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Six Flags Great America 5/29/10

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Ran to the park this morning for the Little Dipper re-opening. The ride looks fantastic and it fits in perfectly. The ride was re-built at SFgam with nearly 90% wood, but the specs are supposed to be nearly exact to when it was at Kiddieland. The height limit is 36 inches with an adult or 42 inches alone. The Little Dipper is a wonderful first coaster for the little ones.


I have also included a couple pics of the new ropes course going in front of the Demon.




















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^That train looks a lot better than what Great Adventure did with that one El Toro train...(shudders)


Anyway, I love how the park decided to incorporate the coasters history into the "theming" and I love all of the new signs along the queue. This looks like it will be very popular with children, families, and anyone who ever rode the Little Dipper before this summer and hopefully for the next few years. If you ask me, bidding on this coaster in the first place was probably one of the best decisions the park has made in the past few years.

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That is insanely cool and awesome of SFGAm to do, especially posting all the things about its history so the GP aren't like "OOOH SHINY NEW COASTER!". On another note, Demon's train looks horrid; having something bright pink, orange, and green on a coaster that's supposed to be all demon-y doesn't work.

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I'm very excited to see Six Flags cares. I'm also not mad that my home park got a great coaster. The crew did a great job wrapping things up from my visit on 5/21/10 to the opening day a week later. I did not have the chance to ride the Little Dipper when it was at Kiddieland. If you have ridden it at its original location and now at SFGAm, I'd love to hear a comparison!



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^ There is only one train. With the new brakes I think they would be able to run two but not until they fix all the problems and yes the queue will fill up. They have been reports of hour + waits for LD. Yes only running one train has something to do with it, but the ride is short so that really shouldn't effect it too much. I'm sure after a year or so the queue will go down dramatically.

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