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I have 2 hobbies. The first is theme parks and everything that has to do with it. The second is whisk(e)y. I was always playing with the idea of doing a combined theme park/whisky trip... One day I'll make such a trip. But what if a whisky distillery makes its own "rollercoaster"? It happened a while ago!


Warning: only ride this roller coaster if you are 18 or 21 years and older (depending in what country you live)!


Look what arrived yesterday! A new credit!


Close up: doesn't it look beautiful?


Only 40.1 rides in the UK, in the Netherlands it's a little bit less... Party time!


The right evening, the right mood to launch the first ride... The amusement park is operating at full capacity, it's cosy, it's nice, people are eating...


The gate is being opened...


Entering the ride... and already there is a whiff of creamy fudge in the nose.


The train is going up the lift hill, the wind is favorable and coming from the sea and the beach. You can smell the buttery, creamy foods around the ride, even a bit chocolate and there's the smell of the sea and a little bit of the smoke from something of a barbecue?


First drop! It's amazing! Smooth and you're totally sucked in the experience. There's the sea again, the barbecue, a little bit fudge, liquorice and dark chocolate: you experience the whole amusement park in this one ride! Then a surprise: you see the barbecue! You know that after the ride you'll be enjoying the peaty taste of barbecue food.


What a ride: I'm completely at ease and feeling comfortable. The ride lingers on for a long time... Cheers to you all!

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