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Photo TR: Kings Island's Starlight Spectacular!

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Hey TPR!


I visited Kings Island last night with a friend, nothing too different from last year besides the Peanuts area. The park is still setting up the Starlight show, I think it's coming in June. It's true, SOB's box is gone, and the ride is pretty much deserted.


Besides that, I'd like to let Adventure Express fans know that AE's final lift/tunnel (with the rock solidiers pumping their fists and saying, "Now you will pay.") has been spruced up! The animatronics look like they have been given bright new lights, and the lava bowl actually moves to look like it's being poured on you! I was very impressed with Adventure Express last night.


Flight of Fear has on ride photos back. Oh, and the video still plays for those who don't know.


If you're going to ride the Beast, don't ride on a wheel seat....it was bad. It was hauling ass, though.


Diamondback was providing great airtime as usual, what a great ride!


Enjoy the photos,



Not too bad of a zoom from the entrance of KI!


The fountains always put on a good show. We'll come back to them later.


On over to Drop Tower




Pure free fall


Hitting the brakes...


First Vekoma of the year! (Believe it or not this is before we rode)


Only about a 15 minute wait, so I entertained myself.


Yup, it's a Vekoma.


This is NOT how you ride a Vekoma! LOL!


This IS how you ride a Vekoma. Close your eyes and hope for the best!




Able to sneak in a picture of Adventure Express


AE's station gives a different angle of Diamondback


Yup, the lift is quite steep


I spy with my little eye....Starlight lights!


Obvious that the Racer is the oldest coaster in the park.


Hey Chuck, notice anything different here? :p


Inside the hangar...


Aliens LOVE to play basketball!


Something spooky about Flight of Fear


The world's first LIM launch coaster! Still packs a punch.


Vortex was looking prettyyyy. Why doesn't this ride get much love?


For its age and size, this Arrow looper is pretty darn good.


Diamondback through Vortex's supports. Reminds me of Magnum.


The batwing is a rare element these days


Front seat for forces, back seat for airtime.


Speaking of airtime...


The dubbed "awkward support"


Just an all around fun coaster



Getting darker...


Sit up right, hold on tight, Diamondback's gonna take you up for a 230ft fright.


Turned out to be a beautiful evening, with low crowds.


No where to go but up.


Yup, it's that big.


Nothing short of 230ft.


Can't forget about that splash down ending!




Simple, but elegant.




Lava anyone?


A cotton candy color scheme


Not photographed often, but the fountains put on a nice display at night.


A different shutter speed.



And another change



Thanks for viewing everyone!

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I have to start going on fridays. The crowds yesterday seemed insane for it being a pre-season saturday. I mean, I know there were groups and stuff, but I actually gave up trying to ride anything and left about 30 minutes after the park opened because it was just that crowded!


Anyways, great to hear AE finally got spruced up. I keep on passing it this year since its line is always out to the entrance every time I've gone, but I need to give my first coaster some loving this year....Did you happen to check out the Flight Deck line when you were there? Its consistantly been back past the stairs and into the s-curve area for me all year...

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What time did ride Drop Tower? I was working there starting at 4:00. I was the slightly on the large side ride opp with glasses.


Got there about 6:30 or so. I was wearing a black bandana and a blue t-shirt. You were probably on break, I only saw girls and I think one guy...


Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Are you a fan of the Sling Shot?


I will never forget my night ride last season, looking down on the whole park lit up at night. I can only imagine the view you'll get with the new light show this season.


If you time it right, it can be the best $5 you can spend there.

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I rode FoF a few weeks ago and have to agree. The launch seems more powerful and there seems to be a new lighting package inside. It made for an incredible ride. My only complaint is the Mid Course brakes which completely stop the train. But I loved it!!

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^I really don't mind the hard micourse. I think it makes for a nice dose of hangtime in the final cork. But man, the first cobra roll and inversion after that is sooo nice.


Are you a fan of the Sling Shot?


I will never forget my night ride last season, looking down on the whole park lit up at night. I can only imagine the view you'll get with the new light show this season.


If you time it right, it can be the best $5 you can spend there.


I have a few of the complimentary tickets for Skyflier and Slingshot, yeah both of those are very fun rides. Slingshot is pretty freaky, and on a slow day I think you can re-ride for half price.

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I feel like I remember reading something about you working at KI, am I correct?


If I am, do you know if there is a certain reason(s) that the price fluctuates so much for the ride during the day? In the morning I saw the price was full, but during the course of the day it fell all the way to $5, before jumping back up to full price at the end of the night.


I have seen this on other similar attractions, and even at other CF parks; is this common practice?

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Thanks for the front page spot! I went back the other day, noticed a few new things going on.


Diamondback sitting in the clouds..


Top Gun/Flight Deck still kicks ass! And looks like crap..


Kiddie coaster got a nice make-over.


Yay for Peanuts!


Backlot got seatbelts....another thing to slow down operations.


But the windshields were taken off! Those disgusting, cloudy things are gone so you can see clearly!

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Really Cedar Fair? Seatbelts on BSC? Lets start putting them on the seats in all the restaurants and picnic areas too. In fact, I think they should just issue one to you as you walk in the entrance turnstile and staple it to your abdomen so you already have it on when you enter the lines to ride ANYTHING at their parks.

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Yea KD's got seatbelts too (BLSC) The cars look stupid with the windshield bar on them with no windshield too.


It amazes me how much this ride has changed in just 4 years (5 for KI)

The only effect that still works at KD is the fire blast before the tunnel.


Great pics BTW, what camera are you using? (Love the close ups)




Just so you know KD has the worlds first LIM coaster

(KI's opened 2 days after KD's)

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...they should just issue one to you as you walk in the entrance turnstile and staple it to your abdomen so you already have it on when you enter the lines to ride ANYTHING at their parks.



Great TR, some if nicest photos of KI I think I have ever seen.

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