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Gravity Group to build coaster at Happy Valley, Wuhan, China

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Looks like a blast.


But I doubt that we will ever see anything like this in the states.


I don't really see why not. It is not like the riders are actually going to be able to touch hands, thus the insurance aspect is pretty much out of it. It is just a cool element on a racer - two 90 degree tracks next to each other.

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It's announcements like this that make me love being a TGG fanboy. This looks beyond freaking fantastic!




It's kind of weird; I predicted something like this when my friend and I were talking about this coaster. Still though, this looks sick! From my experience on Gemini, I could tell this would be a very exciting element on a coaster in the U.S.

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It will be interesting to see how they pull this off. The trains are going to have to pull some G's to keep you in your seat or it will be an uncomfortable ride just flipping a train on its side. I wager it won't be like the drawing they released.

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What if one train did like a downwards 90 degree banked turn...while the other did like an upwards 90 degree banked turn. That way the tracks could enter and exit the element without getting in the way of each other. Therefor the tracks wouldn't necessarily be parallel to each other like in the concept drawing.


Makes sense in my head...if you understand what I'm saying...raise your hand!

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Press release from Martin & Vleminckx:




The rolling stock Timberliner is the latest State of the Art Wood Roller Coaster trains from MVR’s partner Gravity Kraft. These new Wood Coaster trains are fitted with the latest ergonomic seat restraints which eliminate the need for the traditional seat belts in Wood Roller Coasters and creates the opportunity to do elements like the HIGH FIVE. The new restraints also substantially increasing capacity. The Timberliner trains are the Platinum Standard for Wood Roller Coasters.



How would seatbelts prevent that?

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Am I the only one who is pretty underwhelmed by this?

Yes. But then again, you ARE a Vekoma fan boy. (still don't know how that's possible)


The 90 degree turn on a wooden coaster is crazy enough, and racing/dueling woodies are crazy enough, but dueling/racing 90 degree turns that turn inward towards each other thus creating a high five effect? That's epic engineering.

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