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Photo TR: Dreamworld Australia

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This is my first attempt at doing this so any pointers are handy!


Today after a week of looking forward to it I took a trip to Dreamworld for the day. After a week of cool cloudy days the weather was nice enough to clear up and provide a great day to be outdoors!


Arrived at the park at around 9:40 after a hour trip only to wait 5 minutes before they started letting people in. After a photo op with the parks mascots Kenny and Belinda it was over to the old Kodak shop to obtain a Q4U (Q-bot). Even on not so busy days one of these helps in the park. With the unit obtained and first ride booked it was off to the Tower of Terror before the queue line filled up. Was virtually walk on at this point.


Following this it was over to the Ocean Parade area of the park and Wipeout had just finished testing. The ride was running great today and even managed to get an extra flip on one of the re-rides. Next up was the claw which also saw many re-rides in the day. Being the latest proper thrill ride in the park it is a great addition and really enjoyable. By the time we got off the Wipeout and headed for the Claw, Thunder River Rapids was ready to ride and proceeded there straight away.


Upon entering the exit next to the queue house it was immediately obvious by the queue length the Q-Bot would be handy with water rides today.Thunder River is a rapids ride with a mining theme and part way through features a couple of animatronic scenes which I have no idea what their purpose is other than to add to the scenery. There are a couple of parts with water effects and waterfalls where you can get wet but for the most part you stay reasonably dry.


Following the ride of Thunder River the Giant Drop was the next on the list. For those of you unaware the Giant Drop is the tallest ride of its kind in the world and one of the reasons I am glad to call this park my home park. After being lifted 120m into the sky you freefall for 5 seconds on the way back down. I have no idea how this compares to one of its smaller brothers but this thing sure gets your adrenaline pumping. It is even better if you manage to get the Tower of Terror going up the tower as you are being lifted to the top as the whole tower shakes and rattles and helps scare first times just that little bit more!


Once exiting the drop it was a short wait until it was time to get on the Rocky Hollow Log Ride. Another mine themed ride this ride you almost definitely will get wet. The operator on the unload section of the platform was great and the reason for returning to the ride a 3rd time. Whilst it has a majority of mine themeing the ride has a random dinosaur after one of the turns. The main drop recently was replaced and seems to result in slightly more of a splash and minimum of drenched shoes and shorts/pants.


After this it was lunch time so we headed next door to WhiteWater World for lunch whilst watching the new addition there. Whilst the weather was warm I didn't think it was warm enough to visit the park for the rides/attractions. Same goes for the Flowrider next to the crossover gate between Dreamworld and WhiteWater World. Next visit to Dreamworld I am going to try my hand at the Flowrider to see if they are as fun as they look.


After lunch was the Cyclone. This arrow coaster whilst having an interesting layout can be a little rough and due to poor planning can easily get a long queue. The ride when originally built at Dreamworld after relocation from Sydney feature an somewhat decent themed queue line with a fake news report of an approaching cyclone. This was changed around the time the water park next door was built the queue is now on the outside of the building with views to the water park. The ride does feature some seemingly tight loops which can pull a few g's.


After Cyclone we hit up AVPX. AVPX is the parks most recent attraction and is a laser skirmish arena themed to the Alien vs Predator movie. You are brought into a briefing room where you are told part of the storyline from AvP. You are then kitted up and told you will be exploring the temple. You walk down a walk way into the final room where footage from AvP plays before entering the area. This would have to be one of the best laser skirmish areas I have been to. The addition of the environment attacking you alongside the other team makes for some interesting and challenging game play.


The rest of the day was mainly spent re-riding the major thrill rides broken up with trips on the parks train and invading Nickelodeon Central whilst waiting for the Q-bot.


Finally onto some photos brought to you today by the letter "i" and the word "Phone"!



The entrance that greets guests to Dreamworld



Kenny and Belinda the parks mascots with me (Club TPR shirt) and my friend Bradley



Q-bot! These make the park that little bit better.



The entrance to the Tower of Terror



Not any more! At least we held it momentarily.



Queue line. Normally this is full of people.



Tower of Terror car awaiting its next victims err... passengers.



100 mph! Beside it is some improvements that are planned for the Tower of Terror.



Wipeout. Best thing Vekoma ever made!



Queue house. Themed to a surf shack.



The Claw. An Intamin Gyro Swing. This thing is great, not as good as the Wipeout though!



The Giant Drop. I think the name says it all!



Thunder River Rapids entrance.



Thunder River Rapids



Heading into one of the areas where water jumps into the boat attacking whoever is unfortunate enough to be in the way.



Moto coaster station. A ride that never really lived up to the hype.



Moto coaster doing its thing. Had plenty of potential but loses too much speed too soon.



Top of the log rides main drop.



Me with the awesome ride operator on the log ride exit.



Cyclone themeing. This used to greet visitors as they entered the queue. Now you have to either get a Q4U or wait until leaving the ride to see it.



Final elements of the ride.



Flowrider. Still to my knowledge the only one in Australia.



Any ride with these guys out the front is worthy of a ride!



Especially with a name like this!



Chair swing invasion!



If I look serious will it go faster?



The park also has a wildlife area with a range of Australian animals. Didn't really go into this area of the park today other than to get on the train.



Dingoes seemed to spend most of the day resting.






Who you have to deal with to retrieve your thrown objects.



Back to the rides. The park train that loops between the parks major themed areas.



AVPX exterior. Inside isn't too camera friendly.



The parks enterprise named Reef Diver with a submarine theme to it.



Last but not least the Cyclone from out the front of the park with WhiteWater World entrance to the right.


There is a bit still to do in the park and areas that weren't featured due to only using them as a path between attractions. Tiger Island is a great attraction with an excellent show performed with their Tigers. Wiggles World is also a themed area with a few kids rides and attractions. I will look at including these in a report from a future visit to the park. The park I am looking at next visiting will be Warner Bros. Movie World but have no set date. Feel free to hit me up with photo requests for either Dreamworld or Movie World and I will see what I can do next visit.


Some may have noticed that I have done an edit. Part way though uploading I hit "Submit" instead of "Add the file"


Hope you enjoyed the report and the text section wasn't too long and boring.

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Nice report Michael, you know I have often contemplated the meaning of your user name (d34thstrik3) when I ran the footy tipping comp on ozcoaster.


I have been to Dreamworld since 2003, I guess I've been too spoiled by the parks on overseas trips to appreciate it much.


I thought Cyclone was pretty tame, I remember going over the harbour bridge everyday to work and watching it going up at Luna Park in Sydney.

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^ "Spooty" was a phrase uttered by Dagget and Norbert (aka the Angry Beavers) on an animated TV show (called, what else, Angry Beavers) that was incredibly funny.


Spooty is a synonym for stupid, dumb, unintelligent.



Great TR, I hope to visit Australia someday, and when I do, that park is on my list!

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I personally liked Movie World better than, Dream world, I just thought that Dreamworld had a lot of off the shelf rides, while Movie World had alot of different rides (including Snoopy which was actually good for a mouse). It also probably helped that the SLC was closed the day i went to Movie world

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Very cool trip report; thanks! Ever since the ToT opened, I've been dying to go to this park, and I've never seen any shots taken inside the queue - nice. And as terrified of heights as I am, the Giant Drop just looks awesome (I can't explain why, but I get less freaked out by Intamin freefallers... go figure). Never imagined what would happen if a ToT car were bombing up the tower while one were riding the GD... Bonus!


And, truly, "The Angry Beavers - Spooty Spin" may just be the best ride name in the history of outdoor entertainment.

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