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Cedar Point Opening Day 2010

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First, weather was perfect!


Had a great day with my daughter.


Park was very crowded, tons of buses for school trips, which might have thinned out after we left around 5pm.


The Good: The weather, I was just enjoying being out in the sun, temp could have been a few degrees warmer, but that is it.


The Bad: MF was not ready for early ride time at 9, I did not go back to Maverick, but heard from friends that it too had issues. Then at 10, WT was not ready to go.


All in all, had a great day, The Ohio State Spring Athletic band was there (not to be mistaken for the OSU marching band, the band at CP had woodwinds) and played the National Anthem and I was happy that I did not have to tell anyone, this year, to remove their hat while this was played.


On to some photos:



I have video of the singing guy while we were waiting at MF, but would not upload. Any regular at CP knows the singing guy. Today he had Adam Lambert playing on his iPod. My daughter told me this as I do not know any Adam Lambert songs.


First arrival at park...something is missing....


What would opening day be at CP without the trash cans?


Raptor, thro...well, you know.


My daughter waiting until the clock struck 9.


I am sure that someone has a pic of the ride that used to be here, just not at CP anymore.


B&M goodness. Almost needed some alone time....


Go Bucks!


Shortly after 9 and no MF. Not good.


My wonderful daughter. Sheesh, buy a platinum pass for her and you would think she could at least crack a small smile. Such angst!


Club TPR!


So after waiting until almost 930am at MF, we skedaddled to Raptor for a ride and was able to get over to WT before the running of the bulls, however, WT was not running, so it was off to Magnum


Almost a smile there! She likes Magnum and it was a good ride today.


Ghost people on Gemini! These ghost people will show up later in this TPR, well NOT show up.. but... well...


Mean Streak, still not burning. Darn.


Did not ride, will usually ride this once a year as chiropractors need to make a living too.


Too long for Maverick right now. Gotta go eat.

Did ride this later in the day. Maverick usually is a great ride and today was not exception. We got a front seat ride in front of two very loud screamers.


Pic of Maverick's best air time hill.


Food was easiest to get to by train....


Train takes you right through Boneville.


YES! The fire was finally put out!


The daughter on the Sky Ride.


Main Midway from the Sky Ride.


More B&M goodness. Raptor was great today.


Oops almost forgot STR from the train.


More STR, this looks very nicely themed. Should be fun.


For food, I try to avoid eating in the park, because, well, I like to eat food. It was out by the Marina today and to Famous Daves for a nice tasty burger with bacon and pulled pork. Also ate a lot of the pickles. I live in Columbus, and no Famous Dave's there, but do like it. I am quite content to have a Montgomery Inn in Columbus now


Ok, this set the old glucometer through the roof! Bread pudding. Phenomenal. Amazing.


A statues butt. The statue was holding a BLEEPING pan flute.


The ghost people chose to get wet today.


Happy glass!


Ok, here is something way icky. The guy behind the guy in the blue jacket was retrieving plates of food from the trash. I was almost retching so I hurried past, he was talking to the two other guys and describing what he was doing. I like to try to save money, but not this way.


Ok, Cedar Downs is very important to my daughter and I, well, it used to be, when I won, not so much today. Sheesh Kayla, it is just a ride.

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I was at the park yesterday from platinum pass opening to closing and I thought it was actually a really succesful day for the park. Almost all the rides were running after noon I'm pretty sure except for Cedar Creek Mine Ride which for some reason did not open til 5 and Maverick which was up and down about every 2hrs. Waits were very long but I got all of the coasters in besides Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick. Shoot the Rapids looks beautiful and so does Snake River Falls with its new paint job. Only cons I have is that the food service was horrible, I apparently was being a "tassle" when I asked for no tomato on my taco. Mean Streak actually ran really well yesterday too. First time in years where I got off the ride and was actually smiling. Finally, ride crews were great, the Millenium Force crew let the last train of the night (which happened to be me and my friends) go another cycle, so overall it was a very good day.

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Thanks for posting Ken.


I'm foregoing my annual trip to CP this year, but things are looking good.


If they can get DT out of the front corner they should have room for a nice new addition to the park. I'd love to know if Mean Streak has really been smoothed out or if coasterdude was just lucky!

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I'd love to know if Mean Streak has really been smoothed out or if coasterdude was just lucky!


According to other trip reports, it's giving some of the worst rides it's given in years. Take that for what it's worth.


I concur. I got two rides in on it. Monday and Tuesday. Red Train ran "OK". Yellow train is reason for the black and blue bruising on my legs. I heard from many people that it was the roughest in years...


I pray for TG treatment.

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