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My old project [RCT2]

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...guess i didn't realize how much these boards overlap.


Very true that some members here are member there, but there are still allot of people here and there that are not members of both. So please keep the double site postings. Just like NE there are a lot of people here who would love to see what your up to in your park(s) but may never comment. Thread views mean more than posts.


There so many people in these forums (and NE) that just never get the nerve up to comment. I love to see what's going on at NE been going there for many months now but have just recently started posting there.

Think I'm up to huge total of 4 posts there at the moment.


I did not notice this posted at NE so I am so happy you posted it here also or I would have missed it.

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^Heehee nightcrew is awesome.


Anyways, wow Fooz, this looks amazing. I seriously had no idea before now that you were into RCT. It would be really cool if you pick this up and finish it out. I do that a lot to my parks, let them sit for a while and then unearth them, it always help you appreciate your own work better.

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90% of the micro's on NE have rides they aren't always coasters, some have made some pretty cool river rapids and stuff like that on a 20x20 scale, fun thing on these micro's is that they are superdetailed cuz of the small footprint of the map, They aren't as easy as everybody thinks and they are surely something to look at...


About fooz his park I think it was actually meant to be a full scale park and its a sad thing he never continued on it cuz the detail level is very high and the ideas and execution are of a high level aswell.

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