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After reading the best and worst log flume topic I figured TPR should have one for River Rapid rides also.


My Favorite Would be- Canyon River Rapids at Herseypark- I only rode it once and it was on the closing weekend for the ride (I was at the park the same time TPR was for the EC trip) and it was night and kinda cold but I decided to ride it because I knew I would regret if I did not. I ended up being the only one on the ride and the operators let me go around 4 times it was a great way to end the night but also sad because I knew they where demolishing this great ride for a wave pool/ lazy river.


My Least Favorite would be the one at Great Escape and it would be a great ride but over the years about 75% of the water elements have broke and SF has never fixed them so you walk off the ride dry a good majority of the time.

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My favorite is also Canyon River Rapids at Hershey, it was a great ride and I also don't like how they got rid of it for the stupid Boardwalk expansion, and just shows how poorly planned the Boardwalk was (they should have had a separate waterpark either nest from the park but including with admission like WWK at Dorney or made it a separate gate park).


My least favorite is Congo Rapids at Great Adventure, it's short and isn't that exciting of a ride.

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I don't really have a best or a worst for river rapids rides. Instead, I split them into two categories, above average and average.


Above Average:

Grizzly River Run (Disney's California Adventure)

Shipwreck Rapids (SeaWorld San Diego)



Bigfoot Rapids (Knott's Berry Farm)

Rip Roaring Rapids (California's Great America)

Roaring Rapids (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

White Water Safari (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)


I could not pick a best from the two above average ones, but if I had to pick a worst I would probably say White Water Safari. The ride gets you plenty wet, but most of it comes from water cannons the guests activate and not from the ride itself (other than the waterfall).

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I can't really say i could pick the best, but bigfoot rapids at Knott's used to be my favorite. Over the years its really lost its punch, i don't know what exactly has happened to it, but it kinda sucks now. I remember it being much more intense than it is, i mean you hardly even get wet now. I actually wouldn't mind seeing it torn out to make room for something new.


I do like Grizzly over at DCA, that spin down the last drop is always fun.

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I love White Water Canyon at KD, the feeling of being deep in the woods is awesome, and it gets you soaked! Roman Rapids is an okay rapids ride, the scenery is nice and the waterfalls at the end are crazy!

The worst that I have been on would be Renegade Rapids at SFA, lame excuse for a rapids ride. Doesn't even get you wet!

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