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PhotoTR: Holiday World 5/18

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Hey TPR!


Andrew (Swimace) stopped by my place for a few days and we went to Cedar Point and Holiday World. Holiday World didn't have much of a crowd on Tuesday, and the weather was about 65* most of the day. We ran into Brandon (the other HW photo tr) and did pretty much every coaster and slide with him and his buddy Leo. (right?)


Anyways, Holiday World has changed quite a bit since last year..


-Voyage is undergoing the Timberliner transformation

-Pilgrim's Plunge looks great, and seems they ballanced the water level out just right

-Raven seems very, very smooth, and is running fantastic

-Wildebeest made its debut, and WOW...I'll talk about that later.


As always, Holiday World has free parking, hot coffee, and soda drinks. Also, they are Club TPR friendly! Going from Cedar Point to Holiday World, you can REALLY tell the difference in guest care and worker friendlyness. Holiday World's employees go above and beyond the norm to make sure you're having a great day. After nearly every ride, they ask how your ride was. Even when we were going up the lift on Wildebeest, the operator at the top asked if we were ready, telling us to have fun, etc. What a nice park.


Voyage - This ride is pretty insane. Very forceful, and tons of airtime. I totally forgot how much airtime the first three big hills have, it was running pretty well - especially with the MCBR off. Front seat and backseat are too hard to pick which is better, but watch out for the middle of the train, it can get rough. Riding in the second to last car, back bench it was pretty noticable, nevertheless, Voyage is still Voyage and gives a nice ride. Airtime, airtime, airtime, and when you're tired...more airtime! Didn't mind PTC's still being there because it's still my favorite coaster! 10/10


Raven - It had some down time earlier in the day, but man was it running great! It is 15 years old now, and still delivers one of the best coaster rides out there. Definately a back seat ride, by the way. Strong laterals, strong airtime, a tunnel, and oh yeah, that CRAZY CCI drop in the middle of the ride. 9/10


Legend - I like this ride, but seems to have been running better last year. I'm not that big of a fan of the ride, and in the grand scheme of the woodies out there, it stands out. A little rough in some parts, but it seems you love the laterals or you don't, and I think I spent too much of my energy trying not to slam from left to right. Regardless, great airtime moments in there, and one of the best first drops! 6.5/10


Pilgrim's Plunge - I had a few problems with this last year, but everything is fine and dandy now! It looks great, and they added a few things. One of the boats we saw had a small splash shield infront, probably to block the water spraying in your face down the drop. Also, the restraints have a small side handle on them, probably to keep little kids from wiggling out. It does not come to a painful hault after the drop, unlike early last year. It skips across the water, and then BIG splash! Much bigger than last year. I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully it won't give them as much downtime problems. 8/10


Be sure to check out Liberty Launch, Frightful Falls, and the other classic flats.


Splashin' Safari is probably the best waterpark I've been to. It's really hard to beat.

-A long open family raft ride.

-An enclosed, super long raft ride. Kind of scared me!

-Mat racers with a nice airtime hill that sends you airborne.

-3 Enclosed single/double tube slides.

-Proslide Tornado that kicks all sorts of butt.

-Proslide Behemoth bowl that is HUGE.

-2 wave pools

-2 open/enclosed tube slides

-2 rivers, lazy/rapids


And then there's Wildebeest. I was pretty sure I would have a new favorite waterpark ride after this Proslide water coaster, and I knew it would be good coming from KI's Great Wolf Lodge Proslide water coaster. After visiting Schlitterbahn, I've experienced the old school water coasters, and now, this thing.


Andrew, Brandon, Leo, and I all rode in one boat about 5 times, and it was awesome. Already it blew away other water slides. It's huge - there's so much more to it than pictures/videos can show. Climbing the lift you see new parts each time, mainly because it's hidden on the side of a hill in the woods. The hills are sloped soooo steep, going up and down you get SCARY airtime. Especially in the back. There's this one turn and drop after the first drop that will probably be called the "Cyclops drop" of waterslides. Oh, and there's a bunch of tunnels you dive into. How cool is that?


--Now, it was good with a full boat, but just Andrew and I came back later for some more rides. Everyone MUST try Wildebeest with two people! I assume less weight means the LIMs can throw you up the hill a LOT quicker because man...the whole raft flies off the slide and goes THUMP as you land back down, not drastically, but enough that you could pretty much change seats in mid air! The airtime is insane. It's hard to choose Voyage or Wildebeest when going to Holiday World. The ride is very smooth, too. You don't need to worry about bracing yourself in the turns or at the bottom of the drops. Just relax, and omg hold on tight!


Too bad it's not very photogenic, so it's hard to show off the ride. TPR will have tons of fun when the visit, because damn this thing is bad ass! Everyone needs to ride Wildebeest right now!


Great job Kochs and Proslide, and everyone involved making/creating Wildebeest.


Enjoy the photos,



Let's start off with the Voyage, the first ride of the day.


As you can see, everyone is gay with excitement!


Unfortunately, the sun only made an appearance for nice photos for a little bit.


The ride doesn't let up until the final brake run!


The chain lift is surprisingly fast..


Airtime hop right infront of the station




And then there were none


Less sun = harder to shoot.


smiles all around


and a rediculous amount of fun!


Airtime brings out the best in everyone


Random Voyage track


Voyage is so tall it disappears into the clouds!


Just looks like some new wires.


No worries, there's a new cover over there!


I can't imagine how awesome front row rides will be...


We didn't ride this Voyage!


The REAL Timberliner trains! Complete with creepy bunnies!


Raven was running AWESOME this year. Didn't get photo love because it was down whenever I was around with the camera.


The Legend's fantastic first drop


Terrifying? Yes. Especially with the "Don't look back...."


CCI goodness!


right before heading into the first tunnel


Don't forget it's one of the tallest woodies out there


Heading into the woods at over 70mph


I forgot how much airtime the first three big hills had! I can't image how amazing El Toro is.


Up, up ,up


At about the 3 minute mark of the ride. It's long.


Legend coming down the first drop


Zinga, the Proslide Tornado...this little drop took me by surprise!


Gotta love the mat racers.


Wildebeest sits at the back of the park...


This isn't even half of the ride. Check out the tunnels!


"Wildebeest - F***ing amazing"


Legend interwines with the waterslides, it's an odd ride. Odd, but cool.


Holiday World is all about airtime!


Speaking of airtime...


Coming out of the final hill and you realize a waterslide is better than 99% of the coasters you've been on.


A leisurly lift to the top of the slide.


voyage or wildebeest? tough call.


Proslide dude set up his office in the station! I told him the ride is what Master Blaster wishes it was. His response, "That's what I want to hear!!!"


The LIMs launch your raft right off the slide! More to come!

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Now lets talk about giving Legend only 6.5/10....

Agreed. Legend is wayyyy better than Raven. I'm sure it's because we have different tastes in coasters, but I like a little roughness in wooden coasters, and I LOVE lateral G's so Legend is one of my favorite coasters. Raven is a great coaster though, if it was just a couple hundred feet longer than it'd most likely be better than Legend, but the ride is just too short. But obviously Voyage pwns both of them.

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I really don't get why people choose Legend over Raven. Raven was running miles better than Legend this year! I acutally felt like Legend was a little sluggish, most notably coming out of the tunnel helix. I don't know, if you're not sitting on the left side, you're spending all your energy trying to slam into the person next to you. It was much rougher than Raven, too.


Not the big of a fan of Legend, and it was running much better last year.


Voyage is up here. As is Wildebeest.

Raven is here.






Legend is down here.


To each his own!

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Fantastic shot. Always love the rider reactions. And were there flaming snakes or something at the bottom of the Legend's first drop that day? It is scary/exciting/fun, but certainly not as terrifying as your image suggests. Great PTR as usual.


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I really don't get why people choose Legend over Raven. Raven was running miles better than Legend this year! I acutally felt like Legend was a little sluggish, most notably coming out of the tunnel helix. I don't know, if you're not sitting on the left side, you're spending all your energy trying to slam into the person next to you. It was much rougher than Raven, too.


Not the big of a fan of Legend, and it was running much better last year.


Voyage is up here. As is Wildebeest.

Raven is here.






Legend is down here.


To each his own!


LEgend has gone up a bunch in my ratings this year. It was almost 100% completely retracked this off season. I could re ride in back seat, and that is something I have never been able to say.

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That's odd, because I felt the opposite. In the range of the woodies I've ridden, it stands out, but the laterals killed me. And I saw some work at the bottom of the drop, but coming out of the tunnel was actually the worst part of the ride now that I think about it.


I rode in the back seat. Like I said before, it seemed reaaalllyyyy sluggish coming out of the tunneled helix all the way to the station. Wasn't that big of a fan of it last year, same with this year.

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Great report, going next Tuesday for the first time this year. I have my pass for the 3rd summer, I only live 50 minutes away. I usually go on Tuesdays if anyone wants to hook up.


I'm gonna be there with my youngest son. Keep your eyes out for us. You'll be more than welcome to share a few rides with us.

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it just goes on and on and on...


Station! Note the moving floor. Indiana figured it out pretty quick!


Final up hill portion and the fun enclosed section


Holiday World knows how to do tunnels! That big drop right there....is INSANE


A good look at all of Legend. Can you spot the train?


The first drop is wayyy back there


You get a nice view of Voyage's final mess of track


Yup, one steep drop


Almost 175ft up


long way down...


the second hill compared to one of the small ejector hills




heading into...




Big, fast, bad ass.


Oh, hey more Proslide greatness.


Some more Voyage track


This ride is intense


Station fly by? Nope, queue fly by. If you've been to the lower queue part


Wasn't too cold that day



Hairtime, much?


satisfied riders


Can DirecTV get me the Voyage network?

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The last of em


Signature move has been stolen!


The front seat = love


Hold onto your necklaces, the airtime will steal them!


The view from the front is incredible..


PP was MUCH better this year. Fun ride!



Go ride the Voyage!


Back seat is not for the weak


Don't see any splash shields on this one..


It actually SKIPS across the water for a while, then splashes vs. last year's drop into a painful hault.


Relentless speed.


yup, wow!


fun for everyone


Thanks for viewing everyone!

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Great trip report, Zach!


I had a really fun visit at the park, yesterday. Like you, I have never been a fan of The Legend (because of the laterals and roughness)...until yesterday. I actually thought it was running the smoothest it has since 2002, and the airtime throughout the course felt much stronger to me than last year. It's funny how people feel such different sensations on the same ride.


But I totally agree with all of your thoughts on Wildebeest. Best water park attraction I have ever ridden...period.

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I gotta ask about Wildebeest, how are tall people going to fare on that thing? I'm 6'5, and shudder at the thought of my face smacking into the top edge of a tunnel after one of those launches. Is there enough clearance for the freaks of nature such as myself?


By the way, those are some fantastic pictures!

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I'v never been to Holiday World, but really want to go there sometime. Does anyone else think the Timberliners look kinda weird, I mean just like their shape? (Or the super long, straight-as-an-arrow drop of Pilgrim's Plunge, for that matter?)


Moving on, what's Holiday World like in terms things to do for non-riders? Like slow rides, shows, etc.

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^They have several rides that are situated around all of the larger rides. For example, if memory serves, there is are "kiddy" areas right next to Raven and Ledgend, and Voyage has the dark ride next to it. You will also find some flats that are close to the coasters as well. And there is the whole HoliDog area in the back if you have little ones (I am the oldest of eight with the youngest being two so I'm in this area alot when I go with the family). All the none riders with be perfectly occupied, no worries.

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Steve, I can't tell you for a fact, but I believe you should be fine on Wildebeest. I saw quite a few taller riders enjoying the slide on Saturday, and while onride, there seems to be much more clearance than what appears in photos. Just hold on tight.

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I gotta ask about Wildebeest, how are tall people going to fare on that thing? I'm 6'5, and shudder at the thought of my face smacking into the top edge of a tunnel after one of those launches. Is there enough clearance for the freaks of nature such as myself?


By the way, those are some fantastic pictures!


Andrew is 6"3 and he did fine in the front, back, well every seat. They ask you to cross your legs in the front, but you should be fine. I didn't see restrictions anywhere.

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Just returned from our first ever visit to Holiday World today. The park was very busy due to the hot weather and the amount of school trips. If your concerned about your size on 'Wildebeest' don't be - every shape and size was riding it today. My tip would be to use the single rider line. The main queue was about 45mins this afternoon, single rider was less than 5mins, and if you get lucky you can stay as a pair. Every raft was sent out full.

It is a great water ride, but uses a different method to propel you up the slopes compared to 'master blaster' and 'crush and gusher'. Gone is the blast of water (which does take away some of the fun IMO), but the drops, jumps and air time definitely make up for it.

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