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PTR of Coney Island's Luna Park on Memorial Day

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This afternoon I took a quick 15 mile drive to check out Luna Park. With the weather as nice as it was today, I realized that Coney Island would be packed. I ended up parking 1.5 miles from Luna Park, as I didn't feel like paying $20 to park in a gravel lot filled with broken bottles and hypodermic needles.


As a approached Nathan's I realized it would be worse than I expected as Nathan's had every window open and each register was at least 10-12 patrons deep. I fought through the corwds, sometimes walking on Surf Avenue to avoid the clueless mob of people.


I arrived at Luna Park to see the ticket booths packed with people waiting to buy wristbands. Wristbands were being sold for $20 for the 14 rides that were operating. The wristbands were good for 4 hours, at each ride you would scan your wristband. I assume that after 4 hours, your wristband will no longer scan. Seeing that the lines for the major rides appeared to be 30-45 minutes and that two of the rides I wanted to ride were not open yet, I just took pictures.


So let's move on to the pictures.


Like I said it's $20 for 4 hours of rides.


Yeah, the major coaster is called the Tickler, and that makes me snicker. he he he


Nice paint job on the cars of this spinning mouse.


This picture can even convey how crowded the midway was today.


The Tickler and the re-emergence of the old Coney Island mascot "Tillie". he he he


The Air Race was not open. If it was I'm sure it would have had an hour wait.


Their disc-o is just missing something, like Tony Mannero.


The second Star Flyer in the state of New York.


The Coney Island Sound (that's a play on words) was not quite "sound" enough to open. Did you know the word sound has 3 different definitions? I didn't think so!


Someone call rcdb. The Lunar Express has already been renamed Circus Coaster


A look at the trains.


and the track. It should be open by next weekend.


I present to you Surf's Up


And just like on a real surfboard you have to stand up to ride.


Tea Cups are whistling by.


Happy Happy Swing Time!


Beach Shack - rocking the house


Eclipse is Luna Park's version of the Frisbee.


I'm not sure who Lynn is but he/she has a ride named after him/her in Lynn's Trapeze.


Coney Tower is an ode to the old parachute drop.


Coney Island Hang Glider is not a ride that you will catch me on.


Wild River was not raging, but the Luna Park patron's loss is your gain.


Exclusive log flume wheel photo!


Don't forget your rubbers!


Another view of the crowds.


And lastly I bring to you one last exclusive. A morph of the old Astroland Tower, The Brooklyn Flyer and Deno's Freefall.

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It is stunning to see the changes that have been made in such a short time. The old amusements were a bit adventurous to say the least. They did a great job getting a lot of the rides up and running for the Memorial Day Weekend. If that $20 4 hour band continues I think it will remain crowded all summer long. That is a pretty good deal, considering most of the rides were previously independently owned.


The Cyclone is independently owned and wouldn't be included in Luna Park. Excited to take a look at everything this summer when I attend the Siren Music Festival, which is a free annual music festival held at there each year.

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The Cyclone is still operated independently by Carol Albert, who used to operate Astroland. It is not included on Luna Park wristband.


Deno's Wonder Wheel Park is also a separate park.


The El Dorado Bumper Cars still run independently on Surf Avenue.


Two blocks east are more independent operations.

A kiddie park with about 10 rides and then another independent operator running five more rides with employees wearing Coney Island rides t-shirts. I'll include those photos below just so people know the other rides at Coney Island.


Ticket booth for Coney Island rides


The rare Staurn 6


Ghost Hole - the only ride I rode today. Good effects but a little pricey for $6.


The Polar Express that runs a very long cycle.


Bumper Cars


Simulator in a box, running a roller coaster program.


Ghost Hole cars


At one of my favorite parts of Coney Island, The Sideshow by the Seashore freaks and the barker were stirring up a crowd.

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It looks like they did a great job creating a classic and fun feel for the park. Both coasters look like fun.

Coney Island is reasonably high on my list of priorities, especially now! I hope the other amusement operations continue to do well as there are several I would like to check out.


Kind of curious about the wristband thing. At the worst you could pay $40 for 8 hours, but perhaps they will have other options--maybe a discount for more hours or for full-day. Is it common for dry ride parks to be set up this way? Does it actually help a lot with crowd control?

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^The Electro Spin is not operating yet and there is a safety fence around it.



^^$20 was a discounted price for this weekend due to some rides not being operational.


$26 is the normal Monday - Friday price for 4 hours

$30 is the normal Saturday, Sunday and Holiday price for 4 hours


The website now says that 6 hour wristbands are also available for:

$30 for Monday - Friday

$34 for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

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^^Ah, I had been wondering if they would adjust it. Those sound like reasonable prices and times, and they can always adjust more later. I know it's not hard for me to spend an entire operating day at even a small park, but then again Coney has more to offer than just one park.

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Awesome TR & thanks for the photos. I've wanted to see more of Luna Park than the short New York news clips of them showing the tea cups over & over again Now when they say next weekend do they mean June 5th & 6th or do they mean June 12th & 13th? Because it so happens that I will be in Long Island June 5th & 6th & might take the train over to Coney Island for a day to get the 2 credits & check out the new park. If (well if both coasters aren't open) not I might have a chance on the 15th of June because I am going to the Yankees game which is 7:05 so I was thinking of going to Coney during the day before the game for a bit.

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Those sound like reasonable prices and times...


Maybe compared to some things, but with discounts, you can get into Holiday World for $28, Kings Island for $30, Kennywood for $35, and Waldameer for $16.


And suddenly, Luna Park doesn't seem like such a good deal.



Thanks for the report, Larry! This really is an interesting-looking place, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses in the next few years.

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^Yes, but Luna Park is in the middle of NYC with a much higher cost of living/real estate/EVERYTHING than a place like Holiday World or Waldameer in the middle of nowhere! Accordingly, people who live in this area make more than people who live around rural areas.

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^Exactly, people in Erie and Santa Claus aren't going:


To pay $20 to park in a gravel lot with broken bottles and hypodermic needles.

Or line up 15 deep to buy hot dogs for $3.25 a piece.

Or pay an $8 bridge toll everytime they want to return home.

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Aww, c'mon Larry...Tillie came from Palace Amusements at Asbury Park, NJ. That aside, thanks for the great TR. I was really curious to see the shiny new flats they've put in. Lookin' good.


Thank you for reading my previous PTRs.

But that still doesn't excuse you for forgetting to send me a PM with details of the meet-up at SFNE last October.

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Aww, c'mon Larry...Tillie came from Palace Amusements at Asbury Park, NJ. That aside, thanks for the great TR. I was really curious to see the shiny new flats they've put in. Lookin' good.


Tillie is creepy wherever he/she/it came from--sort of a proto Alfred E. Newman.

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^ It's been discussed quite a bit over the last 18 months.


In short - the parcel of land that Astroland used to be at was purchased (by the city, I believe?) and they brought in Zamperla to operate the new park.


--Robb "Looks like the best thing Coney Island has had in YEARS!" Alvey

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I saw the part about the city buying the place but honestly the entire topic went back and forth so often it was giving me a headche to try and follow what's going on with the park. But I'm really glad to see Coney Island regaining at least PART of it's former glory, especially if they plan on keeping it that way. A couple of those rides I've never seen before!


Would be nice to see an original coaster pop up there but for now I'm perfectly happy just seeing what they've done with the place.


One more reason for me to visit New York sometime this year!

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