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[RCT3] Seaworld Phoenix

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Welcome to Arizona's premier adventure theme park, SeaWorld Phoenix!


Opening in 2010, SeaWorld Phoenix will offer the most family fun and thrilling attractions to the Phoenix area!


Hi, I am the park's main Public Relations correspondent, William Becker, here to inform you on the newest SeaWorld Adventure Park opening in Phoenix, Arizona. The park is currently set to open Summer of 2010, and we are excited to deliver the most thrills that Phoenix has ever seen! Construction is already well underway, as you may already know, and I will bring you weekly updates leading to our grand opening! Featured below is my first update, exclusive to only this website. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the park!


Adventure Lane features the entrance parking lot to SeaWorld Phoenix


Looking down Adventure Lane, you can catch a glimpse of the park's main entrance


Ticket booths located at the front of the park


Our current season pass processing and registration center


The guest services building, only one of many located within the park


Once inside the park, guests will first be greeted by our main gift shop


This building will house the main center for the park's Quick Queue system


A main overview of the entrance plaza, featuring the iconic SeaWorld lighthouse


One of the parks larger coasters, yet to be named, has already been constructed and is currently receiving themeing and station work.


Riders plunge into a wet splashdown as guests waiting to ride get soaked


The coaster's main turnaround dives deep through a misty tunnel


Many rock formations and plant life surround the ride while thrilling guests

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This is totally awesome! I can't wait to see this finished. The sea world cs set is cool. Where did you get it?


Simtanic's SeaWorld Adventure Custom Scenery


Thanks to everyone for the comments! Any criticism/critiquing is welcome, and updates will be posted regularly!



Welcome back to another new update of SeaWorld Phoenix, the premier amusement park of the Phoenix area!


We are still on track for an opening in the Summer of 2010, but an opening date has not yet been set. This week's construction update features the boardwalk cafe and gift emporium, quick service food stalls around the park, a brand new touch-tank aquarium, and a shop mastering in the craft of glass bowing vases. Our new touch-tank area will feature sting rays, starfish, and many more exciting sea creatures for all guests to explore! I am very pleased to be able to inform you of our park's creation, and hope that you all come out to visit sometime this summer!


William Becker

Sr. VP of Public Relations


P.S.- Stayed tune this week for more exciting news!


The park's new Boardwalk Cafe and gift emporium, with a relaxing deck to enjoy the park's serene atmosphere.


One of the new quick service food stalls, serving up delicious drinks and snacks.


The new covered touch-tank aquarium, featuring 5 different types of sting rays!


Tables and chairs will soon also be added as another place for guests to relax.


Another look at the touch-tank area.


Winding down the path to another new quick service stall.


A close up look. This stall will feature soft-serve ice cream!


A look at the glass-blowing shop through the trees.


This new shop will also serve as the exit for SeaWorld Phoenix's exciting hypercoaster!


The coaster's entrance area is still currently under construction, as the park searches for the perfect name!

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