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Photo TR: East Coast & Canadian Gang's 2009 Adventures

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Up first: Easter 2009 in Atlanta and Savannah (Below)

Canadians Take the Brits to Niagara & Wonderland

Sidetracked with Nostalgia! Closed Niagara Parks!

Niagara Part 2 and Toronto

Wandering Wonderland

New England - Lake Compounce, Rained out SFNE, Some Other Stuff & SFGA


Hard to believe, but it’s been a year since a bunch of 2009 TPR-related adventures began. I’d call it the best year yet. In celebration of that Easter weekend in Georgia a year ago, I thought I’d start off this thread of our East Coast & Canadian Gang’s 2009 happenings. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the TRs posted by everyone and thought this would be a great way to get back into it. Oh yah, it’s another reason to procrastinate from starting that mega TR, Scandinavia. I should get that done before a whole year passes LoL


Deep South 09 Days 1 to 3 are done – feel free to click in the signature link below to check it out.


So, here we go!


With the emotions and ‘stuff’ that surround Easter also came the excitement of celebrating David’s birthday. Along with fêting the birthday dude, I was invited to hang out and check out two places I’ve never been. I love historic cities and towns so I jumped on the opportunity to visit Savannah.


Being with the TPR East Coast Crew, it wasn’t only about religion, birthdays and history. Nope, it wouldn’t be a true TPR-type get-together without a good balance of everything, inclusive of games, a few coasters, food and craziness! To be specific, some Dave & Busters, a dash of out on the town, crack of dawn Easter service, SFoG and touring old Savannah! Oh, just in case you were all wondering, yes, there were pirates!


Now this first post is sort of a warm-up since we had some camera issues at SFoG that prevented us of getting pics of well, SFoG. So feel free to imagine the awesomeness of Mind Bender and Goliath for now or check out all the awesome pics from TPR's Deep South 09 trip. I'll update with more pics as soon as I can find them.


We started off by meeting at the hotel in Atlanta, followed by our first stop....


....none other than Dave & Busters! I know they are everywhere but I've never been. This was somewhat of a big deal? haha


Da boies in front of well, food. Can't ask for much more.


Ok, except for maybe beer. Christiana puts me to shame.


Some midway Skee ball action! So began the ticket hoarding.


Jay and Eli show the world how Dance Dance Revolution is really done.


So we had stacks of tickets but still not enough for the inflatable toilet. Seriously, that was a goal but it wasn't meant to be. Instead, we picked out random inflatable crap. Still waiting for Eli to blow that sucker up.....


It's all blown up. Oh...and Hello Kitty! Ali is obviously a fan :)


A little soccer golf in the parking lot?


Jay bends it like...well...no one really :)


So after Dave & Busters it was back to the hotel to clean up and and head to check out the Peachtree Action. We settled on an interesting place that had pizza....and Sushi! Who would have thought? Kim and Ali are luvin' it!


Or...maybe not.


We went for it raw...


On that note, it was back to the hotel, which was an adventure in itself. It was early to bed for me, Kerry and Eli since we had Easter sunrise service at some insanely early hour the next day. It was truly beautiful and a great start to the day.


A TPR pic as a reminder that yes, we spent an amazingly beautiful and magical (ok, too many iPad articles read today LoL) day at SFoG I think David had a great time on his b-day! I can't say enough about Mind Bender! Goliath was great as well. Personally, I really enjoyed that park.


After a long day at the park, we had to say good bye to Christiana, Kim and Ali. Nick, Kerry and I continued on to Savannah to check out some history and some good eatin' ya'll! When we arrived back we headed straight for the Savannah Waffle House. I can't even begin to describe the cast of characters on the overnight shift. It was like and X-rated version of Corner Gas, complete with smoking cook (while cooking), pornographic server and a police officer. What more could you want?


Now, along with arriving in a place of American history came arriving to weather of historic proportions. Flooding and a tornado watch.


You think it's ok to go walking around now, or maybe wait?


Oh, did I mention that there was a touch of flooding?


Luckily our host home (thank you David!) was cozy and had an awesome porch to take in the rain and wait for the start of a weekly household tradition - Dinner and a Bad Movie! We're talking really bad...


The evening ended with a great dinner and screening of that award winning flick - Poultrygeist! This is something that has to be seen to be appreciated for its 'badness' lol


Next day the rain had passed and clean up was underway. We were invited to tour Savannah on Old Savannah Trolley Tours.


Yes, there were guaranteed pirate spotting on the tour! I tried but I admit a total fail here.


Trolley coolness.


WE got off at Forsythe Park and checkout a bit of the architecture and sites.


A southern belle spotting :)


The infamous Forsythe Fountain?


Check out the drains!


Around town


..and if a fake pirate wasn't enough to get everyone excited, one of the oldest restaurants in town is all about pirates! Yes, there is a pirate inside...but you'll have to go there to check it out. Seriously, the best fried chicken ever.


Our last night featured an awesome group dinner prior to heading out and checking out the River Street night life.


Wait a sec, a Mini owner in the passenger seat? What gives?


Ok, this makes sense. Kerry was awesome at carting everyone around Atlanta and Savannah so had the distinct privilege of driving the Mini!


Beautiful River Street!


Ok seriously. Free taffy that flies. I'm there.


Between taffy and pralines, I had enough gifts for the folks and grandparents back home as a salve for missing Easter last year.


This place won me over.


Moonshine slushies! Who would have thought?


The end of a really cool trip. Other places we checked out included the house featured in Ghost Hunters and Leopold's Ice Cream. Amazing stuff! Thanks again to our awesome hosts!

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^Couldn't agree more! This year is already starting to look fantastic I think!


Well, since that amazing week, I was lucky enough to experience overseas travel with TPR to Scandinavia, meeting up with the Deep South group and various visits to Canada's Wonderland with other TPR Canucks.


One week in particular really stood apart. A small part of the Brit Crew (2) flew to Canada for a wedding but got so much more than they bargained for I'm sure. Without further chit chat and delay, here is the start of an epic multi-parter: Fudge 3 & Friend Come to Canada! That would be Dave & Amy.


Day 1 involved meeting the Brits in Niagara Falls and checking out all the area had to offer - from tourist traps to casinos. After being picked up by Matt Damon and his entourage, we were whisked to the falls in luxury.


The drive down was awesome. Here we are about to start our hunt for Brits, who were already in the area.


A bit of the ambiance that is Niagara Falls.


Getting closer, we think we feel the presence of foreigners.


Bingo! Found those British folk!


Heading to the entrance of a special attraction.


The Canadian Horseshoe Falls in the distance.


The American Falls are much closer at this point.


A little Canada-USA love connection....


Oh, they gave us ponchos for some reason.


Our first attraction!


The ponchos could come in handy on this. I hear it gets really close. Oh wait, that's not it?


Ah ok, that looks a bit more promising.


The gang on the Maid of the Mist, top deck at the railing of course! I've been to Niagara Falls countless times, but this is the first experience on Maid of the Mist.


...and we're off!


The other boats in the distance. Apparently, we're heading that way...


Some more love for the American Falls!


The hotel/ casino strip.


Oooooh! A casino! We'll see YOU, later.


A little wet, but acceptable at this point.


The old hydro power generating station.


Other folks under the American falls just wanting to get drenched....for fun.




Wow, close enough and the wetness still manageable. Wait. I think we're going closer.


Seriously, I think my camera is still wet.


At this point, we are beyond all tolerable and acceptable amounts of wetness. At least we had the ponchos.


Angry, angry water.


Another view of the falls from close enough LoL Only the jet boats venture to the whirlpool.


Heading back.


Definitely a cool experience!


Like all great attractions, you exit into a gift shop. Being the creative bunch that we are, this one is referred to by its nick name, "The Store".


After a misty experience, it was time to check out Clifton Hill. But first, lunch.


We end Part 1 with the obvious choice for lunch. Did we fear it or did it fear us? Did any one actually eat it? Did we actually go to Wendy's? Find out this, other stuff you probably don't need to know and so much more (in the next update)!

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When we arrived back we headed straight for the Savannah Waffle House. I can't even begin to describe the cast of characters on the overnight shift. It was like and X-rated version of Corner Gas, complete with smoking cook (while cooking), pornographic server and a police officer. What more could you want?


Aaaaand THIS is why you'll be seeing more of me when new pics are posted.

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^^LoL Thanks, I think!

^It did look good! I'm a person who's always disappointed when I don't order a 'usual', so I stuck with the 'usual' haha


Moving on though, we did go to Wendy's and someone did get....The Baconator!


We continue with lunch followed by a 'magic pass' deal with entrance to a few attractions included - Glow in the dark Mini Golf, midway games, Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Sky Wheel.


There's actually a bit to do in the area. Who knew?


Back at Wendy's we begin analyzing...The Baconator


Upon closer look, it is actually quite healthy. I'm not one to speak, I hoovered a double cheese burger LoL


After lunch, it was off to our first attraction. But since Mr. Fudge was walking past 'his place', the paparazzi were out in full force!


We start with Glow in the Dark Mini Golf!


A little overkill on the neon paint but it did the trick.


Andrew's lucky charm. It didn't work. I won. LoL


After that excitement, how could anyone handle more? Well, we sucked up and went for more excitement, all that is Ripley's Believe it! Or not! Zoltar welcomes everyone...


This...is a big a$$ chair! Believe it! Or not!


Despite what you may have heard, these may or may not be government-mandated equipment in every home and igloo across this great nation. Believe it! Or Not!


The world's tallest man.


Oh look. Here he is now.


Love the Zippo.


This really is the world's largest man! Believe it! Or Not! That or something out of House of Wax.


I think this was a prop from one of DT's favorite films. It is awesome after all!


We'll end Ripley's with not just any beaver...but an albino beaver! Talk amongst yourselves...


I know what you're thinking. All that fun must be tiring. Why yes. Yes it was. So much so that a sugar boost was in order. We hit 'the Mountain' in search of some British confections...


I just really wish I knew that these existed here. I remember my first Double Decker from Divv I think in Scandi.


Just like home!


Nothing like being on a sugar high and checking out the scariest walk through ever. Scottish Steve should have been here.


Nightmares = insane. There are a ton of lame walk throughs on Clifton Hill. Thankfully this was not lame and not on Clifton Hill.


We end this section with the 'random pic of the day'.


A bit of Clifton Hill from the ground. We're about to take you to the sky wheel for some extra special shots.


Towering way (below) the London Eye, it's the Niagara Sky Wheel! Whoot!


Yep, it's locked.


Some cool views all around.


Clifton Hill North


Clifton Hill South


Casino Niagara! Not the newest casino in town, but hey, they have penny slots to enjoy will sipping on a caesar or two!


The wheel was done. We were on our way to the midway. But first, just goes to show that any time is a great time for Cookies on a Stick!


We arrive at a 'wanna be' Dave & Busters. This was really the case since Dave & Busters is literally across the street.


Our guests try a little dark ride shooting action while we start hoarding tickets.


We let Andrew try. It was a solid effort yet I don't remember many tickets coming out.


Matt D was so close to winning something awesome, like a Wii if I remember. But, that last turn just didn't work out.


Now that is a look of Stacker let down and disappointment.


We now take you on an exclusive tour of the place that is not Madame Tussauds! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present Louis Tussaud's! As you will see, they just do it better. Totally life-like, you'd never guess these people are made of wax!


Our first example! You can't tell they're fake can you?


oooh Nicole.


A stellar example of art imitating life. It's as if we're right there with the Blues Bros.






It's as if Marlon is still with us.


Who wouldn't do a double take at how life-like Tom Hanks looks here?


You'd never know that this wasn't real!


Ok now this. This is the crowning glory and jewel that makes you forget that this is not a Madame Tussauds! If this doesn't send a shiver down your spine, I'm not quite sure what will.






It's never been so convincing.


I'd wanna wake up from this dream too.


Are they really going to do a re-make?


We've reached the end of Louis Tussaud's! A short pause for a family shot and then it'll be off to dinner.

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Nice report from my neck of the woods...thanks for sharing!


Casino Niagara! Not the newest casino in town, but hey, they have penny slots to enjoy will sipping on a caesar or two!


I wish they could have preserved the old Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park where Casino Niagara now sits (as well as nearby Crystal Beach ). They used to have a big ferris wheel (similar to the one you rode - but open air, I believe) and several old school carnival style flat rides.


I believe the only thing left of the old park now is that tower that just says "CASINO" on it. I wonder if they will ever open it up so people can go up in the tower again? Actually, I have no clue as to why it is even still there other than for decoration...


When I was in the casino last year, it seemed like it was looking a little run down. The Fallsview Casino (by the Skylon Tower) is much nicer and Vegas-esque inside. Neither one of them ever seems to pay out though!


Did you guys get to do the jet boat to the whirlpool? I would highly recommend it for anyone visiting the area. I think it is about $50 to ride, but well worth the thrill! Even though they give you heavy, hemp-like wetsuits and ponchos, I was still soaked by the end...much more than Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds!

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^Hey Phil, thanks for reading!


Nope, didn't get to the jet boat. I think it was a bit much for the day but hopefully will get on that at some point soon. It looks awesome.


I'm not really a huge Casino guy, that was my second one ever next to Hard Rock Casino in London. It was still a lot of fun. I think the Fallsview is very Vegas-like but the pricing also reflects it from my understanding. But, I will still get there one day I'm sure.


I've heard a lot about Crystal Beach. Ford used to have the company picnic there so my uncles would tell me stories about the coasters and such. Never made it there before it closed unfortunately.


A family friend owned an Italian restaurant in Niagara Falls called The Love Boat. We used to go there for every special occasion. The view out the window was Maple Leaf Village. Although my sister and I saw it quite often, we were never allowed to go as we'd be dressed up in some 'special occasion' outfit, always white pants for some reason in the summer. LoL


Still on the discussion of Niagara, more up the QEW at Jordan Station, there was I park I used to love going to a lot - Prudhomme's Landing and Wet N' Wild. The Tivoli miniature world was close by as well. I was 8 or 9 the last time. It was small but the location at the lake was fantastic. It had a haunted walk through that was the same concept as Nightmares in Niagara but it was in an actual old farm house. Oh, it had the standard carnival rides and Go-Karts. For those on the Scandi Trip, it was kind of a pre-Tranan/ new ownership Skara Sommarland. My first water park exists just up the QEW a bit further at Wild Water Works. That place is still open and operating.


Pics before: Prudhomme's Landing - Wet 'N' Wild pre 2003.

Pics after it closed (it's bit depressing seeing a park like this): Tom's "Remember Prudhommes" Post


Now that you've got me all sentimental and nostalgic, here's a quick look at a park abandoned too soon. Pics courtesy of Ontario Abandoned Places Blog and Pics


I remember swimming in this wave pool!


..and sliding down this


The scariest walk through ever! You followed little red lights throughout a dark house. People grabbed your hats and shoes and you. You had to scream "Nightmare Chicken" if you were scared and wanted out. I was on this list once when I was 10.


Yes, roller rinks were cool in the 80s!


My first bumper cars


My first tilt a whirl.


Uhm. Yes. Perhaps a few? lol

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Ugh the Pirates House...my parents would make us stop to eat there EVERY time we would drive down to Florida from NY!!!


There was nothing I ate, and they would never buy me anything cool in the gift shop. Then we would walk to that taffy place (where I didn't eat candy) and get back in the car.


Savannah is not very Elissa Friendly!!!!

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I wish I had known which Haunted Walk Through was good on my drive back from Behemoth Bash. I wanted to do one and had heard that only one was good, but didn't know which one.


Not surprisingly I decided to waste my money in the Niagara Casino versus wasting my money on a bad haunted house. Surprisingly, I won money in the casino.

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^^^^^Elissa, I thought fried chicken was safe? No taffy? At least a Waffle House or a McDonald's would have made up for the non-Elissa friendly locales, assuming your parents stopped again on the way down. In all honesty, I could see the dude dressed up as the pirate frightening a lot of children away at that place.


^^^^Larry! I wish I knew better back during Behemoth Bash, I would have pointed you in the right direction. I think I knew of Nightmares but just hadn't experienced it to recommend it at the time. For sure it's a solid recommend. See, there really is another reason to come back up here!


^^^LoL Someone else loved the Fatal Attraction scene. Quite the Glenn Close/ Michael Douglas duo huh? I dunno, Toronto has changed a lot even in the past few years I've noticed. But, the old staples are still there so from that perspective, at least some familiarity sticks around.


^^Steve. You would have gone in and there wouldn't have been a need for the list. That's all. lol

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Ok, just a li'l off track...


Time to get back to it. Finishing up Niagara followed by an evening in Toronto!


Up next, Canada's Wonderland.


Oh, you may have wondered what we did with our tickets from the midway? Here we are, an airplane for all!


So, dinner at TGI Friday's is awesome when you get to put together a toy. I don't think Andrew followed the instructions....


Well hey, nothing screams Canada like a Brit Mountie and Moose.


A serene view.


Time for a little memorable bonding. Time to fly those planes! No, they didn't make it as far as we'd like.


Well, time to check out NIagara's brand new attraction! It was rather 'inexpensive'??


We're starting to feel furious?


They gave us ponchos. Dave put his on backwards. We're off to the races.


Who's got fury? I know what you're thinking. Were the ponchos needed? Oh yes. Yes they were. My personal experience, whatever wasn't covered by the poncho was soaked.


We end our day in Niagara by checking out the lights. The next day, D&A spent the day in Toronto. We all met up after for dinner.


No better place for dinner than 1,151 ft up in the air at the 360 Restaurant.


As an appetizer of sorts, everyone takes a moment to try out the glass floor, only 1,122 ft up in the air.


Oooga boooga! Don't look down!


Finally, dinner and enjoying the amazing company, views, sunset and food. Oh, obviously a huge highlight of the night was playing with the Dyson Airblades.

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I really wish I was able to joined you guys through all off these adventures through Niagara Falls and Dinner in Toronto. But unfortunately I had to work, you should have visited me at work I would have gave you a discount. But at least I made it to Wonderland with you.



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I've lived in Toronto my whole life and never ate at the 360 restaurant.

Is it even worth it? I've looked at the menu prices and can never seem to justify anything that would warrant me handing over $14 for a starter salad and at least $35 for an entree.

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^^Hey Jon, same here. I have no idea why we didn't even think to come by! Totally my fault I think. I have this notion about bothering friends at work and completely forgot that you're in a restaurant bothered by tourists all day long anyways haha You will be taken up on your discount offer when next in Niagara! Glad you made it out to Wonderland and the rest of the 'adventures'.


^You and me both up until that day. You definitely have a reasonable perspective that is not far off. I found what I really needed to do though is think like a tourist and be prepared to be gouged or consider the value of the 'overall experience', then it seems ok. That got me through Niagara. Keep in mind though that you're paying for the experience above all, and there aren't too many like it around the world. Also, we went for the least expensive or mid-tier at most fixed price menu (choice of appetizer, main and dessert). This helped a great deal. Just be prepared to pay excruciatingly high prices for beverages (where they totally made up for the reasonable fixed price menu pricing). Or, drink water. Compare the price of admission alone and adding food against a the 360 fixed price menu, which includes admission to the main deck. Was it a really cool and unique experience? Yes. Was the food ok? Better than ok. It all depends on your perspective at the time. That being said, it was a bit pricey but would have been more than reasonable had I stuck with water

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^^hahah yah..I think the price is in line. Never tried it though since I'm really scared of those things.


^I think he's referring to the WWE drop tower/ space shot in one of the pics on Page 1 (Clifton Hill)


So finally, we arrive at the last day of the Brits being among us. I know what you're thinking. How excited was everyone for the big B!!?? You know! Bob! Sponge Bob! Quite excited. Or perhaps not. Ok. Let's go in....


We of course met up with D&A. It's so nice that Dave is so open about one of his fetishes.


Hey ladies...I'm sporting what we here at TPR call Bonus Orange. Not only that, it's from Kennywood.


Mostly everyone here. Jon, glad you could make it.


Obligatory in front of Canadian flag floral arrangement, fountains and Wonder Mountain photo op.


Let's start simple to work up to the big B.


Because simple = Looping Starships...


One more time for the camera! I think we're ready for the big B.


Obviously, since we're inside the 4-D theatre, we have worked our way to the big B - Bob - Sponge Bob. As you can see, we are thrilled. Well, it was really hot outside and it is air conditioned.


"Wait a minute, you mean, to win, we have to get crabs?" If you've seen it...you'll know....


A great place to relax a bit.


This obviously isn't Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


You know, we may not have cookies on a stick but a cookiewich is the next best thing!


Take that Busch.


Quite majestic for a fake mountain isn't it?


An Arrow, shitting geese, green water, a cookiewich and above all, great company. Not too shabby.


Boo! Busch!


Ok, time for the real big B! Behemoth.


Yes Sledge Hammer was stuck like that all season. A major replacement part I believe arrived a few weeks ago.


This was Amy's first time on a coaster of this size. Nervous? She was, yep. Did she go on?


Step one. Calm the nerves. Try out the seat.


It must have worked, she did go on! What a fantastic ride.


To be fair, we didn't forget about the best coaster on the planet. A tribute, if you will.


After a great day, no better way to end if off than with beer, sports and food! D&A, hope you both enjoyed the area as much as we enjoyed re-experiencing it with you!

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Way back in October of 2008, after an incredible East Coast Trip, I was invited to tag along with some of the East Coast Crew and re-visit two favourite spots. SFNE and Lake Compounce for the Haunted Graveyard and well, Boulder Dash of course! It was such an amazing road trip and great time, that we decided to do it all again in 2009.


Most of the cast of characters from 2008 were back and then some. Check it out!


Thanks to Nick, Christiana, Cora and Dave for some great pics!


Ater meeting up with Jon in Toronto, we declared our coaster geekness at US customs, and flew down to meet up with Nick, Nay and Dave and headed to pick up the rental. There she is, one of our chariots for the weekend.


Oh, did we mention that we met up at the happiest place on earth? If you were thinking Disney, shame on you. This is Newark, New Jersey. Where else? Yes, us Canadians were being selfish, it was cheaper for us to fly here and would allow us to add an additional stop as compared to last year ...SFGA.


Ok. It's early, we can leave soon and take our time on the drive up to Bristol. Wait. Dave isn't down yet. Who will risk their very life to call Dave this early? Alright. I will. Ok, there's no answer. I think I'm in trouble.


Despite not knowing if Dave was a morning person or not, everything worked out great and we were on our way in the batmobile.


Sorry, the Ice-Batmobile. Ice Bat's talents are numerous, far-reaching and undeniably cool!


Ok, a hint for me to put the camera down. But if I did, how would one capture such dorkiness? Oh, I'm not referring to Nay.


A picturesque drive to Bristol. We ate some chowder and lunch, relaxed at the hotel and made our way to Compounce to meet up with everyone else. After last year, we've come to expect rain in the forecast.


The excitement builds!


Say whaaaa?


No way! Oh wait. This is 2008, my bad! A shout out to Jay who couldn't make it this year. We missed ya!


Ok, we did actually make it past the gates this year and into the parking lot even!


A bit chilly but seriously, fall in New England is something spectacular, aside from the rain.


Our co-driver extraordinaire!


Seriously, the parking lot is great and all and is deserving of a few pics but the good stuff is over there.


We'll check out their show when it gets really dark.


What? You've never seen a demon ghost chick flaunting them in Victoria Secret?


Oooga booga!


We met up with the MA/ NH crew and oh yah, someone from Oregon even made it? How awesome is that?


In the trees way back there, lies a truly spectacular experience.


This thing is still pretty cool. After meeting up with Christiana, Cora and Rich, we first headed for the ride everyone runs to first!


Uuuuhm no.


Much better!


This was awesome, although twilight, my first time riding in some sort of daylight. Night rides still rock.


Still running exceptionally fast.


The way to goodness. We ran into some other TPR folk in line(Matt & Matt).


Supporting a great cause, we lined up for our block of time at the Haunted Graveyard. It was raining a bit so the fact that the maze wasn't covered became obviously apparent. Nevertheless, it was still creepy and a lot of fun.


Apparently a lot of other people think so too!


...and so it begins! No cameras beyond here so you'll have to try it out for yourselves. For a local production, it is really well done.


After the Graveyard, some awesome smell was wafting in the air. Could it be?


Smores! Oh, they were that good.


...and now a special segment? What happens when you leave your camera unattended??


We start off with this rare pic. Yes ladies, he smiles!


I think it took a pic?


Ok, we'll end the lost cam pics with another classic.


What an awesome night!


...and now, a special PSA. Ladies and gentlemen, for the price of a few cups of coffee a day, you can purchase two Lake Compounce Seasons Passes for those that need them most. Sponsor a fan today.


Stay tuned as we move to a bit further north next.

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This update is brought to you by rain. A lot of it too. It was pouring for the entire drive up to Massachusetts. Would Bizarro have to wait for another year? It felt that way but nope, we all made it on a few times!


It was still a great day. The rain actually managed to stop for a bit, but with warnings of more to come, the park was shut down early. I felt bad for all the screamsters in full make up for what was only an hour before the park closed. We did get a lot done in the limited time that we were there though!


Bizarro/ Superman was great as always. Personally, I could do without the big speakers and audio track but it still was awesome.


Our last day was a drive down to SFGA and quite frankly, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Definitely a great weekend and was a blast hanging out with everyone.


Enjoy the pics!


An October 2008 pic of what we wish it was like.


Ah, another October 2008 pic of what some wish it still was like. Ok, enough reminiscing, back to the rain :)


Poncho day!


Where we at with Ice Bat? So, the park was open for a few hours at least. The rain came down so...


....it was off to find something to eat. We returned to Enfield, CT. Why? Well, there was the phenominal Enfield Mall. They had food, a toy store (Dave will have some awesome pics), a comic book store and above all, a mushroom ride. Oh, they had a dollar store with such select items as "The Prime Minsters of Canada Place Mat".


Nay seems shy and won't say what just happened out in the hallway.


Hmmm, I wonder??


The plot thickens. Gnome was with us last year too, Not sure what he was up to this time around.


Dave is so right. If there ever a Marriott furniture store. This would be it. This is us just owning the entire floor. Oh. Yes. I can show you those same chairs in beige if you'd like.


So, with that, back to clean up a bit and get ready for either more hanging out in the hallway, checking out the hotel, crashing the post wedding reception party or just spending some time with Gnome.


Speaking of Gnome...where's he at?

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