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Photo TR: Magic Park, Thessaloniki, Greece

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What would you do when...


You are in Thessaloniki, Greece. It's 28 degrees Celsius...


And you're there because of a dental congress (I'm doing research on the field of Gerodontology, oral health care for the elderly) and I'm a memeber of the ECG...


And on the tourist map, they write the above!


Where would I be in between presentations? (After trying to get a cab and the Greek not understanding a lot of English) Yes!


Magic Park! I love the entrance of this really small park.


This is where you wait for a cashier to come...


Magic Park is a fair with potential, they really try to do something with themeing. This is their flying-elephant ride.


The main attraction: a flume. With a (small) double drop. I did this many times: it was just too hot for a Dutchman like me this time of the year.


Magic Park also has hidden Mickeys...


A simulator and a rocking ship




Some Themeing. Do you notice a lot of green? This park was very well kept as for grass, flowers and trees (in the limited space they had).


Ahh, finally: a credit! A Zyklon/Galaxi: they call it Montagna (according to RCDB), but I didn't see many names on rides...


A ride for a fair, with a name!


in the same alley...


The swining chairs


Break dance


A fun house with glass maze


This is a really nice ghost house: especially the second part where you go down: you know at the bend (during the ramp down) there is a prop: you are really close and it goes off! Not too long, not too short. It is very well done.


A whacky worm: Kamnia (again according to RCDB)


Is it going up or falling down? I don't know: it wasn't open unfortunately.


An overview of the park from the ferris wheel


The beautiful entrance and exit again


The outskirts of Thessaloniki from the ferris wheel


The Spin Doctor and it did a really crazy program. It's name was 4G and it lives up to its name!


Some more green and themeing


Shooting alley


I ate this, but what was it? Some things are easy to identify..


And some are not! Of course they speak the dutch language of beer! Luckily I could read the Greek letters and could make something of it.


More themeing in the only restaurant in the park: a pirate themeing, mixed with the entrance/exit, flume and ship


The souvenir shop. It really was a souvenir shop you could find anywhere in Thessaloniki. So no T-shirt of the Montagna. ;)


And to close this trip report: again a photo of the beautiful themed exit in this case. I hope they will go on with the themeing: it looks like they have a lot of potential and ideas. Maybe it'll become the Toverland of Greece: Magic Park, Magic Land ('Tover'='Magic') the name is very close!

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I don´t belive that you really was in greece! You make fun about us! In one picture you can see that you´re in WDW Epcot area in greece

Just kidding. Nice Park, did never realized this park while I was at Thessaloniki 6 years ago.

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To echo Elissa, thanks for showing your report of a place off the beaten path of parks! I agree with you about the entrance/exit area; it looks really well done. It looks like they have a nice collection of rides, too. A beautiful park in a beautiful country for sure!


Thanks for sharing this!

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What a great find! I'm sure Larry will be thrilled to add more photos to the Park Index!




pfft! They were added last night! Yes, I am always thrilled to see a PTR from a new park and a new country, country #48 for the Park Index. Thanks for the contribution.



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Cool! I was in Thessaloniki last year and never realized there was a park. 'Course, it was November and freezing...


I love seeing photos of the smaller, obscure parks.

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Neat park and have fun the rest of your time in Greece!


Kinda weird that they have signs in English and menus in Greek. It definitely has tons of potential for full out theming on every ride. But it might be lacking in the money department seeing as it is so small and its main attraction is a 35 foot tall flume. So much potential...sigh


Planning on visiting other lesser known parks?

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Ha Ha...Magic Park!


I lived in Thessaloniki for about 5 months several years ago (I was a performer at the nearby Hyatt Regency Casino) and spent lots of time there. The place is well run and the swing ride used to (and still may) give the most insane spin of any swing I have ever been on. After a few beers it was even better .


Thanks for the memories!

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Thanks for the nice replies everyone!



I always like to visit these kind of parks, but I'm not travelling especially for them. So I don't think I'll be visiting the lesser known parks on the short term, unless there's another congress with such a park in the neighborhood!


And about the potential: Greece isn't doing very good economically. I don't know if it influences the amusement industry there. At least I did my part in spending a bit tourist money there.

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Well, they have a strange entrance-system, I think. When I paid the entrance ticket the cashier told me that all the rides were "free", so I suppose that there's also a period when you pay the entrance as well as some rides (all the rides had a gate-system with coins).


The park is also opened until midnight: maybe then you pay per ride instead of paying the total entrance-fee.

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