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What is your favorite launch coaster?

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Here are the launched coasters I've been on over the years in no specific order:


The Incredible Hulk

Rock and Roller Coaster

Backlot Stunt Coaster (CW and KI)

Flight of Fear (KI)


Top Thrill Dragster

Wicked Twister

Kingda Ka

Sky Rocket

Storm Runner

Motocoaster (Darien Lake)


Out of those, my favourite overall coaster is Maverick. The best launch goes to Storm Runner.

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I haven't really tried that many here so, my judgement isn't too strong, but out of:


The Hulk


Cheetah Hunt

Revenge of the mummy (Which I always forget has a launch!)

Rock N' Roller coaster


I must go for the Hulk.

It's got such a great launch, it's not too intense but it's still exciting; the experience with the lights, the tunnel and the audio combined is just awesome for me, do remember I havn't been on too many launched coasters though...


For me, a large factor also is that the rest of the coaster is just downright beautiful and twiisttyy .

Still one of my favourite coaters on this planet, I am such a B&M fanboy though.

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I'm going to hop on the same train as everyone else and say the hulk. I've been on multiple other much more intense, faster, and taller launch coasters but something about the hulk is just such a blast. B&M and Premier did a absolutely fantastic job with that one.


My other favorites would be TTD, Maverick, and Revenge of The Mummy (When the lights and smoke are working.)

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Haven't been on any Intamin rockets yet, unfortunately, but of the ones I've ridden, I'd tie it between Rock n' Roller Coaster (DHS) and The Incredible Hulk (IOA). RnRC has the best anticipation for a launch I've ever ridden with Steven Tyler screaming the countdown. Hulk's ties though because of the way the launch is positioned, rocketing you out of the enclosed lift into a 110 zero-g roll. There's nothing else quite like that I've ridden and it is awesome.

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Do I need to make this clear for you?



Xcelerator is probably the best launch coaster I've been on... with it's amazing 82 MPH launch, it's awesome train design, it's wonderful Figure 8 ending,and being at the top of a 205 foot tower isn't enough for a launch coaster, then I don't know what is! This is the coaster that also made me fall in love in with Intamin in the first place... Try it out if you don't believe me and see why this is a Launch Coaster Beauty...

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I've only been on three launched coasters.


Jokers jinx. (Premier Spagetti Bowl)

Rock 'n Rollercoaster (Vekoma LSM)

Kingda ka (Intamin Stratacoaster)



My favorite of them would have to be Kingda Ka. The launch is just amazing. And looking down from the top of the tower is absolutely amazing. Next year, I'll be riding TTD, Volcano, Italian job or whatever its now called, Flight of Fear, Wicked Twister, Possessed, and Maverick.

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As launch coasters go The Hulk is up there on my list. Something about an upward launch with an inversion immediately after just makes me shout. And though Cheetah Hunt is not the most intense it too is a fun launching coaster. I get a tickle in my gut everytime it shoots out of the station. Then the trench up into the tower launch is great and the return launch into the airtime hill. All around a great launch coaster experience. The very first launch coaster I ever rode, also a Florida coaster, was the Double O at Boardwalk and Baseball. It was the Arrow prototype shuttle coaster and though primitive by today's standards was a really fun ride.

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Here's what I ridden so far on:


Greezed Lightning (Astroworld)

Montazoomas Revenge (Knotts)

Xcelerator (Knotts)

Pony Express (Knotts)

Storm Runner (Hershey)

Speed the Ride (Sands Hotel)

Steeplechase Coaster (Scream Zone Brooklyn)

Mr Freeze (SFOT)

Poltergeist (SFFT)

Flight of Fear (King's Island)


Superman Escape (SFMM)

Incredible Hulk

Rockin Rollercoaster

Possessed (Dorney)

Top Thrill Dragster (CP)

Wicked Twister Twister (CP)

Maverick (CP)

Kingda Ka (SFGA)

Mummy's Revenge (USH)

Mummy's Revenge (USO)


Out of all these, Top Thrill Dragster is my Favorite with Xcelerator being a close second, with MR. Freeze third. Kingda Ka was just too rough and the restraints were too confining.

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In the name of Anton, Amen.


Is there ANY question here? There is but one perfect launch, that of a well-timed, well-tuned and silky smooth Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop. Whether it be the steady, smooth rumble of a drop-weight model, or the pop-hiss whoosh of a Flywheel model, they never fail to impress, and are stellar examples of how to do it right- and do it right every time.


Praise be to Anton, Amen.



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Its a shame shutlle loops are becoming so hard to ride now. Only 5 are operating, and only one in a "Western" country. Hopefully the one in Walibi Belgium reopens in time for my Europe Trip Im planning next year.


Come to the USA or Mexico: There's one in Buena Park, California (Montezooma's Revenge, a Flywheel model) as well as one in Mexico City (Cascabel, also a Flywheel Model; formerly Laser Loop from Kennywood Park.) In Brazil, at Hopi Hari, you have Katapul, formerly King Kobra from Kings Dominion, the very first Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop- also the first weight-drop model) all in the West. You still have Shuttle Loop (Nagashima Spa Land) as well as Golden Loop (Gold Reef City).


Yes, the breed is slowly leaving us for better pastures... but there are still two in storage, and two SBNO- for now.

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My launch coaster list counts to following(In ordor of parks A-Z):


Rita Queen of Speed - Alton Towers

Maverick - Cedar Point

Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point

Wicked Twister - Cedar Point

Space Mountain - DLRP

Rock 'n Rollercoaster - DLRP

Possesed - Dorney Park

Formule X - Drievliet

Bluefire - Europa Park

Desert Race - Heide Park

Storm Runner - Hershey Park

Sky Rocket - Kennywood

Backlot Stunt Coaster - Kings Dominion/Island

Flight of Fear - Kings Dominion/Island

Volcano the Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion

Kanonen - Liseberg

Anubis the Ride - Plopsaland

Furius Baco - Port Aventura

Kingda Ka - SF Great Adventure

Booster Bike - Toverland

Revenge of the Mummy - US Florida

HULK - US Islands of Adventure

Turbine - Walibi Belgium

Xpress - Walibi Holland

Rock 'n Roller Coaster - WDW Hollywood Studio's


My fav are:

- Turbine - Anton love..!! Need to say more??

- All Intamin accellerator's coaster - Great powerfull launches!

- Anubis the Ride/Sky Rocket/Formule X - Just a really great push forward, put you in the back of your seat feel...

- Maverick - Just a great launch out of the tunnel...

- Rock 'n Roller Coaster('s) - The music makes it's lots better, that's why Xpress is a bit lame

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  • 8 months later...

I've been on :

Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK)

Superman Escape From Krypton (SFMM)

California Screamin(DCA)



Pony Express(KBF)

Montezuma's Revenge(KBF)

Revenge of The Mummy(USH)


Best one: Superman Ultimate Flight at SFDK. Its amazing, Pops of Airtime , Going upside down 150 ft in the air, the dive and non inverting loop. Its spectacular!

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My launch coasters:


1. The Incredible Hulk (IOA)

2. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)

3. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster (DHS)


Sadly, Cheetah Hunt was down last time I went to Busch Gardens...


I feel like I've been on more than that... But whatever.


The Hulk's upward launch into a zero-g roll is amazing and one of the most unique experiences on a roller coaster. The Mummy's upward launch is like Hulk's, but to a much lesser degree. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster's launch out of the alley and into darkness with Aerosmith playing as you go 60 MPH is pure awesomeness. All 3 of these coasters are incredibly well themed, too. And while RnRC's launch is faster, I prefer Hulk's launch.

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