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HoliAuction was a TPR takeover!

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I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time...


As the HoliAuction of 15 of our staff members came to an end today, I took a quick look to see who in tarnation would spend $751 to spend two hours with me. (Oh, yeah, there were 8 park tickets and $20 in Holibucks thrown in, too. But still!)


It was none other than ... Robb Alvey!


My blood ran cold. What was this scoundrel up to?!


I called Will to tell him and together we howled with laughter. "I told Robb half a dozen times we only do ERT in May in June ... but he's figured out a way to *buy* it in August!"


Will calmed down enough to ask, "Um...who bought me?" (For a mere $438.)


I clicked through the back end to check.


"Ha! Robb's wife bought you!"


More roars of laughter. We truly were tickled. And delighted that Robb & Elissa would chip in to help raise money for flood victims in Nashville.


One by one the other park directors called, asking who would "own" them for two hours one day this season. It is a bit unnerving, I must admit.


Turns our TPR bought nine of us. NINE!


Crazy kids!


Ah, but there's a method to their madness. The Club TPR bunch coming to visit us on August 11 will reap the rewards of Robb and Elissa's generosity. Robb plans to (somehow) divide up the group among the nine of us and send us off on two-hour adventures.


What a great idea!


Thought you'd enjoy the behind-the-scenes story about this. What a wild ride!



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Robb will rue the day! The $750 bid was mine. I wasn't paying attention and didn't catch his one-dollar-upmanship until too late. Otherwise we could have had an interesting bidding war going into the home stretch.


Congrats, Robb. I can't think of anyone better to beat me at my own game.

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I was gonna snag her during Hol-ih-Wood Nights, but the Middle America Tour folks will be able to bring Paula closer to the edge of insanity than I alone could.


But don't worry, Paula, I'll still search you out. Consider me the warm up party.

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