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Photo TR: Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Went to blackpool last sunday, had a cracking day as the park was very quiet and the weather was pretty good. As other trip reports have shown, there is no big addition to bpb this year. Just fountains, rockery and a new smaller dodgems. Sadly rollercoaster, gold mine & space invaders are still closed. As reported trauma towers & noah's ark are closed too. They are using the entrance to trauma towers as a photo sales booth, there is a guy dressed as the joker trying to scare people as a picture is taken & you can buy the pictures. Everything else seemed to be working altho not perfectly. Throughout the day I seen big dipper, avalanche & bling breaking down.


I really hope with blackpool football club getting into the top premier league, blackpool as a whole will get a big boost. A new woodie at bpb would be great.


3 coasters, 3 styles, 3 decades


Fountains all seemed to be working



More of a queen than a king




Sadly just about the best themeing you'll get in bpb


How this guy can laugh all day without wetting his pants is anybodys guess






Doesn't look as bad as mine


Gone but not forgotten


Polo anyone?


That's impossible I thought batman defeated the joker




Beautiful blackpool pleasure beach




The calm before the storm of pain


Alice?? Who the F**k is alice






These aren't just any old loos


I must smell, mr purple mad hatter seems to be leaning away from me


Someone tickle him under his arm please


Ahhh spitting dragons how wonderful


Lift hill alert



Poor old rollercoaster


Zooom, I do miss rollercoaster the rollercoaster


Hardly bling written in silver, now gold is bling.


Eye see


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Oh I forgot to mention, a word of warning, do not go and see the puppet show at planet rock as you will never get the 20 minutes back.


Big dipper stuck on the lift hill.


Avalanche kept getting stuck at the brake run.





Bpb does still have a mini log flume.


Who has the best glasses




New dodgems under the revelotion
















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Be lovely if Rollercoaster (my favourite woodie in the UK..really) and Gold Mine (imo a better version of the type of dark ride than Knott's) were open by the time the UK tour rolls into Blackpool. Nice to see the date marker on the Alice bench, has that always been there, or did they put it in after removing the one on the Gold Mine bench?

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Yeah I really hope they get Roller Coaster up...no one cares about Space Invader, but Roller Coasters is actually a fun ride!


Ugh, just looked, it's not even on the park website anymore...

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Can't say i've ever noticed that date marker by the alice's wonderland ride before. Really don't know why rollercoaster isn't running if it is capable. I just presume the old woodies at bpb take a lot of maitenance and preparations in the mornings. Big dipper opened late last sunday due to something not working right and it broke down on the lift hill at least 2 times.


Maybe it's worth e-mailing bpb and asking if there would be a chance of getting rollercoaster working for the uk tour.

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Good trip report and pictures, I do miss the park but just in no rush to go back. I have happy memories of going their as a kid that I dont want wrecked under its current state. I went last year and I just fear for the place I just hope they can turn things around and add some good new attractions.


There is not meant to be anything wrong with Rollercoaster at all, they simply do not run it to save costs which is stupid seeing they spent money on it a few years back to run different trains. Its the same for the Ark as well, there is nothing wrong with that they are just cost cutting.


If the park is busy they will probably run Rollercoaster then to keep the queues down on the other rides, they were doing that last year as well.


It will be interesting to see what you guys think of the park now when you visit later this year.

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I have a few questions about Noah's Ark, being from Pittsburgh I'm familiar with the Ark's brother here at Kennywood. I found some information online varying from saying its being refurbished to removed completely. Also, I read online its been closed since 2007, is that true too? Would hate to see another Ark lost, or for it to just become a "fixture piece" marking the front gate.

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^ At the moment, as far as I know, the plan is to turn it into a 'museum'. I'm not what that actually means, and a local/someone who visits more often should back this up - but, at the moment, it's just a visual weenie for the front of the park. They do still have the rocking mechanism on show, in the entrance hall.


I never got to experience it as it was meant to be, sadly.

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^ At the moment, as far as I know, the plan is to turn it into a 'museum'. I'm not what that actually means, and a local/someone who visits more often should back this up - but, at the moment, it's just a visual weenie for the front of the park. They do still have the rocking mechanism on show, in the entrance hall.


I never got to experience it as it was meant to be, sadly.


Sorry to hear that mwm1444, I've seen pics of Blackpool's ark on the site, Laffinthedark I believe, and it looked like a cool ride. Very different from kennywood's ark, but I have to say looked a lot more true to what the traditional arks were in many parks.


Noah's Ark is a unique experience, although the only one I have ever been on is Kennywood's. While the current form of the Ark is pretty modern in many of the stunts and scenes, I have been on the previous version as well where you entered through the whale's mouth. Sadly I was young then and only remember portions of it. Still I guess its good that Kennywood's is still an operating attraction.


Still ashame though if Pleasure Beach decided to close this unique attraction.

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I never really trust the rumors about Blackpool, as there is so much disinformation. A few years ago one of the guys operating revolution says he sometimes lies to people who are 'clearly enthusiasts' just for fun.


Ive heard everything about the ark from refurb and extending to demolish to just staying as a nice entranceway. The only museum rumor I heard was about the Space Invader building, and PBP have planning permission to remove that building. Given the still crappy UK economy, I dont think we will be seeing a Noahs ark refurb anytime soon.


I just moved to the US from the UK a few weeks ago, and I really hope the park has recovered from the crunch by the time I go back to the UK for a visit.


Still, I always enjoy looking at pics of my fave boyhood park. So many memories there. Thanks for the report.

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