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Photo TR: FunWorld Portable "Fun Park"

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Well down here in the depths of East Anglia it is extremely rare to get any sort of quality when it comes to fairs......this year however, we have now had 2 in our humble little town in the space of 3 months!


Some top quality rides were running at FunWorld, most notably some crazy death machines by KMG.....they really know how to spin you in crazy stupid ways!!! And what was this........A COASTER! This was my first credit ever in my home town, I was a happy person!!!!


I was then even happier when asked to put up posters at work to advertise it and was given some free tickets.......They were only for a standard wristband however, but it was only £3 to upgrade to a premium wristband.....I'm happy with that!


Anyways, on with the photos........


Very reasonable pricing....although it you want to ride pretty much anything you have to get the premium band, not the normal band.


Rock Rage - A KMG Inversion ride....look crazy in videos I have seen, however it was shut :( Will have to go back again now!! lol


I was then greeted by Tango....A KMG...well Tango! This is kind of the love child between a Mondial Top Scan and Mmmmmm, the devil! You are in a stand up position with a bike seat inbetween your legs, certain reminds you which gender you are!


Up we go..............


This really was a crazy ride, for the first time ever on a thrill ride, I was glad there were handles!


The operators weren't however running it in crazy 5-10 minute ride mode, which was a relief for someone who isn't addicted to spinning thrill rides!


Mmmmm, good food!


The staple ride of any fun fair! Never gets old


Hellraiser - a standard Matterhorn, great ride


Scream if you want to go faster!


Every fair needs a Miami! Although this one was closed :(


A KMG SuperSpin...called, Super Spin, I am not a major lover of spinning rides, however, this one was kind of like a Top Scan on Steroids! I loved it!


Same again.....




Zamperla Magic Mouse, great little ride, and if you ride by yourself in the left hand seat, you can get some crazy spinning going on :)


I shall leave you with a shot of the kiddie Mine Ride and the Noahs Ark fun house, didn't get a chance to enjoy the fun house this time, I was too hot, but next visit I will :) Hope you all enjoyed this little TR!


Just one more photo that I forgot to add........A Standard Superbobs ride, good operator!

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so certain wristbands mean you can only ride certain rides. Usually that means you can ride unlimited rides.



Yeah, Unlimited riding, was included, but if you only had a standard wristband, you couldn't ride any of the "major" rides, only the family ones, you had to have a premium one in order to ride everything, although for £7.99 it was a great deal!

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