so get to it everybody! Do it for the kids!

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Hey guys...it's me again .


Unfortunately we just found out that we've been bumped to another date for The TODAY Show; boo! But the good news is we're still in the single digits with more support than ever. If you want a daily reminder or to show your support for GKTW in the Refresh campaign, I encourage you to attend our Facebook event. And don't forget to take a few seconds to read some of the comments our wonderful families and volunteers are leaving on the Refresh page--


GKTW gave us a magical Disney experience, and the villas make caring for a disabled child a thousand times easier than in a hotel room. This organization deserves all the support they can get.


As always, thank you.

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