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Photo TR: Kings Island's Starlight Spectacular!

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Hey Chuck, notice anything different here?


I'm so sorry that you don't have a Haunt maze in your FoF queue. That makes me very sad.

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Hey Jizz, I was there on Mon with the fam. It was amazing to see the ops on Backlot stack 3 coasters at a time. I had to laugh, they couldn't even get one train out before the last one came back. They crew spent a lot of time standing around laughing and the supervisor looked like he could care less.

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Haven't the premiers at KD/KI always had seatbelts? I remember FoF at KI having seatbelts before it was Cedar Fair? But I could be wrong. . . I thought it had them on Italian Job at KD too, but my memory could be wrong.


Love all the photos. Did you use a tripod for the blurred shots? Love the Fof launch photo.


Flight of Fear has had them for quite a while. Italian Job got them this year. Yes I used a tripod for the fountains and a few Diamondback shots.


I use a Nikon D40 18-200mm lense.

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Nice to see Adventure Express get some love, I still think that's one of the best mine train coasters out there.


I'm happy to say that it's in the best condition I've seen it in for a while. The station plays the Indiana Jones music every now and then, the tunnels have the skeletons moving, and the final tunnel has everything working!


And it's a truly themed mine train ride.


Now you will pay!

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Great pics! It's sad to hear that the effects on the Backlot coaster have deteriorated. I can't wait to ride it at Kings Dominion, but am worried that Cedar Fair have let their rides go...


BTW, nice lens! Thinking of getting either a 55-200mm or 18-200mm lens in the next few months.

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Hey TPR!


Kings Island's Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular opened for the first time tonight. Took a few pics from the show tonight, and really enjoyed it. Tt was very well executed for what we have to work with. I assume everyone will have a different reaction, coming from "nice lights" to "not my thing" to "I want to come back tomorrow night!" It lights up at 9, with pleasant music. But the real show is three parts, all syncd to music and lit up on the backside of the Eiffel Tower. The first part is 5 minutes at 9:30, then part two is at 9:40, which is about 7 minutes, and the last part, about 3 minutes is at 9:50ish. It gives you a chance to look around the area (which is behind the Eiffel Tower), and then enjoy the Eiffel Tower show.


I'd stick around in the evenings to watch this show again! So now we have three nightly awesome shows:





KI at night is the place to be! It's hard to get everything in one update. There's tooonnnnssss of lights. These photos don't do justice! Especially the atmosphere of the area. The music, the lights, everyone around...stangely tranquil and relaxing.


Enjoy the pics,



Getting dark at Kings Island..


Watersplash...but no train? ;)


You can buy some type of 3D glasses...yeah right.


Around dusk (8:45-9) the lights come to life!


Strangely patriotic!


They had a bunch of lit up characters (was focusing on the lights)


Here's 3D for ya!


Big pretty flowers


The clock looks great!


The lights change constantly


This dull area now looks fantastic!


When the show starts at 9:30, the Eiffel Tower really lights up


Very impressive


Clock all lit up


Crowds really showed up


I love doing this - now you can see which individual colors are here!


Such a great atmosphere



It was a great night, too


I see you, Diamondback!




Arguably the best addition to KI in quite some time!



Tee Hee


Play ball!


Many shades of green


The flowers start off closed...


and slowly...




Thanks for reading everyone! Go out and see the show!

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A few from during the day.


Starting from behind the Eiffel Tower


Snoopy is the star


Mannnyyyy lights


all your favorite characters...


The flowers are closed during the day


Monkey...give us the back of crack...we love you!!!

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So is it a "show" or just something they turn on at night that looks pretty? I'm confused by what it actually is.


--Robb "What kind of show is it?" Alvey

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These photos look great Zach! I've been at Cedar Point all weekend with my family and can't wait to see the Starlight Spectacular first hand when I return to work on Tuesday. If Kings Island's is anywhere as good at Cedar Points, guests at KI will be in for a treat.


On a side note, as far as i've heard Rob, there are to be 3 "shows" nightly, that sync with music, beginning at 9:30pm and running until about 10pm.

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On a side note, as far as i've heard Rob, there are to be 3 "shows" nightly, that sync with music, beginning at 9:30pm and running until about 10pm.

This is what I'm confused about. What kind of a "show" is it? Is it a laser light show? Is it a fireworks show? Are there images projected on a screen? Or is it pulsating lights in sync with music? Like a stationairy Electrical Parade? Is there seating for the show? Or do you just stand in the middle and it happens around you, etc?


I couldn't really get a feel of what this is by looking at the pictures. It looks nice, I just can't really grasp how the "show" is being presented to the audience.

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At 9 or so when they turn the lights on, yeah it's "pretty lights they turn on". Starting at 9:30 they have a light show on the Eiffel Tower. The lights on the tower pulsate and dance to music, also lights are changed on the Eiffel Tower. No projected images, and nightly fireworks aren't apart of the show, but they are at 10pm.


The three different 3-7 minute shows between 9:30 and 10 have different light changes/patterns and music. The have little breaks inbetween them, not exactly sure why. But the "show" is on the Eiffel Tower, so everyone is looking at one thing, not trying to see everything around them. There are different sections to the lights, like the Clock in the middle, the flowers to the right, the Peanuts playing baseball on the left. I'll look for a video because it is kind of confusing. My friend I was with help set it up, so I knew what was going on.


No assigned seating, people just flow in and out.


The first part at around 9:30 is about 3-5 minutes long, it plays a few mash up songs on the Eiffel Tower, then goes back to normal until about 9:40 or so. The 2nd part is longer, plays for about 5-8 minutes on the Eiffel Tower, then goes back to normal until 9:50. Then there is a final third part about 3-5 minutes long and ends right before the fireworks.


I think they want people to have time to look around at the lights, then turn attention to the Tower, then be able to check out anything they missed, then go back to the Tower. But if I didn't know what was going on, I would have probably left after the second part (because it feels like a finale). Not sure if it's an electical issue to run all parts in one as one, so they put breaks in between? Not sure...

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Sorry if I missed this, but is the Eiffel Tower open during the show so that you could go up and see the lights from above, or do they close it down?

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Sorry if I missed this, but is the Eiffel Tower open during the show so that you could go up and see the lights from above, or do they close it down?


It's open. The elevators were taking people up and down until the park closed.

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