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Who is Jeff Johnson?!


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I did a search and it only made me more confused. Does it have to do with a word filter?! Is it oldJJman?! I know I sound like a complete ignorant retard but it's bugging me! Also is he really THAT old?! What does he have to do with credits?!


On a side note, what other word filters are their besides,




Along with an explanation like do the Six Flags L.o,c'k,e-r_s have Advil and old gum in them?! Are they soft,furry and have long ears at a six flags park that I haven't been to yet?! etc...


Doctor "ask too many damn questions" Doom!

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Jeff Johnson is OldJJman.


And no, Six Flags lockers don't look like bunnies at all, at any park. It was a word filter that Robb put in because there was a long debate about Six Flags installing lockers at a fee a couple years ago. A lot of people got frustrated, so Robb just made up a joke that when people typed l-ocker it would come up lockers.

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^ To follow up on that before the inevitable question that will follow - the reason for that was in the Rip Ride Rockit thread. There were so many people concerned about the r-ings being constructed on the lifthill of the ride, and it was getting really overblown.

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Interesting. However Jeff Johnson isn't that old, like 47 or something! and how about explaining x....d, that one just plain cruel.

I'm still very confused...



Doctor "maybe I need to go to a Bash and actually hang around yall to understand" Doom!

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I don't understand that either!

Many of us found the whole X.D thing very annoying. And there was a time where it was being used EVERYWHERE!


I think that making it turn into XD was a great way to stop people from using it!

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^Or a better idea, EMAIL DAN!!!




Hey, sorry about reviving this thread, but I just went FULL RETARD again! Can someone explain this?! If I send an email with my mailing address to this account will I get a BAG-O-CRAP?! Do I have to have an answer to a certain question in the email?! If so, what is the question?!


Doctor " " DOOM!!!

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