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Photo TR: King's Island Opening Day

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Hey Everybody! I went to King's Island last weekend with a few friends for Opening Day, and I thought I'd share my pictures with you. The crowds were surprisingly light, which was very welcome. Before we get to the pictures, I would like to make some general comments, and rate the coasters for this year.


Food: I had a Skyline 4-Way from the location nearest the exit for lunch. It was delicious as always. Dinner was at the former Bubba Gump's and I had barbecue pork. The bun was a bit stale, and the pork was dry and very salty. The fries were pretty awful. I do not recommend eating here at all.



Rides: We were on the first cycle of Delirium for the season, and really enjoyed it. I think I still prefer it over Maxxair. The crypt. Oh man. This disappoints me the most from the Cedar Fair takeover. They absolutely ruined the ride. The queue used to be unique and original, and consisted of 3 different rooms. And there were these cool doors between rooms, and added to the whole mystery of the ride. Now, the doors remain open, the preshows gone and you can see right into the ride room. The ride itself has lost the third row, all effects and lighting, and all its character. The actual music itself isnt all that bad, but the fact there are no effects, and it's not even in the dark, and the ride cycle is very mild and very short makes this ride sort of suck. The one welcome addition I take over last year is the lack of floodlights in the original queue room. The eiffel tower was fun, gave great views, and was windy. No more to be said. Although we did not participate, the Slingshot and Sky Coaster both started at $5 early in the morning for each rider. Oh and one last thing, where EuroBungy used to be now stands EuroBobbles. They are clear, air filled bubbles you go in and then float on water. I don't see much a point, but they were very popular while we were there. Son of Beast was SBNO, with the sign removed and no presence on the park map.


On to the Coasters:


Invertigo [Face/Off]: Closed

Flight Deck [Top Gun]: Still pretty smooth, very short wait, and forceful! 8/10

Racer: Did not ride

Flight of Fear: Pretty much still awesome. Could do without the bright flood lights they've added in the queue as well and the lights inside the "Spaghetti Bowl." The trim brake that stops you completely mid-course is annoying and un-desirable. 9/10 still.

Firehawk:Painful, bumpy, one of my least favorite coasters. I really don't like the lay down on back position as compared to the face down version on the B&Ms. You really get a feeling that you are going to die on this one. Dare I say "Typical Vekoma" ? 3/10

Vortex:A classic Arrow Custom Looper. Pretty fast, nice inversions, great location. Perhaps my favorite Arrow Coaster. 9/10

Backlot Stunt Coaster [italian Job: Stunt Track]: Let's see here, I loved Italian Job, but they have ruined the trains, removing the doors, headlights, etc on the mini coopers. Not to mention all three cars on each train are painted the same color, instead of each car being different. There was one red train, one blue, and one white. On the plus side the fire effects were working, however, the tunnel immediately after was completely illuminated. I was very disappointed in that. 7/10

The Beast: What can I say, it's a classic. Really great feeling of speed through the woods. Was really bummed out by the lights in the second tunnel. Completely unnecessary and ruins the effect. Really Cedar Fair, why are all these lights on? The helix finale was amazing, and seemed to be less rough. Although the ride was bumpy, it wasn't too painful like Son of Beast was. 9/10

Diamondback: Got 5 rides on this bad boy in the Standby line. Rode very front, rode very back, and a few seats in between. Decided there is no bad seat on the train, they all provide incredible air time. Felt almost "scared" of the airtime in the front row on top of the 2nd hill. Amazing coaster. 10/10


Now for the pictures....


Drop Tower...such an original name






Solar Flare on Diamondback around noon


Le Tour Eiffel


Diamondback's Station, simple, but really nice, especially for King's Island


Just Sitting there


Flight of Fear / Racer




Back Italian Coaster Lot


Splash 1


Splash 2


Final Turn


Vekoma Death Machine


Racer Turn arounds


"Surf Dog" Really CF?


Beastie, sorry, it looks nothing like a Woodstock's Express


Oh Baby!


31 Years!









Boiler Up!



A Cincinnati Tragedy




Camp Remote?


Terrible Names for rides in PS




Nice Paint, However








Not sure how I feel about this paint, either


"Through the Trees" Trees? I thought this was a Cedar Fair Park?



Boo Blasters. I don't even need to comment on the names any more.




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I'm really hoping that the lights on Beast's second tunnel were just on for opening day or something. Thats the one tunnel on the ride thats chaotic and pitch black during the day, so I'd hate to see its majesty ruined. Still, CF fail. Did you actually try Boo Blasters? I ended up hitting it twice last Saturday, and it was pretty good.

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Cool photos, I haven't been to Kings Island ever since I was 5 years old (kids travel cheap ya know!), so don't remember a thing except for riding the racer wich was so much fun. Someday I'll go back, and again cool photos!

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Can't wait to get down there this year! Finally get a B&M hyper under my belt. The Cedar Fair Maxx Pass is the one thing I like about CF's acquisition of Paramount Parks. Also, I love the Peanuts, but when is CF gonna realize that the Peanuts aren't relevant to anybody under the age of 10? I haven't been to KI since 2005, but it was really cool to see Nick characters incorporated into the theming. Notta so much anymore, huh?

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Nice photos, and even with the Paramount branding now completely gone, Kings Island still seems to have the atmosphere I thought would be gone. The Planet Snoopy area looks pretty nice, and it looks lie some effort was put in to it.


About the Backlot Stunt Coaster trains, I read that BMW went after Freestyle Music Park for the use of the trains on Round About, so I have to think Cedar Fair changed the trains to avoid being sued too. Although, I don't know why they went after the parks and not Premier.

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