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RIP: Ronny James Dio - A Tribute


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UPDATE x2: Confirmed he has died.



Normally, I would confine this to our "Mega-Dead Celebrity Thread", but this is a death of someone very "famous" in TPR lore.


Ronny James Dio, the ex-lead singer of Black Sabbath, has passed away.


As some of the long-time members may remember, posting Dio pictures was an important part of the TPR forums. It first started when the forums went down one day, and to test if image uploads were working, we started posting pictures of RJD:



It then extended to posting a picture of Dio to signify a locked thread:




And the Dio picture postings and jokes went on from there. Before Sam Cassel and Gary Sinise were our resident TPR celebs, Dio was there guiding the way.


So let's all give thanks to Dio, TPR's resident metal god and thread locking master. May you rock in peace!


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Luckily, Ronnie has not left us just yet. He's still hanging tough. This whole thing seems to be a terrible hoax someone pulled.




From Dio's Twitter feed,


"Don't believe the rumors, Ronnie is still hanging in there!!!" Hugs, Wendy Dio about 8 hours ago via web
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<-- Listening to Holy Diver right now.


Me too. The heavy metal world and music in general has lost a legend. He had one of, if not the greatest voice in all rock. This is the first time in a long time that a celebrity death has actually made me sad.


I'm glad I got to see him with Heaven and Hell back in 2007.


RIP, Ronnie.


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Lots of people talking about his voice. Count me among those who actually really like his music.


Me too...while I don't listen to metal as much as I used to, Dio had THE voice of heavy metal. Very difficult for anyone to ever replace Ozzy as a frontman for Black Sabbath, but he definitely pulled it off as one hell of a replacement!!


Way too young to die...he was the same age as my mother when she passed.

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I saw him twice solo, did not get to see him fronting Black Sabbath or Heaven and Hell.


Iconic voice. Just watched a show on VH1 Headbangers Journey, I think it was called. Good show and RJD invited the film maker to his home.


Best voices in metal ever are RJD and Bruce Dickinson.

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