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Photo TR: Holiday World 5/17/10 - 5/18/10

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Good stuff Brandon! Looks like the new camera is working out well for you.

I'm pumped to see these photos of the red Voyage train!


Sorry I couldn't chat long when you stopped in today. We need to get together soon and catch up on all our travels, and try and figure out a little mini trip that i can afford!

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Did you session The Voyage from about 4:30 to 5:30 on the 18th, a tuesday? I saw someone wearing their Club TPR shirt all day (don't have mine, otherwise I would have worn mine) but I thought it would be weird saying hello.


Yes. I was also with two other TPR members during that stretch too. You most definitely should of said hi. I always love meeting new people.

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Great report and photos, especially as am making a first ever visit to Holidayworld tomorrow (Mon). Have been visiting parks all over the U.S. On a fairly regular basis for the last 13 years or so, and have finally engineered a route that passes through Indiana. Have just arrived in Jasper, and the weather is looking perfect for tomorrow - can't wait.

Will be looking forward to comparing Voyage with El Toro which we rode last Sunday for the first time ( and is currently my No.1, it was flying, smooth as silk and had incredible air time). Will update later in the week with my comparison.

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To borrow the phrase from the flying turns, "they will be ready when they are ready". The new trains are currently making laps on the coaster. The only thing we know for sure is that the trains will not be running this weekend. Beyond that, the only people that know are the Gravity Group and Holiday World when they will be ready. Being that Fathers day is June 20th, I have the feeling you have a really good shot at them running. I honestly am expecting them to be ready for HWN (if not, not that big of deal for me).

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So I returned to Holiday World with my youngest son for a two day visit on the 24th and 25th. He missed the 48" mark on his official measurement on both days. I didn't agree and am confident in my measurement I took before taking this trip, but if they say "no" then I'm not gonna argue. It was slightly disappointing though, especially after traveling 8 hours to get to the park. We still had a blast and spent the bulk of the two days in the water park and riding a few flats.


So I didn't get to ride the Red Raven train on The Voyage, but I did get to photograph it. I figured I would share them here.


On a side note I finally got a Master score on Gobbler Getaway. Yay for me!


My youngest son Joey, he is 8 years old. Parks visited 3, Coasters ridden 6.


Red Raven trains on The Voyage!


So sad that I didn't get to ride...


The red just looks weird to me.


My son was actually really patient with me as I took photo's throughout the day.


We sat and watched a few cycles of Pilgrims Plunge.


He really wanted to ride this, but didn't get too. Just a few hairs too short yet.


He fell in love with Wildebeest though.


We probably put in about 15 to 20 rides on it over the two days.


He is autistic and rarely shows any emotion over ANYTHING, but this ride actually left him as excited as I've ever seen him.


Every time we would get off I would look at him and he would shout "again!"


I would say I definitely have a future enthusiast on my hands here.


Tunnels make me happy!


This really is hands down my favorite water ride.


Last shot of Wildebeest.


Red Raven trains on... The Raven!


I noticed that they actually were running this as a one train op with only the red train for a while on Monday.


Bored yet of shots of red Raven trains?


I'm not, so deal with it.


Holidog came walking by while we were snapping shots of Voyage.


Okay, last picture.

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That kind of sucks. I never realized that Raven, The Legend, and the Voyage all had the same height requirement. Thats pretty cool that your son will ride coasters though, my friends brother is autistic and he will not ride anything, not to generalize, but my friend says thats generally how it goes. Oh well, next time he'll get all those credits.

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Wildebeest looks like a lot of fun. Camera took good pictures. Someday I need to get a DSLR camera. I am torn between saving for a new HD video camera or a DSLR.


I've had a Canon DSLR for a few years - my next upgrade will be a new body so I can shoot HD video with my DSLR It's pretty amazing the video quality you can get from the newer (even entry level) DSLR's.


Can't wait to get to Holiday World in a few weeks! Last year was my first visit, and I am dying to try Wildebeest - hopefully the Timberliners will be running by then too.

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I found that an "official measurement" can vary for some reason. I have a 2 year old who is exactly 36" (which happens to be the requirement for several rides there).


But for whatever reason, he came up just under 36 at the official measurement station. I took him to ride The Howler anyway and "the stick" touched the top of his head and he was allowed to ride. So if you really think he's tall enough, have him wait in line and take the stick test from a ride op. The stick doesn't lie.

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I wasn't really excited with the call, but stood by their measurement. Maybe I need to go back to trade school to re-learn how to use a measuring tape.


Maybe he will get to ride Shivering Timbers later this year instead, and if not we always make one Cedar Point Halloweekends family trip and by that time he should be owning that 48" measurement.


I haven't shot any video with my camera yet, but I know it has HD capability. I may have to experiment a little with it tomorrow at Holiwood Nights.

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