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Drive-in Ferris Wheel

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Amusement parks are sick, but they are just not efficient, like you have to drive around to find a spot and park your car and then walk everywhere. I mean, they have figured out food and money with drive-throughs, man can drive on the moon, why can't they solve amusement parks? Wait- it seems that they have.


Dutch artist John Körmeling has built a 100 foot diameter wheel that can take four cars on a trip.


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McDonalds could take up the idea for people to drive on/in to after placing an order to go for a spin while they wait for their order. Of course a Big mac poster should take up at least 50% of the diameter.

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I'm sure parking garages could somehow profit from this contraption.


I think there are things sort of like that in Japan. Though they are shaped more like a zipper than a wheel. In fact I remember seeing one in Tokyo Drift.


EDIT: Just thought, how hard would a drive on roller coaster be? You have drive on trains and boats, right?

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I found another pic of it on Wikipedia. Not sure if it's the same wheel though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Drive-in_Wheel.jpg


A drive on roller coaster...That sounds interesting. You'd have to find a way to secure the car onto the "train" though.


Drive in theatres, banking, restaurants what next, drive in shopping malls? Water slides?

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Just thought, how hard would a drive on roller coaster be?


One of these things actually existed back around 1920. It was called the Auto-Coaster, and was located in Los Angeles. People paid to drive their cars on the ride. There is a picture of it in Todd Throgmorton's Roller Coaster of America.


Looks like fun!

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