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PTR: Dorney park, May 7th

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Hey guys,


My friend Kameron and I made it up to Dorney Park last Friday, tryin to take advantage of the 12 hours of operation on a weekday. Unfoooortunately it was physics day, and so there were a TON of kids runnin all over in their matchin t-shirts, but all said and done, there really weren't that many people there, and we got a TON of rides in on Talon Hydra and Steel Force. Sorry this is up so late, finals over here have been crazy


Talon was reeeeal nice. I love B&M inverts, and while I wasn't expecting much from Talon, it was a really nice layout, and the transitions were really well thought out. The last half was great, and the whole thing, while very forceful, was really smooth and quite enjoyable.


Hydra also had a really refreshing layout. While it kind of died out halfway through the ride, the front half was really enjoyable, and full of quirky, slightly non-traditional elements, that didn't really kick your butt, but was again, a nice, enjoyable ride.


Possessed wasn't open for some mechanical issue... which was kind of a let down.


Steel force was nice, again, nothing real intense, but a nice ride. There was some airtime if you sat toward the front. But, it was my 200th coaster! Really, pretty exciting


We saw Demon Drop goin up, which was really exciting. I've ridden it at Cedar Point, and was really glad that it at least got a new home, instead of getting scrapped.


Thunderhawk, the woodie, was almost unbearable in the back, but surprisingly airtime filled in the front, around seats two and three.


We got our kiddie credit, and our wild mouse (Kameron's first), and hit up a few of the flats... including the rapid ride.

Now, I have NEVER seen so many unavoidable waterfalls on a water ride. It really wasn't even fair. There was no escaping the buckets and buckets of water. Half of the water falls covered the entire river. All of them got you more wet than you'd ever expect. It was unbelievable. We were both drenched. So if water's your thing, then have at it.


Over all, we had an AMAZING day, and really enjoyed the park, getting a ton of rides in.


Thanks for reading!


Well hey there


Talon's first drop


This tight turn was great. Loved the last half


First loop action



I really liked the brown mulch under the ride. I don't know why, but that, and the trees.. and the really nice paint job... looks real great




Turn thing


Beautiful sign placement


Kameron's first Wild Mouse... Not his favorite haha


Hydra and me: a memoire


cobra roll


Love floorless barrel rolls


I love the color on this thing too


Guys watch out! Oh.. whew



Love how it's kinda set into the hill side


JOJO ROLL!!! Favorite part of the ride, hands down.


Looks kinda like a brochure..


Up close. Pretty sure this is where Kameron lost his room key..


Hydra from the back


Timing at its finest


Steel Force and Thunderhawk.


Bummer it wasn't open. I'd a loved to get another impulse credit


Guys get excited..


This ride..


The most important of all the rides because...


BAM 200th coaster.


and the kiddie coaster credit. Originally, when we went, 5 high schoolers were on it. Then when we tried to get on the next ride, the ride operator said we were too big. Trying to persuade him otherwise, pointing out that five highschoolers had just ridden, he said that you couldn't ride unless you were 16 or under. ... Really? Well, I didn't really feel like arguing and there were no kids around to steal, so we decided we'd come back


But we certainly didn't want to miss the Woodstock's Express photo opportunity while we were there


Kind of becoming a thing


Talon: the grip of... oh dear


Talon from afar


Post rapids.. seriously, the wettest I've ever been..


Wait, what?


So beautiful. So devoid of any forces... until the last helix


This took so many tries to get..


Pensive... right


Too cheap to pay for park food, so we had to resort to this


Never let go, Jack


Went back, new operator, asked nicely, and there didn't seem to be any 16 year old or younger rule.. BAM, got it


Don't mess with this guy..


First try on the whip ride.. what an enjoyable use of our time. Seriously though, great fun


Hydra at dusk


Goodbye Dorney park!! Thanks for reading!

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I hate ride ops like that which make up rules. When the ride first opened you needed to ride with a kid if you were over 54". They changed it where you don't need a kid to ride around 5 years ago along with most of the rides in Camp Snoopy. I'm surprised lines weren't bad, usually the first Friday in May is jammed with long lines because of all the school trips.


Did you get the Dragon Coaster credit? That is in the back of the park and anyone can ride that coaster too, it's Little Laser next to it that is 54" maximum even if you have a kid with you

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Thunderhawk, the woodie, was almost unbearable in the back, but surprisingly airtime filled in the front, around seats two and three.


I always tell people that despite its small size and advanced age, Thunderhawk is NOT for the inexperienced rider. But yeah, violent ejector airtime.

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I was there a weekend before you guys were. I had no lines what so ever. They were also taking pieces off of possessed. Did you see what they were doing there? I also didn't get those credit on steel first or the dragon coaster!

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Weird you had an issue on Woodstock Express...when I got the credit I didn't even have to ask, I just got on.


I have to say though, I've been going to Dorney since I was about 6, and I've never experienced long lines there, and I have yet to read a TR that mentioned long lines. Very odd to say the least.

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Weekends in July and August are when the lines are, I went once on a Sunday in August and after Talon was 40 minutes I decided I would never go again on a summer weekend. Also Saturday nights during Haunt and later Friday night Haunts are crowded. Last year on the final Friday night, Steel Force was 25 minutes, Possessed looked to be around 45 minutes.

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It was hard to tell what they were doing on Possessed. At times there was no one in the station and it'd be sitting on the launch track. Sometimes there were people working on some of the wheels it looked like, with the train partially out of the station. We saw it launch a couple times, but never full speed, and never more than one launch up the first spike.

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Weekends in July and August are when the lines are, I went once on a Sunday in August and after Talon was 40 minutes I decided I would never go again on a summer weekend. Also Saturday nights during Haunt and later Friday night Haunts are crowded. Last year on the final Friday night, Steel Force was 25 minutes, Possessed looked to be around 45 minutes.


I don't remember if I've ever visited on a weekend or not, but the longest I've ever waited for Talon was about 25 minutes, and that was the year it opened. I can't remember ever waiting more than a few trains for Steel Force either. I must be lucky.

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Talon, devoid of forces until the last helix? Jeeze, I see spots entering the vertical loop!


Lines are usually not a problem at Dorney. The year Steel Force opened, it had hour-long waits, but since then, I've never seen that second set of switchbacks used. I also remember one night, maybe 2004 (may have been a weekend, though, but I don't remember), Talon's line was about 30-40 mins. Really the only long wait I've encountered there recently was for the Wild Mouse, which seems to consistently run at around 30 mins. What a shame, since it's absolutely not worth it!


Anyway, you have some pretty incredible angles on some of these shots, especially those with Talon and Hydra. The coloring came out really well for your photos. Were people staring at you doing back tucks as you tried to time that shot with Talon during its descent?

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^^ Not tooooo many looks haha. We were out in the courtyard in front of the park, and it was like 3 in the afternoon, with very few people entering or exiting.


@angryemobeaver and jynx242: thanks haha. I really appreciate that comment. The way I see it, there's no reason to go to a park if you're not gonna have a good time.


Again, I really appreciate the comments, everyone. Thanks a lot!

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GREAT PTR! Love the coaster shots! OMG..the flip...and the eating coaster shot...and the ... etc, etc, etc.


I was going to skip Dorney this year on the way back from HersheyPark, but looks like I may just have to hit it on the way back to NY!


Thanks for sharing!!

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Nice TR with some great pics! I'm looking forward to my first trip to Dorney this summer! I want to make it around late June to avoid annoying school trips. I am probably going to stick to parks like Knoebels until school is out. Congrats on your 200th, Steel Force is a nice choice!

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awesome TR!


When I was at Dorney about a week ago, I was chatting with some girls in line for Steel Force who I guess lived nearby and thought they had heard that Possessed would be closed for the entire season...? Hmm.


I also was there for the inaugeral placement of the sign on Demon Drop! Yay! Nerd happiness!

Oh my.

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