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Photo TR: The complete set of B&M

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Shouldn't it be 12 countries


It probably should. My apologies to any Canadians I've offended


Anyways, which of those credits would you say was the hardest to get?


Honestly, I don't think I've ever gotten to a park with a B&M that hasn't been operating, which is a testament to the reliability of their hardware. Planning a coaster trip to Kuwait was one of the more interesting journeys though!


Since a return to China is inevitable, I suggest you conquer all of Golden Horse's roller coasters.


I tell you what Mike; I'll do that provided you complete all fifty-plus Boomerangs first?


Are there any other ride companies, that you've completed their collection as well?


Honestly, I've no idea. I'd guess I'm close to a few; Morgan springs to mind, as does Custom Coasters Inc. I'll see if I can manage a follow up TR at some point, though honestly I'm not sure it's going to be worth it insofar as there are nothing like as many...


So whats your favorite B&M???


I think Nemesis still has the overall edge to be honest; it just shows what can be done with a bit of imagination. Crystal Wings is well up there, though.

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Congrats Richard!! That's quite an accomplishment!!


...... but I am 1 behind, I missed Flight Deck at CGA 5 days ago because I ran out of time credit hoaring Taxi Jam


Sorry George, but that's too damn funny!!

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Amazing accomplishment! I love B&M coasters, and some of the ones over seas look amazing! I say you buy a ticket to China to get the new credit, haha!


By the way, any way you can zoom in on the two riders on the far right of Manta? I think that's me and my friend, haha!

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A post in answer to my wet coaster dreams!! Thank you!


It would be cool if someone published a book in honour of B&M. A collection of expert photography of every B&M coaster packaged with actual blue print-style schematics (north, south, east and west views and top-down schematics). Would be a very cool portfolio of B&M's accomplishments.

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Very impressive, I don't view riding lots of quality coasters credit whoring. Credit whoring is performing unspeakable acts with a toothless carnie to get a ride on a Dragon Wagon and that sort of thing. I think you should tell B & M - they may be flattered by your effort.


Every Intamin coaster - that will have a far higher higher degree of difficulty. Every Vekoma SLC would constitute an assisted suicide.

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