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Photo TR: Camelot Theme Park, 18th April 2010 - CC POV!!

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I visited Camelot Theme Park in Chorley, Lancashire today. Main reason being that I had three credits to catch up on therefore my mum and I headed along for a short time so see what it was like since I had not visited since being a kiddie! - Feel free to use any of the ride pics on the Park Index here on TPR. - I do ahve some other pics not in this report so just send me a PM if you want others.


Getting near! - Hooray for Camelot!


Mini Golf been added since my last visit


..and Ducks!


The Castle! - Is it bigger than Disneyland Castle or not?


I guess mother can't stay in the stocks forever, I could do with a lift home!


A real live Dragon! - WOW - Maybe this park would get some more exposure if it gave Dragon Rides!


First ride of the day, the Log Flume - Not a bad little ride, bit bumpy but a decent amount of "wetness"


New Credit no. 1 - Caterpillar Capers!


I see you Mr Caterpillar


Jees, How long is the queue!


And a bonus item! - A Caterpillar Capers POV! - (Taken with permission from operator):



Next up to ride is the Dragon Fliyer - One of the only Diesel powered coasters worldwide...


... But it was closed for an unknown reason


Pendragons Plunge was only running one tube and the queue was horrendous so we didn't bother


The Ferris Wheel - (I didn't catch the names of all the smaller rides, Sorry)


The Jousting Arena seemed very quiet today too. I remember watching a jousting show here when I was much younger


Up the walkway and we find the Flying School - My excuse for not riding was that I rode the one at Gilroy Gardens last year!


They seem to allow All Sorts of people to go on this.


New Credit no.2 Whirlwind


Excaliber 2 was ok, I have ridden it many years ago and it seemed exactly the same as it was last time! - Operator was funny though


New Credit no.3 Knightmare - Really enjoyed this, was suprisingly good after the awful hours queue. The two ops ran it at an awfully slow pace


The platform and the slow ops




More Knightmare


Generic Area Pic


Me after just getting my 150th credit! - YAY


EXTERMINATE for all you Doctor Who fans


Small rides 1


Small Rides 2


Small Rides 3 - I really wanted to go on this but mother wouldn't allow me to embarrass her by going on it!


For all you Spongbob fans!


More castle - In actual fact, it does look bigger than Disneyland castle!


A round of Go Karting which was excellent fun once the little kid in the car infront got outta the way so I could go at full speed and not have the break.


Home Time, Thanks Camelot - oh and Club TPR for the discounted entry, The sales rep had to go and check with managers as he was like "Whats this card?" He didn't believe it when I said it got discounted entry, but it worked when he was told!






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Nice Photo TR


You should have gone last week to Camelot - Knightmare was a 1 car wait Heaven!


I think the reason Dragon Flyer is down is due to the track on the ride, looking at it when I was there at the beginning of the week the track looks horribly rusty, in serious need of replacement. But seeing as the park is being run by the liquidation company I very much doubt this will get replaced any time soon. So I failed to get that credit!

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