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Photo TR: Cedar Point opening weekend. LOTS OF PICTURES!!!

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I was planning on going to cedar point opening weekend on sat and sunday, but found a killer deal on a room just outside the park, so we ended up staying for 3 days.


Overall the park looks great, but there is still a lot to be done at the park this year. Chaos was still in pieces, and of course shoot the rapids was not yet ready. They added some new food options this year. Some of the new offerings included bosco sticks and funnel cake fries. They also have montgomery bbq as well.


The rides had the typical opening weekend glitches, but the crews were on top of things. The workers seem very nice this year, we never ran into a bad one. The only note worthy problems with the coasters this weekend was that mantis rolled back right after the mid course, and iron dragons lift hill was quite faster that it has been. It did not slow down near the top of the lift like it has before. This did cause the crew to send out empty trains to catch up and not c set the ride.


Well, enough chatter....on with the pictures.


Ahhh...yes. The view of the park.


I was greeted with the shoot the rapids is closed sign.


Got there on friday night, and since the park was not open till sat, I decided to shoot some mini golf. Here is a shot of magnum from the golf course.


The new perkins restaurant inside of hotel breakers.


Soon there will be water flowing again in soak city.


Opening day speeches.


Once the ribbon was cut, the running of the bulls was under way.


My first stop was raptor. Still one of my favorate coasters in the park.


Reminds me of that song "My Humps".


Snake river falls new paint job looks great.


Here is the crossing between the q line and the new ride.


They were testing the ride with water dummies.


Lots of mist on the final drop.


The boat on it's way back to the station.


A look at the station.


And the have added another one of those haystack dryers.


The entrance sign looks great.


On ride photo building.


Double shot.


Some of the theming on the island. They did a really good job theming this ride. I can't wait till the trees grow in, this is going to be a great looking ride.


A look at the station from the paddlewheel boat ride.


Some of the island course.


You saw it here first folks....The backside of the tunnle!!!!


The train going thrue the new crossing.


The tunnle is full of mist.


Ok....Am I the only one who thinks this is gonna hurt?


The crain to lift in the boats.


This suit was just standing by the edge of the flume, so we tested out the new water cannons to make sure they were working. They were working just fine, allthough this dude did not look too thrilled.


More theming.


On sat, they were doing lots of non boat related work. They were cutting and installing new guide rails thrue the ride. Kind of makes you wonder if the boats are too long story is the truth.


More workers...


Yep....even more workers.


The train crossing was not even finished yet.


Inside of the ride photo building.


Guess what.........more workers.


A new block of lockers for str.


One last look at the new ride from the river boat. They sure did rid down a bunch of trees. I hope they grow back in soon.


They still have this deal for the same price.....except you no longer get a drink with it.


I forgot to add the picture of the q line for str. I hope this is going to be enough.


Some of the new food stands for this summer.


I thought this was for me, but was turned away :(


Maverick opening day issues.


Lots of new wood on mean streak.


At this point, the park was just slammed. Gemini's line was onto the midway.




A new seating area next to camp snoopy.


Millennium force doing it's thing.


I love taking pictures of this ride.


It was so buisy that corkscrew had a full line.


I asked the lemon chill guy what new ride they were going to get next year, and he told me that they were going to get a Intamin plug and play.


$4.50 for a soda pop, and no free refills......ouch.


You can see just how buisy they were.


That's right.....you can have "pappy" tell you your future.


What's this I se???...A new haunt for this halloween?


Snake river falls.


New construction markers?


The new show in the red garter saloon. I am stoked that they have a band again, but a island themed show in a western bar?


The new employee uniforms.


Choas was...well....in chaos.


Choas control pannel porn.


Disaster transport had a good sized line. This ride is still very popular, I don't understand why so many people want to see it removed.


Who says disaster transport does not have balls?


Midway market prices.


They were asking people to answer a few questions around the park all weekend.


The new name, Jack Aldrich theater.


View of the main midway from sky ride.


Not sure where this guy is off to, but he was in a hurry.


Mantis had almost a full line on saturday. I should have waited in it because I would not be getting a ride on it the next day because it rolled back.


Mine ride.


I am not sure who power washed the midways, but I think they had a siezure wile doing it. This is what the cement looked like thrue the entire park.


New chuck wagon menu.


Next day when on the train, we saw this.


Yep....mantis rolled back.


No trip report from cedar point would be complete without a shot of sir rub a dubs tubs. So here ya go.....


The former home of demon drop.


The computer building is all that is left.



A little bit later in the day, they were still tring to get mantis back on it's feet(yes...bad pun intended).


Union break?


Busch advertising at a cedar fair park?...hmmmmm


Woodstock express.


My daughter got a solo fron seat ride on jr gemini.


She even helped the employies out with the thumbs up.


Gemini problems.


Maverick over a mega air time hill.


They still have lots of garbage cans.


Not sure if this is new this year, but there are seat belts on matterhorn.


I found out where my anus went.


Not sure what this boxed in section in the main arcade was for. But there were black lights inside.


I coulden't find a barrel of monkies, but I did find a barrel of fun.


The park now sells live snakes, but they will not let you bring them on the rides with you.


The millennium force 10 year t shirt.


On monday, we were one of the few people in the park.


There were more employies than there were guest's.


That's all I got for you this trip. I am going back on sunday, so I will try to get more.

This trip reprt was brought to you by Red Gold....the official ketchup of cedar point.

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Good TR...I can't believe Millennium Force has been around for 10 years, that just blows my mind. I remember one of my relatives from Ohio telling me about it in '99, and then going there the next year to see it was amazing. I hate getting old

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Here are a few comments and smilies about your report.


"Hey, nice pictures of Cedar point. I was !!!"


"What? You mean the lines for both the Gemini and the Corkscrew extended out into the midway? Didn't they bother opening the extra queings or were they all full too?


"My humps, my humps, my roller coaster bumps. Millieum Force got me flying. Flying, flying, never dying."


"Too bad Shoot the Rapids wasn't in operation. I bet those dang hillbillies that were still feuding over their moonshine caused the delays. One said the moonshine taste great while the other says that it's less filling!"


"The spot where Demon Drop was looks like nothing was there at all. Makes one feels sad about the fraility of life and amusement rides"


"But hey, that spot looks perfect to put a small family coaster in. Now that Six Flags Magic Mountain has tied Cedar Point for having the most coasters, I'm sure "America's Roller Coaster" wants to keep its record.


"As for me, I plan to be at the park in June and spent a day and a half inside the park (that should give me plenty of time to do everything, well almost everything. I don't like to ride Mantis since it's a standup and I cannot ride Woodstock Express nor ride Gemini Jr; me and kiddie coasters do not agree). To me, Cedar Point is the Mecca of Amusement Parks and anyone who is a thrill seeker, rider or amusement park flyer should visit Cedar Point at least once their lifetime (and I've done that many times).


"you've typed enough. Time to lie down on me."

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I know the line for gemini was full, and I did not look to see if corscrew was using the entire line. Eather way, when corkscrew has any kind of line longer than a station wait, you know the park is buisy.


Thank you for the compliments on the pictures.

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A few shots I forgot to add.


Billboard on the side of top thrill dragster.


I love this shot.


This ride was brutal on opening day. Notice the lack of hands in the air.


Top thrill dragster.


Is there room enough for a new coaster back here?


A closer view of the station and boats for shoot the rapids.

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Wow I was there on opening day and didnt see how bad Corkscrew was! Crazy! I also do have to say, my wait for MF was probably the longest wait I have had for it since about 2001. All but one of the queue blocks was full. Maverick was having all sorts of problems and went down 3 times while I was in line Saturday morning, and twice while I was in line Sunday morning. Hope they get it all straightened out soon! I rode Gemini on Saturday when the line was out to the midway. They only had one switchback open and it took 10 mins to get on. That was pretty much the only short line I waited in that day for a coaster!

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The new show in the red garter saloon. I am stoked that they have a band again, but a island themed show in a western bar?


They had a live metal show in there before that was the ultimate in cheese - I loved it! I think they should scrap the island show this year for a Dio tribute - and lower their beer prices.


Nice photo report! I enjoyed seeing some shots you don't normally see in most CP TR's. Your photo of the flags was in Frontierland, correct? It will be interesting to see how (and if) they are going to squeeze a thrill ride or coaster in there without demolishing more trees...


While my mind wants to wish for a new coaster, my mind is also picturing something like one of those extreme height star flyer rides as it would not take up a ton of room and still fit the description of "new ride for thrill seekers" that was announced by Kinzel recently.


PS - Every time I have gone into the park early for ERT on Millenium or Maverick, they have had issues and I ended up waiting a half hour plus anyway. I think they might be too complex to open that early (like TTD)? Or...I just have really bad luck with the ERT sessions!


Next time, I think I'll just shoot for ERT on Raptor, Max Air, Skyhawk, etc...if they offer them.

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I totaly agree with you on the rock show. It was the best show in the park, and I hope they bring it back. I miss sitting in the red garter, drinking some beers and enjoying the band. The new show just does not fit into the current location. I think it would have been better off in the front of the park at the Jack aldrich(sp) theater next to hurricane hannas.


Thank you for committing about the pictures. I try to get different angles and views that you normally don't see.


As for the problems with millennium force and maverick, I blame the Intamin cable.


The flags in that picture are indeed from the frontier trail. They are between shoot the rapids and the grist mill.

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I'll be there Memorial Day weekend, I hope it isn't too crowded. Well, I hope it is, but at a more comfortable level of people.


As in, 30-1hr waits for bigger rides and 20 and less for the smaller ones. I mean, I hope it isn't too crowded on Memorial Day weekend this is my first time going to Cedar Point that weekend.


Also, I'm riding RipCord for the first time that weekend. That's the only thing sending my stomach to my knees right now and it just sank as I typed this out.


But, nice PTR!

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I still dont understand why they got Shoot the Rapids when they have Snake River Falls. Not much difference.


To me the difference is in how wet you'll get...just a hunch. The video of the STR splashdown doesn't compare to the drenching you get on SRF. They mentioned how they could dial back the amount of water on STR (the mist, etc), so to me that means that when the weather turns colder in the fall you can still ride it and not get drenched - not sure if they'll turn the pay-water-cannons off though.

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I still dont understand why they got Shoot the Rapids when they have Snake River Falls. Not much difference.


To me the difference is in how wet you'll get...just a hunch. The video of the STR splashdown doesn't compare to the drenching you get on SRF. They mentioned how they could dial back the amount of water on STR (the mist, etc), so to me that means that when the weather turns colder in the fall you can still ride it and not get drenched - not sure if they'll turn the pay-water-cannons off though.


Your gonna get soaked on this ride, with or without the water effects on. I was watching the ride test, and there is a wave of water that russhes over the boat on the drops. The park really needs to have a water ride like a log flume, that does not soak you from head to toe.


With that said, I do believe that shoot the rapids is going to be a blast to ride. It's just not a ride that your going to catch me riding much do to the amount of wetness.

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Fantastic trip report!! Thanks for posting all the great photos, especially of STR. Nice work! Sounds like you had a good time.


I have to say that the park did a really nice job with STR. It looks great with all the rockwork and water effects. And the paint job on SRF looks good too!

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Hey Ya, I'm back with some more comments concerning the lastest pictures and post since my inital post a few days ago.


1) Thank you very much on that picture of the billboard that was announcing the newest shows. I'm stroked that they are bringing back the Extreme Wheels Stunt Show this year. I've got to see it last year and it totally MY AWAY!!! And this new show called "Rockband Live" sounds inviting (maybe they could use me as a vocalist?) But I won't be able to see Snoopy on Ice (I got to see a similar show up in Dorney Park called "Snoopy Rocks") because the date it begins will be the same date I'll be heading for home after two days up in Sandusky.


2) tanthonyam wrote:

I still dont understand why they got Shoot the Rapids when they have Snake River Falls. Not much difference.

Here's my take: Shoot the Rapids is a much longer ride with two hills you go up and down, plus it has plenty of theming. Snake River Falls (to me) has a much taller hill, is a shorter ride, and will get you (and anyone else standing on that bridge) very wet! But since I haven't rode Shoot the Rapids yet, but many times on Snake River Falls ( tip -if you don't want your pants wet, don't sit up in the front) I cannot make the comparison until I rode them both. It could be that Cedar Point may wanted another wet-yourselves ride that will get you wetter like Snake River Falls, but without making a clone.


3) Philrad71 wrote:

While my mind wants to wish for a new coaster, my mind is also picturing something like one of those extreme height star flyer rides as it would not take up a ton of room and still fit the description of "new ride for thrill seekers" that was announced by Kinzel recently.


Hey, I'm all for that!!!


4) Sorry, I don't have a comment for number 4. Me so


Well, that's all for now.


"Are you done typing yet? I miss you in bed."

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A very nicely done, very detailed trip report! I would have loved to see a Mantis rollback...oh, who am I kidding, I would have loved to have been on a Mantis rollback.


And $4.50 for a soda? Jeeze! I know it's to be expected at a theme park, but even so, just wow. According to Screamscape, though, one of the major park chains is rumored to be considering offering free soda and/or parking to guests in exchange for a higher admission rate, and there's speculation it might be Cedar Fair since a Screamscape reader was reportedly asked questions during CP's opening weekend about such options. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this rumor.


I also love the idea of a Star Flyer coming to Cedar Point. Imagine the view!


Thanks for sharing this!

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