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Yesterday I just got back from an amazing coaster trip through out two of the most amazing parks in Pennsylvania, Hershey and Dorney Park! There were virtually no lines, and it was also a blessing that the weather held up contrary to the forecast, (thanks J.C.). For the sake of length I'm going to show you the creme of the crop photos, but if you want to see all of them, you can follow me on Facebook and check them out under my albums.


With that said here's the report


The trip started out with a long car ride, and we got into our hotel that night at about 9:00, the next day we went to the park and we were greeted with a pleasant surprise...


Since no one was there we decided to go to the entrance, it then became a little crowded but it still wasn't that bad at all!


After this band played, we went into the park to start a beautiful day!


We obviously had to go to Fahrenheit first! we only waited there for about 5 minutes too!


Storm runner was up next, and we only had to wait for 5 minutes here also!


Really low queue line wait!


Sidewinder was next, Vekoma boomerangs always shake me up!


We then rode the sometimes elusive wildcat!


There it is!


I forgot how intense the turns on wild mouses were! This was nice and smooth though.


We rode both of the racers and I won both times!


Nice Curves!


I was absolutely DRENCHED after this!




Dad thinks it's funny!


This was actually my first time on a no O.T.S.R inverting coaster! It was nice!


Great bear was... well... GREAT! SO COMFORTABLE!


Storm Runner was hogging the spotlight!


Shouldn't you be at Kings Island?


Disney wishes they had an alligator like this for their peter pan stuff!


For the win!


Great Shot! I actually liked this coaster very much!




Great Wooden coaster! It's actually the perfect blend of rough and smooth!


Is mork a comet?


A treat to celebrate getting on all the coasters! (except roller soaker it was closed with the board walk)


Overall It was a great day at Hershey Park I received 10 new credits here!


Next up was Dorney Park!


And that means TALON!


This was an amazing B&M too!


The coaster was quite comfortable!


Hydra was E-stopped so I didn't get a picture of it here, but I still got on it! Great coaster too!


I think the Jo-Jo roll gave me a cow lick!


The Intamin curse possessed possessed! No rides today


Steel Force was open though! I rode it twice with no lines!


Thunderhawk was cool, but it felt short and redundant!


There were no lines, and you could ride, but you could hardly ever see the train run through the course of the coaster!


That kid looks bored!


There it goes!


I never felt sick on this just light headed!


What a bummer...


It's never a good sign when they're talking the up-stop wheels off the coaster!


sigh... :/


I rode both towers within 10 minutes, but does anyone know the exact reason why the 3rd tower was never built? Money?


There's hydra!


There it goes!


Cobra Rolls!


I probably should have waited for the coaster to come around... :o


the artwork on the cars was neat!


check out that happy mouse!


That cat gets creepier every moment I look at it!


Talons zero-g roll!


Fun Fun Fun!


The loop is quite intense too!


Postitive g's!


And a vist to subway on the 6 hour drive home concludes our trip! Thanks for reading!


All of these photos are property of Eric DiCesare © 2010 if you want to use them, Message Me please


ADMIN EDIT: I have updated your thread's title to include "Photo TR:" at the front, and to remove the all caps words that you had. While we are glad to have you sharing your photos, there is no reason to scream about your posting them with an all caps title.

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I LOVED Hershey when I went there last summer. I'm curious about Dorney, since I've never been there, and wonder if I should head down there sometime in the near future.

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Possessed is always having problems, it opened late in 2008 and I saw it broken down during numerous trips in 2008 and 2009.


I LOVED Hershey when I went there last summer. I'm curious about Dorney, since I've never been there, and wonder if I should head down there sometime in the near future.


If you like waterparks, I would go when WWK is open at. It is really a great waterpark for being included with park admission. It's not a large park (if you just care about coasters it can be done in under 2 hours) but the lack of lines on a regular basis makes it one of my favorite parks to visit.

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Glad you had a great time! Been to both parks multiple times growing up so for that reason I love them so I love it when I see people enjoy themselves there. Sucks that you didn't get to ride "Possessed" it's probably my second favorite to "Talon" at Dorney. Steel Force is cool. Not sure if I'm a fan of "Hydra" though. It was extremely rough when I rode it opening weekend last year.


I hope to make it to Hershey this year since I skipped it last year. Only coaster there I didn't particularly like was "wildcat" for the roughness of it. I hope to try and get another ride on "Comet" but it's line is always much to long and slow moving when I go.

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Nice report, always nice to see someone enjoying 2 of my home parks (SFGAdv is my true home park, but I go to school in PA so these 2 have been mine for 4 years too ). And Eltorogirl84, when was the last time you went to Hershey?? I hear what you're saying about Wildcat's roughness, but they did add Millennium Flyer trains 2 years ago that has immensely improved that ride.

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