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RCT3 Wisconsin Wonderland

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Hey guys! My names Mike and when I saw this in todays newspaper I just had to post it here!




Big Thrills Coming to Wisconsin


2012 will be a big year for La Crosse, Wisconsin when the gates open to the new Wisconsin Wonderland Theme Park. The new park is projected to open in 2012 with these main attractions including a log flume type ride, a launched looping roller coaster, and a kingdom themed kid’s area. The land has already been cleared and cement has been laid for the three main attractions as well as the parking lot and entrance. Vertical construction is scheduled to begin next month. See page C4 for ride details.


Main Attractions at Wi. Wonderland


The parks biggest attraction will be a launched looping coaster and sends you upside twice with one time being backwards. The ride is being leased from the now closed Six Flags park in Kentucky. However, since the state is working on reopening the park, the ride may not find a new permanent home at WW.


The second biggest attraction is a new log flume type ride. The ride is similar to the new Shoot the Rapids ride opening at Cedar Point in Ohio this year. The ride will be built and designed by IntaRide and will have two big drops to drench the riders.



The third biggest attraction will be the kids area named Kid Kingdom. The new area will feature five rides geared towards kids including a moat ride, kiddy coaster, a horse themed ride and some kind of spinning ride.


I'm so excited, finally a big theme park that isn't in the Dells and it's only ten minutes from my house! I'll be able to post lots of construction updates for everyone, in fact I already took some! When I went to check out the park a worker was nice enough to show me around and tell me where everything's going and I'm sure you figured this out already, but the looping coaster is the Greezed Lightnin' from SFKK. Although as stated above the ride is only on lease so if the park reopens and they want it back, the park has no choice but to give it to them. Anyway here are the construction pics!


Park overview


Here's where the Shuttle Loop will go!


This is where the Intamin log flume will be.


This is where Kid Kingdom will be.


The parking lot and entrance will be in these two spots. That's all for now!

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May 20, 2010


Ride Signs Released


Ride signs for the three major attractions at the new Wisconsin Wonderland theme park have been released by the park.



Lone Star Splashdown is the parks water coaster, with two steep drops into clear blue water, with cars designed to soak any and all riders



Vertigo is the parks launched looping coaster that sends you upside down twice, once forwards and once backwards. The ride starts with a launch at almost 60 mph!



Kid Kingdom is the parks kiddie area with rides geared towards younger guests. The sign was designed by the third grade class at the local elementary school. The area will feature a castle, log ride, kiddie coaster, horse ride and a spinning ride.


Looks awesome! When I went to take more pictures I was let into the park so I could get some good shots of the Kid Kingdom construction which is the main focus right now. I even got to talk to the GP of the park and when I told him about TPR he said anytime I came I could come in to get really good shots. He also told me a few things like that the park was going to lease SFKK's suspended coaster too, but when he rode it he decided it was too rough. Also the Vertigo sign might not be final since the park might not be able to repaint the ride because they don't own it. Anyway here are the pictures!


The path from the parking lot to the entrance has been made.


After revisiting SFKK to see GL, the decision was made to not have the station as big as originally planned.


Walking towards Kid Kingdom


Bridge used to get into KK


The Zamperla kiddie flume is the first ride to be built. The black bricks are the base for the castle.


Dragon coaster track. The ride is manufactured by Zierer and when looked at from above should look like a crown.

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Geez it's been way too long since I last updated! It's been 4 months after the park was announced and the first major attraction has been completed. While some rides might look a bit ho-hum and underwhelming when it comes to theming, don't worry! I was told that they have some big plans for Kid Kingdom and they choose not to spend too much time and money and theming because in a few years, it could look totally different. The other big news is that Vertigo (shuttle loop) parts are on site! The reason it took so long is because it took a while for the Kentucky fair board to give the park permission to repaint the ride. A few pieces are in the open while the rest are still being painted. The park will spend the rest of this year getting the three major attractions ready and then next year will be used to get the other rides, shops and buildings built. Since it took so long to get permission to paint the shuttle loop, the park is a few weeks behind schedule, but will still open in 2012, even if some parts aren't quite done yet. Onto the pictures!


The parking lot has been paved.


Paths have been made but no vertical construction on the entrance yet.


This looks different.


The entrance to Kid Kingdom


The Moat Boats is a small Zamperla kiddie flume that goes around the castle entrance. It will open with alligator cars.


The Joust. The theming is quite meh, but if the future plans go trough this ride won't be here for long!


The Odyssey. I guess this is the spinning ride.


The Dragon. Don't worry credit whores, you won't need a kid to ride!


As promised before, when looked at from above the layout resembles a crown.


The entrance is very cool!


This should be a nice area for parents to relax while their kids run wild.


Lockers have been installed. Since you don't have to use them they are $1 for two hours or $4 for the whole day. Any lockers you are forced to used (like for rides) will be free.


Kid Kingdom overview


Vertigo track


Vertigo launch track


Where the rest of the Vertigo track is being painted. At least the building has the same colors as the ride so it won't be totally out of place. That's all for this update, thanks for reading!

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It's been a little over two months since my last update and guess what popped up? Vertigo! The ride and theming are almost done. The theme of the ride is that it's housed in an abandoned factory. The supports for the ride are all new and 50% of the brakes, launch, and other mechanics have also been modified. It will run with the same trains as it did at SFKK. The park is set to begin LSSD next week. Once LSSD is up and at least 50% of it's theming is complete, the rest of the rides will have their theming finished, paths will be made, concrete will be laid for future attractions and then vertical construction on the entrance will begin. Once the entrance is 75% done, the rest of the rides and buildings will be built. There's a lot of work planned for the second year. Hopefully the park will be able to open in 2012 as planned. Onto the pics!


Entrance gates to the parking lot. Parking is free, these will be used to keep count of how many people are in the park. Exit ones will be up soon.


Some new flowers around the castle.


The Odyssey ride was replaced. Apparently the old one had a major mechanical problem that would have cost the park a lot of money, so buying a new one saved them more in the long run.


Woah, this view looks different.


Entrance sign.


The not quite done station.


Launch track


Loop and front spike.


Brakes. Hopefully they wont be on too hard.


Back spike.


Theming. This is supposed to be a workers break area that isn't in the best condition due to the whole abandoned thing.


The queue goes under the track so it has a tunnel for safety.


Overview. Can't wait to see itwhen it's done. Thanks for reading!

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Vertigo looks very good. My only complaint is the station which is very dark and blocky. Have you considered using CS for the station? The textures of the in-game walls are ... bad. Not your fault, though.


I like the theming in Kid Kingdom, but you should rework Dragon Coaster - almost ALL of the turns go in the same direction!


Except for that it's all looking pretty good so far.

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Here's a quick update with some pictures the park sent me of Lone Star Splashdown. The ride has been built and right now they're working on what will be a big station. The theming will come next.




The station will be pretty big


The first and smaller drop as well as the tunnel.


(The tunnels are CS and are not recolor able so I had to stick with black)


The second and larger drop.


A different view of the big drop. Thanks for reading!

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Small story from todays newspaper.


Wi Wonderland to Stop Working on Vertigo


Wi Wonderland, set to open in 2012 is stopping all work on their Vertigo coaster. The coaster, leased from a now closed park in KY, was set to open with the park, but now that the KY might reopen it may not make it. If the park does reopen WI Wonderland has no choice but to dismantle Vertigo and send it back to KY. The park is currently working with Premier, so that in the event that the coaster has to be sent back, a new one with the same design can be built at the park.

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Lone Star Splash Down is done! The park sent me some photos and as soon as I saw them I ran down there to get some of my own. They even put a camera on a car while testing and sent me the POV! The GM said that they're getting the ride completely ready for opening and all testing will be done before they work on the rest of the park. They should be done in about 2-3 weeks. I can't wait to see the rest of the park take shape! As for Vertigo...it's being sent back to KY. They should start taking it down within the next month. However as stated in a newspaper article Premier will be building them an exact shuttle loop clone. The colors will most likely remain the same. The reason they choose Premier is because they helped them upgrade the shuttle loop and all the new supports where made by Premier. Because the supports are different then the supports when it operated in KY, the supports will not be sent back. The park will also be able to keep some of the parts they upgraded. KK has agreed to pay for all shipping costs and repaid any money the park put towards the lease, so really they only paid for the shipping to bring the ride to the park, but enough with the talking. Onto the photos and video!


Lone Star Splash Down POV




Big ole Station


Drop out of the station


Small drop and tunnel


The big and final drop


Another view of the drop. Some water cannons for guests to spray people with might be added here.


Same fountains and the water fall.


Another overview. Bye for now! Enjoy the pov!

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Here's part of the park newsletter email from today. It announces three new thrill rides and a family ride. I'm assuming that the thrill rides will be built first because they take longer to build than kiddy and family rides.


As we have wrapped up construction on Lone Star Splash Down it's time to being work on the rest of the park. Our main goal ride now is to get our five thrill flat rides up and running. After that we will focus on family rides. We are planning on adding three new kiddy rides outside of Kid Kingdom and those will come after the family rides. We hope to have every ride up and running two months before park opening. Here's a sneak peak at some rides coming to the park.


Thrill rides:


This Top Scan attraction will spin you every which way possible. Sure to be an instant hit among thrill seekers.


Go upside down in ways you never imagined. Tango can make it happen. Just because it's low on the ground, doesn't mean it's low on thrills.


Get funky on our Top Spin ride. Sure to be an experience you'll never forget.


Family ride:


We're putting a twist on this classic ride..literally. The logo may look simple, but wait until you see the sign. Far from it!


There's just one of many sneak peaks coming from now to our grand opening in 2012. Keep reading the newsletter for more sneak peaks!


- Wi. Wonderland PR

John Rickers


Not too crazy about 3/5 thrill rides going upside down. I hope the other two don't. I'll make sure to post some construction pics soon. - Mike.

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