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Photo TR: Vegas Extreme Skydiving 4/14/10

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Good afternoon TPR (or morning depending on what side of the planet you live on)!!


Well it doesn't exactly have to do with a specific theme park or attraction, we all are adrenaline junkies here right!?

Anyways, my buddy Joshua and I decided to take a trip to Jean, Nevada just south of Las Vegas on I-15 to Vegas Extreme Skydiving today!


First off let me tell you this, the employees and crew at this place were amazing in making you feel comfortable and welcome! I'm not gonna lie I was scared all the way up to the point that the chute opened up!

It was 9AM and we watched the liability video, signed the forms, suited up, basic training, and right into the plane.

We were told that we would be jumping from 15,000ft. From that height we could clearly see the Las Vegas skyline, Lake Mead, Primm, NV, Red Rock Canyon, and Mt. Charleston. Basically all of the recreation areas of the Vegas area.


They took video (which I will be posting once I get them uploaded) and tried to keep the spirits up by joking around, even though you can clearly see the fear we were trying to hide. During this time we asked is it almost time. The response, No we're only half-way....

Talk about the longest lift hill in history!


I thought this only happened on television but once we got to the jump zone a little green light came on and the door was opened. The sound of the air passing by the plane was overwhelming and you knew there was no turning back now. I jumped second and my buddy jumped fourth. It was crazy seeing the person before you leave the plane. We looked over and the jumper attached to me asked if I was ready, i said YES! We leaped out of the plane and the feeling was like what you feel on a skycoaster, but only for a few seconds. Once you hit terminal velocity it didn't feel scary or anything, kinda surreal, just much louder!


45 seconds into freefall the chute was deployed and everything got really quiet. It was an creepy feeling of calm and relaxation. The instructor let me take the helm and steer us through some spins and turns. That of which rival some of the best flat rides. The rest of the descent took about 5 minutes and was crazy. We got to the landing zone with a nice landing. All I could think of saying was, "CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN!!!"


This is something I will never forget and was an experience I will take with me for a lifetime. I'm certain this will not be my last skydive. This whole process was done in about an hour. These guys are good at what they do! I was told they on average jump 5 to 6 times a day.


Anyways enough with this I'm sure you all want to see some photos.

These photos were taken from parts of the video that was shot. I'm still in the process of uploading them and will be sure to post them once they are done. We have two videos, one of me and one of my buddy Joshua. It will be neat to see the videos from their different perspectives.


Walking out of the training facility, nerves already shot



Boarding the plane, right about now, I'm glad I remembered to use the restroom...


At least you get to chat before you get to plummet down to earth. Adrenaline is starting to kick in, but so is the fear.


Halfway point.


Great views, this is the smallest plane I have ever been on...


We're at jump altitude, are you ready, are you gonna chicken out?? Seriously that's what they asked.


That's me leaving the plane, an amazing rush!




Face says it all...


Once the chute was deployed, they let you take the controls, and it is an amazing feeling!


Way better than a skycoaster..


Just after landing and my buddy Joshua landing in the background.


Apologies for the bad quality, phone pic.


For the first jump we had to get the DVDs and they are well worth it!


We will be back for sure!!


Oh and we got these snazzy shirts after we got back to the training facility!


There will be more photos once I get them all uploaded! Hope you enjoy! Video soon to follow!

This was an awesomazing experience that I will never forget! (Yeah I know I made my own word, Awesome+Amazing=Awesomazing!) If anyone is looking for the ultimate rush, I highly recommend skydiving!

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I need to do this! How much does it cost?


It was about $200 total per person. $50 deposit at the time of reservation.

But if you ask me It was TOTALLY worth the price! And if I had to, I would pay it again, as I'm sure I will be doing very soon!



*Both videos have now been posted to the second response in this thread. Enjoy!

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