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Photo TR: The Brit Crew go to Loudoun Castle and M&D's


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A few of us Brit Crew maniacs just don't like letting a holiday weekend pass by without getting together for some parks and alcohol. This was certainly the case for Easter this year when Scottish Steve and myself played host to a few TPR members who had never experienced the delights of Tennent's Lager, deep fried pizza or custom Pinfari loopers of death...







Our first park was the place that is hands down the best park in Scotland, Loudoun Castle. Now that's not saying much considering the other parks in Scotland but still, it's a nice place and if they could just add a few more kick ass attractions it would be a really good park. It does have a really nice setting and some fun rides. The best one being the Schwarzkopf looper that came from Dreamland in Margate (and Camelot before that!). Loudoun Castle really does seem to have a thing for plucking half-decent rides from other parks around the UK and that's no bad thing in my view!


So we had a great day here, the only downer for a few of the guys was that one of the coasters (the wild mouse) is now gone and it's replacement (another blast from UK-park-past!) is not in place just yet.


Here's the photos...


Welcome to Loudoun Castle, the BEST theme park in Scotland! Okay, that’s not saying much, but still, it’s quite a nice place.


The big attraction here is the twisty Scwarzkopf goodness that is Twist’N’Shout!


If you’ve been on Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa than you’ll know exactly what it’s like - Pretty good!


If you visited Camelot about ten years ago then you might just have rode this as Tower of Terror!


Everyone see Anth in the red Grona Lund hoodie? Good. Anth asked me to make sure that no one misses him in any photos today.


The highlight of the day for the three Loudoun Castle virgins – the Wacky Worm!!!


Such a TPWhore.


What the hell is going on with Andrew’s right thumb?!


If rides themed to barrels is your thing then Loudoun Castle may well be for you!


See what I mean?




Coming to SyFy in 2011: Giant Shark vs Scottish Steve. I can’t wait!


If you prefer spinny to twisty then you can go crazy here!


Anth’s special... So special.


If Southern Steve were a cartoon would he look like this? TPDave says TPYes!


There's plenty of crazy flat rides at Loudodun castle. This one just isn't twisty enough for Divv.


Hmmm… I could have sworn there used to be a Wild Mouse here…


Not anymore! If you didn’t get your Rat credit then you’re too late!


It looks like this could be the “4 Man Bob” ride that was at Alton Towers in the late 80s. It's finally being constructed at Loudoun Castle!


Andrew can’t get enough tea after his visit to Scotland. Don’t forget to offer him some!


And now for the cute-animal/not-so-cute-TPR-member portion of the TR.


Are you aMOOsed?! I sure am!


Beware of TPDave and his TPDonkey Army!


Looks like we’re out of the farm now, right? Wrong!


That’s some awesome theming on a standard S&S tower! This one came from Pleasureland Southport!


What Would Wendy Say?


TPDave just wants to know what happened to Shergar...


Save a horse, ride a Scotsman.


TPDave spent pretty much his entire weekend getting ferried around like this. Oh to be a part of the TPFamily…


Don’t forget to pick up your souvenir tractor photo!


This is The Plough. It used to be at Lightwater Valley. Yes, I think pretty much every park in England is represented in some form at Loudoun Castle!!!


(PS Can everyone see Anth?)


Sorry Anth, no Peppa Pig for you this time. But there is something on that will blow your mind!




These guys just can’t contain their DIVE SHOW excitement! Hey hey hey!!!


Just incase you forgot why this place is called Loudoun Castle…


My my, Steve. You do that awfully well!


Whilst Loudoun Castle is a small park that can be completely done in a few hours, it really is a nice place to spend a few hours. Plus any park that constructs two Schwarzkopf coasters gets a big thumbs up from me! If you’re ever nearby you should check it out!


More Scottish park antics to come…

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High fives for rat credit! Why didn't they just keep it up and put in the new ride in between the looper and the mouse, though? That was stupid. There's a whole field there...


first time we went after the mouse was put up, it was a decent ride with good thruput (not tht quing has been an issue on our trips to Loudon - 5minutes is a long Q).

couple of seasons later, slower load times, fewer mice on track, and a health and safety investigation following a tragic incident.


I think for those who work in and run the park, it may be a nice sight to see a replacement ride going in.

Though do agree the field between the two coaster sites screems out for a third coaster to be installed.

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Loudoun Castle looks like a delightful little park! Hell, I'd visit for the castle alone - that castle looks seriously awesome. Great theming on the S&S tower. And Schwarzkopfs are always fun. Did the dive show have a pirate theme? (I see Jolly Rogers behind the divers - nice!)

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I still get a little jealous when I see all the parks the Birt Crew gets to visit together.


Well, the BIrt Crew is one thing, but I get even more jealous when we're talking about the BRit Crew! Once again, you guys have introduced me to a park I'd never heard of--thanks for sharing that and, of course, for the Brit Crew antics that go along with it--they're always "aMOOsing"! I must say, though, it looked awfully cold for that dive show--am I seeing correctly that it looks like they're at least wearing some sort of wet suit in the pictures?

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^ They were wearing wetsuits, but they were also very hardy men from far off countries like Russia, Poland, Serbia and England...


Divv, I think you need to do another update when you stop bloody working or going to school or trying to have a life! We need pictures of garage and my amazing pic of Anth and his new friend



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M&D's: Scotland's Theme Park


The next day took us to the other amusement park in the Glasgow area - M&D's. If you read any of my TRs in the past you might know that I'm not a huge fan of this place. However, there are five credits here and well, every enthusiast really wants to ride the worst coaster in the world. Right?


So we really didn't spend very long at the park. It was raining and apart from the five coasters there's nothing much worth riding. But still some good Brit Crew antics ensued and we had plenty of other fun stuff in store for the weekend!


Here's the photos...


Yay, we’re at M&D’s! It’s Scotland’s “Theme” Park! Don’t these guys just look delighted to be here?!


Scottish Steve’s still recovering from the previous night’s drinking shenanigans!


Can everyone see Anth???


And now for the reason that every coaster enthusiast needs to visit Scotland! The most boisterous ride on the planet - Tornado!


Sign of quality.


TPDave can’t wait to try out what was voted the WORST coaster in the world in the 2009 steel poll!


Holiday Park can keep Expedition GeForce's first drop.


Yup, this ride features vertical loop penetration. It’s very dirty and mean.


This ranks below such classics as Gouderix, “Favourite Chance Toboggan” and “Favourite Zamperla Volare”.


Andrew has a new number one!


The tour of Pinfari amazingness continues with the ride op powered Wacky Worm.




Sign of quality.


Speaking of quality… How about a Pinfari invert?


Unfortunately the wet track means that the front row of the green train has to stay empty. Full trains means that the coaster may make it round the track and M&D's can't have that! Plus, there has to be a line waiting to ride at all times!


Although there are no such issues for the yellow train for some reason!


The coaster is actually not too bad, by far the best in the park. Although it really looked like it was coming close to valleying today (which I was really hoping for while these guys were riding).


Today, it’s Daisy who gets to say “Hi Erik!”


As if you haven’t dirtied yourself enough by looking at photos of Pinfari coasters today. Here’s another one!


M&D’s have went all out in getting their coasters looking in tip-top shape for the start of the 2010 season!


Yes, yes. I know that Scottish money looks different to English money. Get over it guys!


Delicious AND refreshing!


Scottish Steve in line for dodgems. This is we what we like to see!




Mmmm… Chicken Chunks!


Sadly, the Fudges couldn’t be with us this weekend but you’d hardly know it with this park branded selection of delicious hand made fudge!


Oh my God, we’re all gonna die!!! SyFy needs to make a movie about this dude!


I get incredibly freaked out every time I look at this thing!


I know I rag on this place quite a bit but we still made the most of it. I just wish the place was a bit more like Loudoun Castle and a lot less like a ghetto carnival. TPDave loved it though. He’s just sad he never got to try the Chicken Chunks.


Random Scottish touristy stuff, drinking fun, Wagamama and IKEA(!) update coming up next!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, so things got in the way and I didn't find the time to post this update and I was just gonna leave it. But then I realised that there are Ikea photos involved and well, it'd be a crime not to post them on TPR!


So without any further ado here's a random tour of the other stuff we didn't in Scotland on this weekend!


This pretty is place is Craig Tara. Home of caravans, freezing cold wind and...


Peena Puu's "special" Scottish cousin!


And the real reason we drove all the way to the edge of Scotland's west coast? The Wacky Worm!


Well except for this no fun pair who were only here for the Scrummy Yummies.


I needed this to say that I've got every credit in Scotland. Well until the new one opens at Loudoun and the random thing in Inverness opens in the summer!


Back in Glasgow and there's only one place to go for a Brit Crew dinner!


TPDave tried his Katsu Curry meat free this time. I don't understand either.


Number 94. This thing is Godly!


Random group photo in Wagamama! Let's do this again soon!


Across the road from Wagamama is the awesome, awesome pub called Frankenstein. Why's it called this? Maybe it's got something to do with the animatronic Frankenstein that comes out of the ceiling!!! Scottish Steve loves it!


Andrew demonstrates what would happen if Steve didn't keep the rug nice and trim.


Have you signed up for Club TPR yet? You better have!


Hmm, we've never seen this place before. Let's check it out!


OMG, so THIS is where Scott's been all this time!


Only a brief visit to Reflex this time. We had more important places to visit tonight!


We've magically transported into The Garage - the number one nightclub in Glasgow! Exactly the place that the Brit Crew needs to be!


Apologies for the photo not being very clear but I'm pretty sure that this is Shark Attack 3 that the Garage were showing on their screens! Can anyone confirm?!


Scott had never seen the rug in person before. A viewing of the rug is now mandatory for anyone who has not seen it before.


TPDave borrowed my camera and this is the photo I was left with. This photo was the result of one very TPPissed off Scottish lass!


Hugh Jackman heard about the rug and just had to see it for himself.


TPMania is a-running wild!


Oh yeah, that Caughey on the right, making his first TPR appearance since 2007! I'm guessing it'll be just as long til we see him on here again! We can only hope.


Hold on to that feeling!


Never one to miss out on a local delicacy TPDave tries out Glasgow's famous Pizza Crunch! Essentially, it's deep fried pizza. I do not believe this has anything to do with Scotland being the heart-disease capital of the world.


Pretty drunk at 3am on a random street. Usual Brit Crew standards are being upheld in Glasgow.


TPHappy to help! Bye TPDave, hope you enjoyed your flying visit! (Although you missed the best part!)


Okay it's not Stockholm, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it is!


Scottish Steve's ready to measure out the space time continuum to get himself onto the Europe trip that much faster!


Ikea has some perfect diversions for TPDave if he starts annoying you! Oh wait...


Now there's a rug that challenges Steve!


Yes, yes it is funny to pretend it's Steve's bed!


Just like a normal day in Canada for Andrew. Right?


We like fish, we like fish!


Get your Heron City memorial pillows right here!


I think Steve's trying to make a joke here.


TPSteve re-enacts “the evening before an assignment is due”.


I’m sure I left the Ark of the Covenant around here somewhere…


And now for the real reason for this detour to Ikea!


Andrew says a miniature "Hi Erik".


Pretty successful Ikea visit if you ask me! Is there such a thing as an unsuccessful Ikea visit though?


Back to more touristy stuff and a look at the River Clyde. Can't you tell that they're smazed?


When the rain and clouds stay away Glasgow's actually quite a nice place!


And now we jump over to Scotland's capital for Scottish Steve's favourite thing in Scotland!


Can't you tell he's just thrilled to be here? Can you imagine just how much Scottish Steve LOVED getting asked to take part in a demonstration?!


You can't tkae photos inside the Dungeon so you'll just have to take my word for it that Scottish Steve was amazingly hilarious throughout!


Oh and Fleshmarket Close is a real street in Edinburgh!


For some reason unbeknownst to Andrew or I, Steve actually survived the Dungeon experience and has said that he can't wait to try out the London version later this year!


Anyway, thus concludes this random wrap up of Scottish Brit Crew fun. It was a great weekend and it was fun to welcome the guys to my hometown. Let's do it again sometime!


Thanks for reading!

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Very awesome report!!!


This picture is awesome! Truly part of the 'Clean Plate Club'!!!


That green fleece is sitting on my couch right now!!!

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Great report Divv! At least Andrew didn't have to suffer the Corkscrew of Pending Lawsuit on Tornado.


I needed this to say that I've got every credit in Scotland. Well until the new one opens at Loudoun and the random thing in Inverness opens in the summer!


I'm praying that random Inverness credit is powered. Codona's nearly killed me last time!


If it is a proper coaster, I'll be well up for a road trip to go for it!

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I would like to point out that the photo I took in the garage would have been absolutely EPIC were it not for the fact that the girl couldn't hear me and ended up getting blinded...


Anth, It would have made your night if she heard what I said to her


And yes, it was definitely Shark Attack 3



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The Edinburgh Dungeon sounds awesome - I wanna go! (I'll be checking out the London Dungeon in June, and hopefully the one in Amsterdam in July.) Congrats to Steve for being such a brave soul - and for making it out alive.


The deep-fried pizza looks incredible - WOW. But what are Scrummy Yummies?! (And more importantly, do they live up to their name?)

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Very cool TR! But I must say, one picture in particular stood out to me...



It reminded me a lot of this...



I dunno, the position is very similar. That's all.


Anyways, nice TR. Looking forward to more pics from another trip!

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