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Gravity Group to build coaster at Happy Valley, Wuhan, China

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Looks like some really nice theming as usual will be going in to this park. Although, the mine train looks very unique in terms of theming. It looks to have an environmental/futuristic theme with the elevated green disks and the buildings in the area. It still looks very cool, but it looks like it will be eye-catching for reasons different than at the other parks. In fact, the whole area around the S&S coaster reminds me a bit of EPCOT.


Airtime-who also didn't see the McDonald's until Elissa pointed it out-&Gravity

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Some park schematics have popped up and a full sized image of the parks concept art.

Click the links for larger versions


If you look at the schematic you can seen the location of the missing Launched X-Car in the top left of the park. This is the same one that was expected to be at Knight Valley this year. The concept art makes it look like this ride is undercover. The other 4 coasters are all visible around the rest of the park as well.






Source: http://www.vhcoasters.com

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the photo finish - this view shows the last run of the two tracks as they race under the transfer table and climb up into the brake runs (photo courtesy of Martin & Vleminckx)


looking back from the lift at the transfer table in the foreground with the station and brake runs in the background (photo courtesy of Martin & Vleminckx)



(photo courtesy of Martin & Vleminckx)


stunning fun

(photo courtesy of Martin & Vleminckx)

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