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Well, after riding the coaster it's clear to me you love airtime hills. O_O WOW that was a lot of airtime.


T: I give it a 9. I saw nothing wrong with it myself.


A: Airtime and more airtime! Twisties are cool too. 8


O: Well, it's a megalite. I like the twisting transitions and that horseshoe type turn near the middle. 9

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Technical-Overall, not too bad! The Newton thing has been pointed out, so I'll just say some other things. First, I thought you tried to force a little too much into too little space. A lot of the hills just felt forced and the transitions way too tight. Also, I thought you could have better supported the 2-bar style track. Outside of those two things, I thought you did a good job filling the coaster with airtime and a unique layout, good job!


Adrenaline-Wow, if this coaster was made it real life, it would have kept me on my toes from start to finish. You executed this very well, so keep up the good work.


Originality-You were obviously going for a mega lite kind of feel, so for that it wasn't too original, but is definitely something you shouldn't be marked down for. One thing you did do well though, we combine some elements not found on a mega lite. Case and point, if felt almost eurofighter-esque with some of the turns. Good job! Keep up the good work.

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