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Are there any theme parks near Berlin?

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In Berlin and really close by you can´t visit any themepark.


Until last week a tour into the closed Spreepark would have been an option, but they don´t offer these anymore.

(if you want to see what you have missed: http://www.coastertalk.de/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=114 an english tripreport is in the making )


The closest Park in Germany would be Belantis in Leipzig (about 2 hours by car) and Freizeitpark Plohn in Plohn (about 3 hours by car)

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Hi there wunderkind,


Please have more patience. You need to give us more than 10 hours before bumping your own topic with an impatient response.


Also, I've fixed your post and your topic title so people might have a better idea of what you were trying to ask. I mean, you didn't even have "theme park" spelled correctly in your topic title. This is probably the #1 reason no one took your thread seriously.


Hopefully the responses you've gotten so far will help.



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Hi Wunderkind,


The best options for a Theme Park are mentioned before:


"Belantis" (213km) and "Plohn" (228km) are the nearest. In the other direction you can find "Hansapark" (333km) and "Heidepark" (353km). So Berlin isn´t that good location to start a short trip to a Theme Park in Germany the nearest would be about 2 hours away. Maybe you have a portion of luck and there is a fun fair in Berlin while you´re staying there.


But in Berlin is a Movie Park called "Filmpark Babelsberg" - watch here. That´s not a real Theme Park, but maybe an interesting option for you. They also have stunt shows and some other random stuff around that Theme.


In June and July there will be public viewing places at the "Brandenburger Tor" and so on, because of the world soccer championchip 2010 - so there will be great parties. If you want to search for fun fairs type the words "Kirmes" (= fun fair) and "Berlin", I guess it will be possible to find results if you do.


The official side of Berlin is here and the following side does have many events, tips, bars, restaurants and discos listed (here) - the side is only in german, but I hope you´ll find what you search for, if you use some translation help from google translator and so on.


EDIT: I did find another page, which would help you a little bit with the fun fair dates (but also in german): here

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^ I agree on the Heide Park suggestion - if you're travelling by public transport, you might be able to swing it so that you take a train to Hamburg and then catch the bus from Hamburg ZOB (might be a bit of an early start to make it for this bus though). I've done this journey but in reverse (i.e. Heide Park to Berlin) - it's very straightforward; and not all that long.

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I went recently on a trip to Germany and the Netherlands and visited some parks. Berlin's sadly not a hot spot for parks, they are mostly located on the east German side.


However, the train system is EXCELLENT in Germany. I went to Heide-Park from Bremen to Buchholz to Wolterdingen train station with my Eurail pass, starting at 6:50 in the morning and arriving at Wolterdingen (a very small station btw) at 9:36( the park opened at 9). I walked the 2ish km to the park, but there was a Van transporting people to the park entrance (maybe 5 or 6 euro). You could also ride from Hamburg ZOB, i didn't really like their schedule though, buses got to the park at like, 10:45. Here's their info on it. http://www2.heide-park.de/index.php?id=293&L=2


Phantasialand and Europa were the easiest to get to by Public transport, but all of these train trips would be pretty major from Berlin and cost quite a bit. You would need to make a serious time investment.

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Depending on when you are in Berlin in July, and that you don't want to travel anywhere to go to a themepark, then there is 2 fairs in Berlin. And they are not any old fair, but German Fairs the best kind of fairs there is


First you have:

Deutsch-Französisches Volksfest

Operating between 11:th of June and 14:th of July.



Then you have:

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest

Operating between 23:rd of July and 15:th of August.



I can't guarantee that there will be any big coasters, but they will most likely have lot's of beer

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I went recently on a trip to Germany and the Netherlands and visited some parks. Berlin's sadly not a hot spot for parks, they are mostly located on the east German side.


I think you meant to write "west German side"

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