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Gravity Group to build coaster at Happy Valley, Wuhan, China

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Do steam locomotives that act like dragons high-five each other on top of a hill as well? This coaster is amazing and I haven't even ridden it yet!

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That looks really fun!


^What damage are you referring to?


The track on the last turn looks a bit gnarly. Unless that's just a lot of dirt/grease spill-over.


I have not ridden a Timberliner yet, but sat in one at Holiwood Nights a couple years ago. They were a little awkward; the sides kind of left me with no where to put my arm. Of course, I'm a big guy 6-1/230, so I'm sure they are comfy for most average-sized folks.


I talked to a fellow coaster geek in depth about his experience on Timberliners. He wasn't a big fan, and said that if the track gets rough (on a coaster they put Timberliners on) it's not going to be comfortable as the padding is hard/molded (as opposed to nicely stuffed/upholstered padding). But don't they have built-in shock absorption? I guess everyone will have a different opinion.


Anyone remember the 80s when everyone was all about PTC in fear of receiving Morgans on your favorite woodie? Riverside Cyclone, Colossus, Texas Cyclone... Of course, that was before the horrible PTC ratchet bars were born. That ruined plenty of woodies as well.

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